Should The First Amendment Stop Protecting Hate Speech? Essay

Should The First Amendment Stop Protecting Hate Speech? Essay

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This Title is Censored
Should the First Amendment stop protecting hate speech? In Derek Bok’s “Protecting Freedom of Expression on the Campus”, he argues that hate speech should be protected as censorship would be against the First Amendment. He declares “One reason why the power of censorship is so dangerous is that it is extremely difficult to decide when a particular communications is offensive enough to warrant prohibition or to weigh the degree is offensiveness against the potential value of communication.... if we were to forbid flags, it is only a short step to prohibiting offensive speakers” (Bok 67) What Bok is attempting to say is that we can technically declare anything as offensive. The idea of hate speech is varying on the opinion of a person rather than law. Banning “hate speech” is censorship of a history and culture, the violation of freedom of speech, and the arguments against it.
Beginning the argument, censoring hate speech is a violation of the First Amendment as it interferes with the American society’s freedom of speech and the freedom to expression. It is a clear violation of rules established by our founding fathers to protect against oppressive rulers and powers by making the people 's voice heard, to say what they want to say without tyrants to ban a different belief. as Bok stated “...If we were to forbid flags, it is only one step short to prohibiting offensive speakers” (Bok 67). Today this great nation argue that the NAZI swastika and the confederate flags were sign of hate and oppression, when they originally had a different meaning. The American flag was once a sign of hate speech in America, but not to Americans, but rather England in the revolution. If they were to ban flags, symbols, and peopl...

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...illogical as society of the time will decide if an argument is hate speech rather than to think freely and be able to decide was really is hate speech. Anyone who would disagree with an opponent over little things such as an immigration reform or allowing syrian refugees into our nation would be arrested for voicing their concerns and possible dilemmas with our modern world. Hate speech censorship is already at our doorstep and has been waving around in our political struggles for years, this censorship is nothing new but rather slander dressed as politician.
Our society will not learn what hate speech truly is or be able to differ it from arguments if it is hidden to the world. Just as the world censored the swastika and Buddhist were challenged, just as the American flag was a smear to England’s royal supporters, hate speech and censorship will break our society.

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