Anti-Theme Writing

Anti-Theme Writing

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Anti-Theme Writing

All writers of the world join together and work to banish theme writing from existence. Anyone who can read and write must join together in opposition to the teaching and proliferation of the theme writing disease. Theme writing blocks insight and creativity among the world's population who in striving for an education must be continually oppressed, and denied a very important ability, the ability to think.

For hundreds of years the world has been divided into three major classes, the boredwajzee, the studentletariat, and the illiterate. The boredwajzee consists of scholars, teachers, and professors who teach theme writing and continually oppress the other classes by blocking creativity and insight. They instill a fear of failure using the tools of a corrupt grading system that works to promote the writing of the theme. Theme writing takes the personal interest out of education and greatly affects the student striving to fine-tune the ability to think. The education and promotion of writing in theme creates educated students, but students not educated to think for themselves. At a very early age when theme writing is instilled in the minds of our young people it serves the very purposes of the boredwajzee. Taking away a studentís ability to think by promoting theme writing keeps the boredwajzee in power by creating an apathetic student. A student who neither cares to write, nor thinks when writing. This promotes stability in our current educational system. A system where the evil tools of grades are used by the boredwajzee to ensure the creation of an educated yet apathetic student who writes only to please the boredwajzee. All the while, unbeknownst to the student, thought and creativity are oppressed and the boredwajzeeís power is preserved.

The class of the studentletariat is then molded into the ideal student to ensure the survival of the boredwajzee. The student does not care about what is written as long as it conforms to the basic methods taught by the boredwajzee. The studentletariat at a very early age loses the ability to think and be creative in their education. Ultimately what is created is apathy, a student that does not care to go beyond what is taught. A student who no longer learns for the sake of learning but only does just enough to please the boredwajzee. The studentletariat hold no personal interest in what is learned and therefore the perfect student is molded by the boredwajzee.

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For a student who develops the ability to think and be creative is ultimately a dangerous student. Such a student who strays from the theme and develops a ìmiseducationî threatens the stability and power of the boredwajzee. The student is able to use the ability to think and will begin to realize the terrible oppression brought down on them. The student who strays away from the theme begins to think for themselves and not for others. The perfect student building techniques and tools of the upper class may begin to falter and their stability will eradicate. Such a student must be forced to conform through grades. When a student strays from the teachings of the theme they are immediately reprimanded and labeled by level of severity (example: average, below average, or failure)

The class of the illiterate cannot read or write and therefore present a very complicated, yet important situation. If the present class system is not overthrown then persons in the illiterate classes may ultimately learn to read and write at the hands of the boredwajzee and may fall victim to their oppressive theme writing tactics. Presently, every time an illiterate person gains the knowledge to read and write they automatically become a tool the boredwajzee uses to maintain power. Therefore it is essential that the studentletariat take the illiterate under their wing and join together in the fight against theme writing.

Once the two classes join together in opposition of the teaching of theme writing then a classless system will ultimately develop. A system where everyoneís ideas and creativity will be looked at equally and no one will be forced to conform to the ideas of the boredwajzee. Peopleís ability to think for themselves will not be forced away but encouraged and nourished in an environment of personal discovery and learning. Learning will be more productive, the concept of each personís thoughts and beliefs not the regurgitation of facts that are forced to follow a format for the benefit of a few.

The evil tools of grades will be banished; a system will emerge where a person is judged not on how well one conforms but on the quality and complexity of ones thoughts and ideals. The ability to think and judge ones own personal surroundings will not be pushed into the darkness. Writers, readers, and learners of the world look at your present educational situation and ask yourself: Whom am I learning for? If you answer that you are learning for someone else and conforming to someone elseís ideals, then you have fallen victim to the theme. Fight back for your ability to think and join together to push the boredwajzee out of power.

Imagine a world where you can sit down with your ninth grade English teacher and speak of thoughts and beliefs that are most important to help each other learn. A world where the educated strive to learn for themselves and not for someone else. Most important of all a world where thinking is not oppressed but encouraged, a world where the theme only exists in a museum. So now I am telling the oppressed writers of the world unite behind a single force, the force of the common belief for the banishment of the theme. Work to overthrow the teachings of the boredwajzee.
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