Stop The Black Masculinity Stereotyping Essay

Stop The Black Masculinity Stereotyping Essay

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Stop the black masculinity stereotyping
This paper strives to explore black masculinity stereotypes that still exist in the status quo and the complexities within the black community while being discriminated. A video clip from Tyra Show that features racial perception will be analyzed in this paper to help understand the issue of black masculinity stereotyping. It will also investigate how stereotypes are reinforced in the black community and how to understand these stereotypes as an outsider. The purpose of the paper is to help people to understand the impacts of black masculinity stereotypes and its harmful effects, and at the same time, minimizing future discriminations.
In the video, Tyra Banks invited a group of students to share their racial perceptions. It was more than apparent that white students held the deepest discriminations towards other races. One of the white students, Christian, talked about his interactions with his black roommate when they first met. Christian thought his roommate was going to listen rap music nonstop and was either a drug dealer or thief. He was also surprised when he found out that his roommate’s parents were able to support him financially for college tuition. Another female student, Brittney, said that she was raised in a racist family and was taught that black men are physically capable of hurting others. She also mentioned the fact that she read news about black guys shooting someone every night which resulted with her deep terrors towards black man.
One thing that is noticeable from the video is that people are often negative stereotyping in what they believe a black man should be like. The definition of negative stereotyping is the use of rigid racial categories that distort an Afr...

... middle of paper ...

... before becoming another victim that believe in black stereotyping. Many influential figures from the Black community are also trying to change the way society sees them. The book New Black Man is a tunnel where Mark Neal tries to present new tropes of black masculinity. He encourages other victims of black stereotypes to counter sanitized images of black masculinity, largely created by themselves in response to racist depictions of black men (Neal). Even though that the change for stopping black stereotyping should be both inside and outside of the Black community, Neal believes that he can initiate this through the internal change in which he and his people from the Black community is disprove the stereotypes through their actions. Like Elliot says, god creates only one race—human, but then human creates racism. Racism needs to stop and we can be the start of that.

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