Stereotyping of Minority Students

Stereotyping of Minority Students

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Stereotyping of Minority Students


      Throughout most of my school years, before attending MCTC, I had

never experienced inter-racial schooling.  I went to a small high school

with about twenty minority students.  These students were not outcasts they

were treated as any other non-minority student.  Therefore, I had little

experience with minorities in a non-minority school.  After the speech that

was given by Michael Jefferson, I was more informed on the effects of

stereotyping of minority students in a non-minority school.


      Stereotyping may cause students and teachers to view minority

students on a non-minority campus as inferior.  This may cause some

teachers or faculty members to believe that these minority students are not

as capable of achieving the same quality of work as non-minority students.

Scholarships are sometimes given out to non0minority students due to their

racial background.  I suppose this happens due to the stereotype of

minority students not being capable of the educational work as that of

other students.  Classroom behavior toward minority students may be shown

in appropriate, and/or unrecognized. For instance, a teacher may call on a

non-minority student before a minority student.  The teacher may pick on

the non-minority due to a belief that these students care about their

schooling, whereas minority students are being pre-judged without the

chance to really learn.  Some people even believe that combining the

different minorities may cause problems.


      Combining minority with non-minority students can create some

conflict.  Some non-minority students, this attitude of aggression may be

brought on by "close-minded" non-minority students.  These students let

their attitude take over their learning time, by worrying about the other

minority students.  Each student, whether thy be minority or non-minority,

must put their mind on learning than on another minority on the campus.

Some students may see that combining minority with non-minority students,

as a way of learning about different people and their cultures.  I f

students would open their eyes as they do their ears for learning, students

would see a whole new possibility of meeting others, not minding if they

are a minority or not.  These students should also learn to use their own

ideas, and not always to believe in the media point of view.


      Today the media is a major source of minority and non-minority

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stereotyping. Many different types of people watch television and listen

to the radio and here or see racist and other type of stereotypical

messages.  Students take this information, treating minorities as inferior.

This message may make a child that is of a minority that is put down by a

television show feel depressed or even get violent because of these

messages. So minority and non-minority students need to break through

these stereotypes and be themselves.  The only truth is the truth that lies

in a person.


      Both minority and non-minority students are affected by

stereotyping, may it be at home, school, the work place, or in every day

life.  This may cause limits on learning the truth about one another,

communicating, and thoughts on education.  Each student must clear their

mind off all stereotypes, and be open minded to different cultures and

different walks of life.  This would bring many different forms of

education, along with clear new ideas having minority and non-minority

students educate one another and others around them to the truths of life.

Stereotyping would soon vanish.  This would leave the possibility of a free

truthful life for every man and women in the world.
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