Sexual Identity and Gender Role Stereotyping Essay

Sexual Identity and Gender Role Stereotyping Essay

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I chose to do a sermon around the theme of Family Values and Sexuality and realized this was too broad an area, I needed to narrow down the overall topic choice. My original premise was to tie in family values and biblical teachings when a member of a family identifies as homosexual. I also took into consideration the next topic I planned to preach on-Violence, either violence against women or violence based on a person’s perceived sexuality. I saw overlap between the two topics so I put the idea aside for a day to re-think a plan of action. One possibility that crossed my mind was to try writing a sermon series revolving around Sexual Violence and Sexuality. My home church sometimes uses a sermon series during Lent if we are doing a church-wide small group book study. While the idea to write a sermon series was tempting, I decided to put this option off until another time as I had no idea where to start, let alone how to formulate one. Learning how to write and preach from a series is an area I’ll explore in my Student Ministry Internship this fall.
My inspiration for this sermon came from two MSN news feeds, both involving children who were being bullied because of gender role stereotyping. This is an area that hit home. Like Sunnie Kahle, the young lady in the first story, I was a “tomboy.” I liked playing sports more than playing with dolls. I was comfortable in shorts, jeans and t-shirts and only wore dresses because the dress code at school required it. I remember being teased and asked if I was a boy or a girl when the dress code was relaxed in Junior High school, so when I read about Sunnie, I felt a bond. I understood what it felt like to be considered different based on appearances.
The second news item de...

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