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TOMS Shoes Public Relations Campaign

- TOMS Shoes PR Campaign Table of Contents Situation Analysis 2 Critical Issues 2 Core Problem 3 Campaign Goal 3 Objectives 3 References 4 TOMS shoes was founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006 based on the simple line: One for One. With every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. The TOMS mission statement translates to utilizing the individual consumer’s buying power in order to benefit the greater good of the world. The TOMS mission statement transforms consumers into benefactors and allows TOMS to grow a sustainable business that’s a for-profit donation....   [tags: business/marketing analysis]

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Blake Mycoskie and TOMS: One for One

- When Laura was teaching children and volunteering in the construction projects in the Situmi Village on the border of Uganda and Kenya, she came across an interesting scenario. Four previously shoeless Ugandan children each received a pair of TOMS shoes, along with a “TOMS” piece of fabric that resembled a flag. The four children hung the fabric on a stick and ran through the village for days waving it joyously. Today, the flag is still a toy in the Situmi Village (“Waving the TOMS Flag in Uganda”)....   [tags: Philanthropy]

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Phony and Nice Worlds in Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut

- Phony and Nice Worlds in Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut Salinger expresses his view of the world through his use of "phony" and "nice" worlds. Salinger uses the "phony" and "nice" worlds to express his pessimistic view of the world. Although "phony" and "nice" worlds exist in many of Salinger's stories, "Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut" is perhaps the best story to illustrate the difference between "phony" and "nice" worlds. "Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut" is one of the few stories which offers views of both "phony" and "nice" worlds in relatively few pages....   [tags: Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut Essays]

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TOMS Shoes: All Children Should Have Shoes

- I am going to write about TOMS Shoes. I will tell you about TOMS, what they sell, furthermore when and how this company started. You will also learn how they are environmentally and globally responsible. I will explain how they are different from any other shoe company I have ever heard of, and why I would like to be a TOMS shoes employee. I will also discuss some negative views of this company. TOMS Shoes manufactures and sells shoes under the idea of “One for One” which is for every pair of shoes they sell they give a pair of shoes to a child in need....   [tags: History, Employees, Negative Views]

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Racial Ideologies in Frederick Douglass and Linda Brent's Narratives

- Racial Ideologies in Frederick Douglass and Linda Brent's Narratives 4) Slavery was justified by racial ideology. Consider three texts, including one that was written by a former slave. How do the authors either replicate or refute racial ideologies common in the nineteenth century. I am going to focus on the narratives of Frederick Douglass and Linda Brent as examples of a refusal of racial ideologies and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin as an example of replicating (although attempting to refute) racial ideologies of the day....   [tags: Uncle Tom's Cabin Frederick Douglass Essays]

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The Interior Of The Cabin

- ... I’ll just… read on my bedroll for a while unless you need me for anything else.” “No.” Arthur sounded calmer. “You can rest.” Gawain was used to spending time in cramped quarters with men, but this was one of the might uncomfortable nights he could recall. He passed the time by absently sharpening his sword. He kept at it for ages while everyone else engrossed themselves in reading. But Arthur never turned the page in his book, and sat on the floor, staring at parchment with hostility in his eyes....   [tags: Love, Romance, Guinevere, Holy Grail]

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Death In Toms River

- When I first saw Linda Gilik and I was told that I had to listen to her presentation I didn’t fully realize how much it was going to move me. She is a woman who had a healthy baby boy, and then after loving this “normal” child for three months was told that he was diagnosed with cancer of the nervous system. She was very taken back by what she was told and knew that there was something wrong because it came out of no where. It is very rare for a baby to get cancer, this type of cancer occurs in one in a million babies....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Was Slavery the Only Cause of the Civil War?

- ... There was The Missouri Compromise, which added additional territories to the US after the Mexican War. The Missouri Compromise caused the Mason Dixon Line to be created, north of the Mason Dixon Line was free states, and South of it were Slave States, this line made the North and South divided, which seemingly made them into two separate countries. The Southerners were at odds with the Northerners over the issue of States’ Rights, the Missouri compromise was successful to an extent in solving these problems, however it was only a temporary solution....   [tags: American history]

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Lost in the Sky at Grandpa's Cabin

- Lost in the Sky at Grandpa's Cabin My grandfather carries on entire conversations while he salts his food. He salts indiscriminately: His corn, his pasta, his fish, even his fruit. He never samples his food before reaching for the shaker: He knows it has yet to be salted to his liking. The one thing my grandfather doesn't salt is his beer. If there's one taste my grandfather likes more than salt, it's the wheaty, fizzy flavor of Labatt's Blue. It comes in cans at fifty cents a pop. There is a full-sized refrigerator rigged up in the basement of my grandparents' summer cottage to accommodate my grandfather's beer....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Toms Escape

- Toms Escape In The Glass Menagerie, Tom Wingfield is perhaps the most prominent character. He is burdened with not only being a main character of the play but the narrator as well. He is given the unenviable task of being the voice of reason in the Wingfield house. Almost every action of his reveals an important detail about his personality and motivation. Tom’s personality can be divided into two main parts. The first “give(s)…truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion” and speaks in vague details while the other side speaks bluntly and leaves no room for misinterpretation....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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My Experience At The Cabin Rental

- ... As I looked around I realized that it is Christmas and most of the pots and pans are either being used or are dirty. What to do now. No time to waste. That is when the idea struck me. I called it operation Santa Claus and it was top secret mission that was going to be used to wake every single person in the house. I begin by grabbing pots and pans out of the sink. I spread the instruments around to my 3 comrades as we retrieve macaroni filled spoons from the sink. I knew we shouldn’t be using dirty pots and utensils as our weapons for this untimely war, but we had no choice....   [tags: Christmas tree, Christmas, Nat King Cole]

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The Battle Of Cabin Creek

- ... Fort Gibson was seen as the “pit stop” of the Midwest due to its major abundance of supplies and the general hospital that was established there as well. Fort Scott was the largest and strongest point for the Union army because it had endless supplies and regiment camps. Its frontier had covered nearly 40 miles of pure fortification was the center for the native American territory. The battles that existed at the Cabin Creek were both vital to the collection of events of the overall war because of its strategic placement in the United States....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Cabin '

- ... They had to call an ambulance and her aunt shortly passed away. The event led her to have to watch her younger siblings while her parents went to the hospital to be with her great aunt. She expressed that during her childhood, church was also a big part of her life. She verbalized she always enjoyed going and they were very involved as a whole family. They would attend just about every Sunday. T.H. remembers her adolescence as traveling during the summer weeks with her father since she was out of school for a couple months....   [tags: English-language films, Death, Old age]

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The Woods Behind My Cabin

- The wilderness is possibly one of the most exquisite portrayals of life on the planet. It captivates the soul and if you really examine it and let the chirps of the birds and the rushing water of the river take you away, you become one with the forest. If you spend enough time in it your senses become almost enlightened as you hear ever stick crack and smell the wet ground covered with pine needles. The life of the forest starts to connects with you as you go deeper. If you stop and sit down all of your worries and thoughts start to go away and you start to receive what the forest has to offer....   [tags: personal story and reflections]

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Life Begins At A Cabin

- Some may say that life begins at a Cabin, but that’s not necessarily true. Then again, what could be better than spending an entire weekend surrounded with nature and accompanied by your best friend. Especially in a time when everything is so colorful and beautiful. Cristina and Molly had been waiting to go on a trip together for a while. It was time for them to make more memories together. “Two months of our senior year have past by and we haven’t taken any trips.” Cristina told Molly as they sat in the café drinking their coffee....   [tags: 2005 singles, 2008 singles, 2009 singles]

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Our Cabin in The Clouds

- Our Cabin in The Clouds The true peak of the excitement of my summer vacations. The joy and ecstasy of life outside of suburbia is entirely summed up by heavens in the north. This place has been my life of every summer and weekend from a young age, and shared by my parents and grandparents the same way. There’s an instant feeling of walking through the threshold of safety, freedom, and pure paradise. The instant feeling of familiarity, though it’s a vast openness of a world you can never fully experience, that relieves all the stresses of reality and overcomes you with the security of nothing but good....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Uncle Howard And The Brooklyn Park

- My eyes sparkled and I bounced about whenever my favorite uncle entered the room. Uncle Howard and I entertained each other when I was a child in the 1960’s. As a young adult, he still had a small bedroom in Grandma and Grandpa’s cramped apartment in the Projects. Snoopy and Charlie Brown paperbacks lined his bookcases and a black and white print of Don Quixote was tacked to the wall. Mom and I stopped by after school and on weekends. Howard changed into a black and red striped Linus shirt, took my hand and rescuing me from Grandma’s ulcer stories in Yiddish, and lead me to adventures New York City offered....   [tags: Family, Mother, 1996 singles, Pearl Jam]

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Interview with My Mother and Uncle

- I interviewed my mother, Nancy Gibbs Jefferson and my uncle, Billy Ray Jefferson. I chose them because I believed them to have the most relevant information on our family’s history and heritage. I received a lot of information about my ancestors and where they originated from in the process. Before interviewing them, I knew very little about the history of my heritage and where my ancestors were born and when they moved to the United States from their home country. I learned than my ethno-cultural background is vast and varied....   [tags: family heritage]

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My Dad And Uncle David

- ... When evaluating the absence of a strong relationship between my mother’s siblings, it is important to consider geographical location. My grandparents shortly lived all over the country and world, but resided in Connecticut due to my grandfather’s job. They have always encouraged their children to travel and as a result I have family residing all around the nation. My Uncle David and his family recently moved from Texas to California, while my Uncle Stephen and his family live in Washington. After graduating college in Florida, my mother lived most of her life there but returned to Connecticut after my parent’s divorce....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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Uncle John And His Family

- ...  December 2015 Flashback Memory I started feeling funny while I was sitting on the couch coloring. That is all I remember but apparently I told my friend Sarah to get me a Zanax and a heat pack. Before it could be stopped… I am on the fireplace at my disgusting uncle John’s house and he is taking pictures of me and I am trying to be brave so he won’t get my sisters too. My cousin is here too. I keep trying to hide my body and want to know where the pictures are going. The TV is on and I keep trying to say my phone number, but I can’t....   [tags: Family, Thought, Mother, English-language films]

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The Loss of My Uncle

- February twenty-third 2010 was just a regular ordinary day. I was on my way to class on this cold February afternoon, when my phone rung. It was my cousin on the other end telling me to call my mom. I could not figure out what was wrong, so I quickly said okay and I hung up and called my mom. When my mom answered the phone I told her the message but I said I do not know what is wrong. My mom was at work and could not call right away, so I took the effort to call my cousin back to see what was going on....   [tags: Grief]

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Uncle Rock By Dagoberto Gilb

- In a restaurant, picture a young boy enjoying breakfast with his mother. Then suddenly, the child’s gesture expresses how his life was good until “a man started changing it all” (285). This passage reflects how writer, Dagoberto Gilb, in his short story, “Uncle Rock,” sets a tone of displeasure in Erick’s character as he writes a story about the emotions of a child while experiencing his mother’s attempt to find a suitable husband who can provide for her, and who can become a father to him. Erick’s quiet demeanor serves to emphasis how children may express their feelings of disapproval....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Boy, Man]

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My Father And My Uncle

- ... Another plane destroyed part of the Pentagon (the U.S. military headquarters) in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Officials believe that the terrorists on that plane intended to destroy either the White House or the U.S. Capitol. Passengers on the plane fought the terrorists and prevented them from reaching their goal. In all, nearly 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks. (Smith) When referring to they Natalie Smith meant the hijackers from Al Qaeda....   [tags: September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden]

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Summer at the Cabin

- Summer at the Cabin The cabin was built in the 1950's when my Great Grandpa rode up there, and it looks like not many repairs have been made since that time. The cabin is about 15 feet by 20 feet, and is made out of pine logs. There are places where you can see between the logs because the chinking is falling out. The cabin faces to the east. It has a small porch that was made by leaving the first four logs of the cabin about six feet longer than the rest. There is a small set of corrals in front of the cabin....   [tags: Descriptive Essay About A Place]

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Cabin in the woods

- Being invited to a friend’s house the other day, I began to get excited about the journey through the woods to their cabin. The cabin, nestled back in the woods overlooking a pond, is something that you would dream about. There is a winding trail that takes you back in the woods were their cabin sits. The cabin sits on top of a mountain raised up above everything, as if it was sitting on the clouds. As I began to walk this trail, I began to recollect the days of when I was a kid playing in the woods, the birds chirping and the squirrels running free....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Cabin Community

- The average family is able to combat the severest weather conditions that nature has to offer with a roof over their heads, whether it be bone chilling cold, sweltering heat, or pouring rain. In Sacramento, as well as across the state and nation, numerous homeless are forced to combat this weather with little more than a thin tarp as protection (Kim). One group based in the Sacramento region is determined to put a permanent end to this problem. The Safe Ground Sacramento website states that it “is a non-profit charitable organization whose goal is to create a model first step transitional housing and services community” (“Who We Are”)....   [tags: Homelessness, Sturctural Advantages]

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How the Temperature is Controlled Into the Cabin in the Aircraft

- HOW TEMPERATURE IS CONTROLLED INTO THE CABIN IN THE AIRCRAFT AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM (M2): HOW COLD AIR IS PRODUCED FROM THE AIR CYCLE MACHINE The normal mode is based on the pack temperature demand, which corresponds to the lowest zone temperature demand coming from the Zone Controller. The pack controller sets the pack temperature demand to 20°C as default value, that is, if there is no demand signal sent by the zone controller. The limited pack temperature demand is then compared to the actual temperature measured by: • the pack temperature sensor (8), • the pack discharge temperature sensor (10)....   [tags: air cycle machine, air conditioning system]

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The Importance of the Cabin Crew in the Airline Industry

- The hospitality and tourism industry plays an essential role in global growth around the world. One of the biggest key players is an airline industry. An airline industry contains both hospitality and tourism. One of the key players to this industry is the cabin crew. However, “ with recent economic decline the airline industry is not in good health in terms of operation and customer service organization” said (Laszlo, 1999). It is therefore, important to understand that the crews must perform function as key player in an airline industry by providing various types of customer service, safety and security threats, sales and promotion....   [tags: hospitality, tourism, sales, promotion, customer]

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Uncle Al: A Symbol of American Capitalism

- In Sarah Gruen’s novel, Water for Elephants, the character “Uncle Al” plays a very minor yet significant role. Uncle Al’s character is truly the backbone of the Benzeni Brothers and essentially, the embodiment of American capitalism. This essay will illustrate how Uncle Al’s character is reflective of the American capitalism ideology by examining the indifferent relationship he shares with the workers and animals, his unregulated business tactics and the social stratification of his circus. To begin with, Uncle Al’s main priorities are for the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show On Earth to attract as many ‘rubes’ as possible, to outdo The Ringling Brothers and for his performers and anim...   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Summary Of ' My Great Uncle Jim '

- ... Soon everyone had gotten some milk to drink which was a good thing because they had not had anything since two that morning and was around noon when they had found the cow. Uncle Jim didn’t really talk much about the war unless it was something that had been funny. Uncle Jim lied about his age and joined the war when he was seventeen years old.. When he was at the battle of Normandy on D’Day he was only twenty years old. Uncle Jim was wounded when a piece of shrapnel ripped through his tongue and got logged into his throat....   [tags: Family, World War II, Laughter, Man]

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Personal Narrative : My Uncle ( Rip )

- I remember when I told my uncle (RIP) I had been accepted into the PhD program. He said baby I want you to listen to this song, so he puts in this CD, and the song began to play Gods got a blessing with your name on and it repeated that line several times, anyone who knows my uncle knows that he always loved to blast his gospel music. He started singing and point at me, that was the beginning of my celebratory journey towards getting my PhD or as I now call it, my BOC (Ball of Confusion) because the closer you get to completion, the more you start losing your mind....   [tags: 2008 albums, Debut albums, Tourette syndrome]

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Mr. Freedman 's Uncle And Dad

- ... Freedman was living on an army base, Fort Gordon, in the barracks. Mr. Freedman took his mother along the road they used to live on one day and she whined and moaned the entire drive about how it was not as great as everyone thought it was. Nowadays there is no longer nay farmland it has all been congested with housing and otherwise. They lived in the barracks for about three years and when his father graduated they moved to Levittown, New York. His father went to work for his father, and Mr....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, High school, Georgia]

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The United States Of The Middle Of Uncle Marriage

- ... The reason I had chosen Japan as my study abroad country is because of my fascination with Japanese culture. I was growing up in China, where I can still remember some of the cultures and understand the language and my exposure to Japanese culture and language were limited. Going to Japan always had been the top rank of choice where I want to travel once a lifetime. I got attracted by the high technology development in Japan, such as the robot that can help human life easier. Furthermore, I want to experience the way how Japanese respect their culture and the way of keeping the tradition going, such as traditional clothing: kimono, which is well preserved, and people are wearing on the...   [tags: Japan, Japanese language, Chinese language]

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The Sanctuary of the Family Cabin

- The Sanctuary of the Family Cabin The TV in my room blares the sounds of some show in which I am not even interested. There is too much on my mind for me to worry about the show on television. "I need money. I need a job. My car needs gas. What am I going to do when school starts this fall. My life is going downhill. I need to get away." Just before my mind explodes, my father comes in and says, "Let's go to the cabin." That is exactly what I have needed. My family's cabin has been my sanctuary for years....   [tags: Descriptive Writing Examples, Observation]

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Night : Inside The Cordon - Kieran Fitzgerald 's Cabin

- NIGHT 1 Inside the Cordon – Kieran Fitzgerald’s Cabin I 'm not going back to prison. I 'm not going back to prison. I 'm not going back to prison. I repeat the words, over and over and over again, like a mantra until it numbs every feeling of regret I have. Until I believe that my twin brother 's dead body dropped to the floor with a purpose other than my own selfishness. All he had to do was stick to the plan; the fuckin’ plan that was a year and a half in the making. A plan we concocted together and agreed upon, despite the obvious risks involved....   [tags: Fuck, Profanity, Shit, Cunt]

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The Cabin/ unreliable narrator

- The Cabin Kevin Jones Unreliable narrator 2nd per Do I know where the bathroom is. What do you mean, do I know where the bathroom is. I’ve been in the Delta View Mental Institute for five years now and you are still asking me if I know where the bathroom is. I know this place like the back of my hand. I’m not crazy, how many times do I have to tell you people. These other people in here, those are the crazy whacks. The only reason they put me in here is because they didn’t know what else to do with me....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My Uncle 's House - Original Writing

- My uncle’s house When I first arrived in the United States My family stayed with my uncle here in California. His house welcome us to stay here for several months while my parents look for our own. It has only been two years since I migrated, and the first months and days I do not really wanted to stay any longer, but my relatives (uncle and aunt) encouraged me to become a stronger person and explore new things so that I would not feel being homesick. Adding to that, those first days were my favorite, though I am still adjusting....   [tags: Family, Aunt, Stay, The Other Side]

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Letter to Aunt and Uncle

- Letter to Aunt and Uncle Dear Auntie Gladys and Uncle Jack, As usual, it was a wonderful surprise to hear from you once more. It honestly made my month, I enjoy talking to you and receiving very helpful tips for my future education. My education standards are higher than ever before, you will be pleased to know. My D.T (design technology) teacher as encouraged me to do further GCSE courses for example: graphic designs. Although this is a great opportunity to increase my learning level it is also one more thing to worry about, I have no idea what to do....   [tags: Free Essays]

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What My Uncle Rich Did For Me

- Growing up I had everything a kid could have ever wanted or hoped for. My family was the greatest, not to mention the most absolutely spontaneous and crazy people you will ever meet. We were one of those families that would make a scene everywhere we went. We were loud, obnoxious and completely insane, and I loved every second of it. One of my fondest memories was every summer we would rent a house in Avalon and my whole Moms side of the family would go down; Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, you name it and we were all there....   [tags: personal reflections]

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Patch: A Shorty Story of a Boy, a dog and an Uncle

- PATCH This journey had been anything but amusing. I have never been in a truck. This old or this size. Ever. The whole experience seems to come with more pain and discomfort then necessary. I am young and here. I’m no expert in what we are about to undertake. It’s a combination of my uncles driving skills, the dusty roads, constant pot holes, cattle grids, silence and open space that’s making this seem strange. The radio is just static. My uncle is just stoic. My hand is resting on patch. We both like the contact, Patch the mongrel, Mitch the problem child....   [tags: Adventure, Truck, Pet]

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Class Struggle Explored in House of the Spirits and Uncle Vanya

- The House of the Spirits and Uncle Vanya are two famous international literary works written within a century of each other. Despite the differences in time periods of which the two works were written, they both seem to convey the literary theme of class struggle between the poor lower class and the rich upper class elites. Both elaborate on the feelings of resentment and regret as a result of the hardships of life around them as demonstrated through hidden historical connections, literary devices such as parables and themes, and love reminiscences....   [tags: institution of classes, lower class, upper class]

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Robert Duncanson 's Uncle Tom And Little Eva

- ... Harriet Hosmer’s painting, Zenobia, is similar to The Greek Slave in the concept of bondage. However, she is clothed and regal looking, symbolizing that women of all classes and backgrounds were equal in their struggle. Art was a great motivating factor to the Women’s Rights Movement and helped bandwagon support. In response to the feminist movement, hyper masculine pieces came into existence. William Michael Harnett’s After the Hunt, represented the male pastime of being hunters. This art comes from the Social Darwinism construct of male superiority....   [tags: American Civil War, African American]

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Log Cabin

- Nestled in the foothills of northern Maine sits a beautiful scenery of flowers, animals, insects, birds. Amongst these organisms a beautifully constructed log cabin of monumental size is nestled in the distance. Much of the land that is surrounding the log cabin has never been touched or even seen by man, but I feel like that is about to change. Many of the animals not ever seeing a human being in their life time are oblivious to humans and foolishly getting themselves in trouble. Much of the time I have spent there is during the summer times with my family....   [tags: Descriptive Essay, Descriptive Writing]

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Uncle Tom 's Children By Richard Wright

- ... They were also being blamed for robberies and shootings because white southerners used them as an escape goat, which could be considered racism.For some slaves it was “we jus as waal git killed fightin as t git killed doin nothing” (Wright 163) because they were blamed for simple things or serious things like a revolt against a plantation. Most southerners tracked down their missing slave and would “put a rope around tha black bastards neck” and hang em on the nearest tree (Wright, 55). There were some southerners who did not like African-Americans at all and tell others that “ we should kill ever black bastard in this country” ( Wright, 52)....   [tags: Racism, African American, Black people]

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My Aunt And Uncle Beat Her Up

- ... Yeon-suh catches Ah-in, hands her a bundle of money and tells her to pay Ah-in’s mother’s hospital fee with it. Ah-in denies at first, but then reluctantly accepts the money. When Ah-in gives the money to her mother, she goes crazy over the money. When Ah-in wakes up, she finds the car is rolling down to the river when there is no one pushing it. She escapes from the car, and finds a drone staring down at the girls. After Bum spots the girls with the drone, he runs out from his farmhouse right away, thinking one of the girl is Yeon-suh....   [tags: Family, English-language films, Mother]

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My Uncle Killed Himself

- As I grumbled and griped about having an honors band rehersal only hours before the concert - as i complained about the growing callus on my thumb, about the gay kid with the neckstrap who was first chair clarinet, as i lamented the fact I could NEVER play this music, that i wouldn't get any better in that small practice, so WHY bother- my uncle killed himself. in the basement of his very own house at that, with a gun. his two little girls and pregnant wife left him, and he took his own life....   [tags: Death, Suicide]

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Characterization Of Uncle Henry

- Characterization of Uncle Henry This characterization of Uncle Henry focuses on the two main ways that he is portrayed in "Luke Baldwin's Vow." These two ways are: what Morley Callaghan, the author, reveals through the narrator and what other characters say about Henry. In this short story, Henry is usual referred to as Uncle Henry because he is Luke's uncle. The narrator of this story portrays Henry in many physical and psychological descriptions. He is the manager of a sawmill, where he employs four men....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My Uncle Ruben's House

- My Uncle Ruben's House Most people can’t locate Galveston, Texas, on a map, and those who can think of a dirty beach and Dr. Pepper’s national headquarters. You could ask a thousand people, and almost none of them would be able to find something special about G-Town, but I can. Galveston is the home of 156 of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. There was a rumor going around G-town that everyone with a Mexican background was related to the Moreno’s. I spent three weeks every summer, along with Christmas and spring break, at my Uncle Ruben’s house in Galveston....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Childhood Memories of Grampi and the Steamboat Cabin

- The sun shone brightly, with tall, perfectly placed trees casting shadows upon his delicate skin. The horse trotted slowly and smoothly as I gazed into the eyes of prince charming. For years my family followed a tradition of going up to the Steamboat cabin at least every other weekend. I'd ride up with my grami and grampi asking the famous question "are we there yet" every five minutes, although I always knew when we were getting close. I could see the tall trees that lined the road from miles down the road....   [tags: Descriptive Essay About A Place]

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Descriptive Essay - Our Mountain Cabin

- Our Mountain Cabin The ruckus from the bottom of the truck is unbearable, because of the noise and excessive shaking. As we slowly climbed the mountain road to reach our lovely cabin, it seemed almost impossible to reach the top, but every time we reached it safely. The rocks and deep potholes shook the truck and the people in it, like a paint mixer. Every window in the truck was rolled down so we could have some leverage to hold on and not loose our grip we needed so greatly. The fresh clean mountain air entered the truck; it smelt as if we were lost: nowhere close to home....   [tags: Descriptive Essay, Descriptive Writing]

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Blake Mycoskie: Chief Shoegiver

- "I always thought I'd spend the first half of my life making money and the second half giving it away. I never thought I could do both at the same time." (Mustafa C2) This is what Blake Mycoskie, founder of the TOMS organization, says of his actions-merely giving money away. But it's so much more than that. A now widespread, well-known organization, it is safe to say that Blake Mycoskie is changing the lives of many families and many children with his concept of "buy one, give one free" TOMS. Originally born in Nashville, Tennessee, Mycoskie moved to Arlington, Texas at the age of six, then to Orange, California when he was just ten....   [tags: Personal Profile Blake Mycoskie TOMS]

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Comparing My Aunt and My Uncle

- The old axiom "opposites attract" certainly seems true in regard to my aunt and uncle. Despite a physical resemblance, their differences outnumber their likenesses. The most distinctive differences are in their childhood backgrounds, political views, and personalities. They were born two months apart and they are both in their late fifties, my aunt and uncle resemble each other. They both have silver colored streaks in their black hair. They are both under the average height for an American....   [tags: compare contrast comparison]

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Descriptive Essay: Our Summer Cabin

- In my lifetime, I have been privileged to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world. I have seen the rich fire of sunset over the Rocky Mountains and the brilliance of coral reefs in crystal blue Caribbean waters. No spot on earth, however, has yet surpassed the beauty of my childhood paradise, a place my family called Tamarack. Tamarack was a family camp and hunting lodge set deep in the heart of the Mountains. My earliest memories of it are fractured images of sights and sounds and smells--golden bars of sunlight through majestic oaks and elms, the ever-present smell of wood smoke and haunting echoes....   [tags: Observation Essay, Descriptive Essay]

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War, Peace, the Homefront, and Uncle Sam

- War, Peace, the Homefront, and Uncle Sam I. In our house when I was growing up, there were three WWI posters that my great aunt had saved in her attic. My father rescued and framed them, hanging the posters in the hallway at the top of the stairs. I walked past them on the way to my room which was at the end of this hallway. There was no way I could avoid Uncle Sam trying to recruit me every time I went up the stairs. He never budged, determined to enlist me before I could even read. I had the sense that he was measuring every ounce of my patriotism: I Want YOU for US Army, he called out, pointing and glaring straight at me as I made my way up the stairs....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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My Great Uncle

- I'm embarrassed to say my second thought was that of relief when my mother called to say that he was dead. It had only been a short time, but I could never deal with someone being in pain or the thought of a machine keeping them from going to a better place. After all of his children, and a few extended family members had shown up and said their good byes, finally, it was over. In the past few years his health had been extraordinary. He always seemed to be in the best of health, one minute he would be out at the ranch helping a hand and the other minute he would be in his khaki pants and pin stripped polo shirt out on the golf coarse hoping for that hole in one....   [tags: Descriptive Essays, Descriptive Writing]

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The Character of Uncle Ben in Death of a Salesman

- The Character of Uncle Ben in Death of a Salesman The character of Ben in Arthur Miller's Death of A Salesman serves a complex dramatic function.  He is Willy Loman's real brother, the idealized memory of that brother, and an aspect of Willy's own personality, and these distinct functions are sometimes simultaneous.  Through his aggressive actions and vibrant speech, the audience is given a strong contrast to Willy's self-doubt and self-contradiction.  In addition, the encounters between Ben and Willy serve as an extended examination of professional and familial morality.  Finally, Ben personifies the burden of Willy's expectations in regards to both material success and the proper role o...   [tags: Death Salesman essays]

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Richard Wright’s Misperception of Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God

- It is strange that two of the most prominent artists of the Harlem Renaissance could ever disagree as much as or be as different as Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright. Despite the fact that they are the same color and lived during the same time period, they do not have much else in common. On the one hand is Hurston, a female writer who indulges in black art and culture and creates subtle messages throughout her most famous novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God. On the other hand is Wright, who is a male writer who demonstrates that whites do not like black people, nor will they ever except for when they are in the condition “…America likes to see the Negro live: between laughter and tears....   [tags: The Native Son, Uncle Tom’s Children]

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Toms Character in the Great Gatsby

- Tom Buchanan’s moral character can be quesitoned due to his dispicable and patheic nature when it comes to his actions throughout the novel. Even though he was born into a wealthy family and thus inherited the wealth he has in the novel, no signs of moral teachings by his family were evident. The actions he took in the book were due to him being a conceited and ignorant man. His ignorance was a result of the easy access he had to power and wealth. He feels that because he has wealth and power in society, he is given the acquiescence to be as arrogant and immoral as he so chooses and society cannot do anything about it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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In What Ways Are Uncle Sam and Columbia Similar and Different in Their Usage and Meaning?

- Section A This investigation focuses on the United States national personification "Colombia" and its relationship to another national personification, "Uncle Sam." The period of this investigation is between 1776 and 1850, specifically, the American Revolution and the height of Colombia's popularity, and the period of Colombia's gradual fall from the public eye. I will evaluate the use of both symbols in print, as well as the origins of both, including Columbia's original use as a derogatory term for American and Uncle Sam's origin in the War of 1812....   [tags: national personification, American Revolution]

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Character Anaylsis of Uncle Jake in The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley

- In The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley, Uncle Jake is a man who lives for the sake of others. He is a hero to Culver. Uncle Jake is considered a hero because he saves Culver from being deprived of a father. Jake being a father figure and role model for Culver helped him adapt to his new journey in Gateway. From this we can learn that even the most common and ordinary man can be the most heroic of all superheroes. Uncle Jake first rescues his nephew from a controlled lifestyle. For example, when he had metaphorically explained to him the importance of breaking away, “Nephew it’s hard to swim with the salmon when you’re bogged down with the bottom feeders,” (100)....   [tags: hero, father, journey, role, model]

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Slavery and Christian Values in Uncle Tom´s Cavin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

- There are many different themes that are present throughout this play; however the two larger themes are slavery and Christian values. Throughout the play these two themes are present with every character and yet at the same time seem to be at odds with each other. When it comes to the idea of slavery, the fact that this book was written at the time to persuade the readers, especially the northerners that slavery is evil, un-Christian, and intolerable in society. Even with the idea of slavery, we can find that the play takes a great amount of time to show the fact that the slavery system does not follow the Christian values....   [tags: slave hunter, freedom, broadway ]

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William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Hamlet 's Uncle And The King Of Denmark

- The play has an antagonist Claudius, who is Hamlet’s uncle and the King of Denmark. There are two significant ways Claudius acts as a foil for Hamlet. Firstly Claudius does not hesitate to utilize violence to further him self and advance his compulsive desire for power. Hamlet is seeking the avengement of his father, which requires the use of violence. However, unlike Claudius, Hamlet is constrained by his conscious to act upon his revenge. Claudius’s desire for power is shown when it is found out that he murdered his brother in order to take over the throne....   [tags: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Gertrude]

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The Christmas Spirit By Mary Ann And Uncle Joe 's House

- ... No one knew; Mom and Dad wanted to keep it that way too. Mom’s scheduled C-Section was just two days away and no one could be more excited than she was. Although she was handling this pregnancy like a pro, the anxieties of Joseph’s delivery weighed heavily in their decision on choosing a date to have this baby delivered on. Making it to the day would be a victory in her eyes. ____________ December 27, 2001— Matthew Joseph Connor was delivered via C-Section on a snowy Thursday afternoon. Mom and Dad had left for the hospital for the first time since they left it over a year and a half previously....   [tags: Christmas, Family, Mother, Parent]

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Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Rastus by Marilyn Kern-Foxworth

- Before the Civil War, blacks suffered oppression: slaves to the white man and unable to prosper as individuals. However as Marilyn Kern-Foxworth, author of Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Rastus: Blacks in Advertising Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, explains, “After the Civil War blacks existed free to begin their own communities… and become members of the buying public” (29). With the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery, and with the 14th Amendment, which established equal protection under the law for African Americans, the black community slowly saw improvements, including economic prosperity....   [tags: oppression, african americans, civil rights]

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The Importance of Communication and Teamwork Among the Flight and Cabin Crew

- The Importance of Communication and Teamwork Among the Flight and Cabin Crew TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT 4 INTRODUCTION 5 Background 5 Purpose/Audience 5 Sources 5 Limitaions 5 Scope 5 COLLECTED DATA 5 Importance of Communication Among the Crew 5 Main Cause of Aircraft Accidents 6 Duties of the Crew Members 7 Expectations of the Crew 7 The Crew is a Team 8 Intimidatin in the Cockpit 8 Cabin Crew is a part of the Team 9 Trusting the Crew's Judgment 9 Crew Resource Management (CRM) 9 Outline of CRM Training 10 LOFT Training 10 Organizing Resources and Priorities 11 CONCLUSION 11 Summary of Findings 11 Interpretation of Findings 11 REFERENCES 13 ABSTRACT The majority of aircraft accident...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Comparing Wang Lung and His Uncle in The Good Earth

- Comparing Wang Lung and His Uncle in The Good Earth Everybody has their own ways of doing things. From spending money to the way they cook. In The Good Earth Wang Lung differs greatly from his selfish uncle. Wang Lung and his uncle are two similar men. They both come from the same type of heritage and they live in the same village. They are both married and they both have children that will carry on their family name. But still everybody is different. These two men differ when it comes to a number of things but their difference is in money....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Persuasive, Character Analysis]

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Literary Analysis and Comparison of A Persistent Woman And Uncle Ernest

- Literary Analysis and Comparison of A Persistent Woman And Uncle Ernest I have chosen to compare and analyse the openings of "A persistent woman" and "Uncle Ernest" because the both authors have used similar literary techniques to try and make the reader read on but it in very different ways. For example both extracts describe the main characters (Uncle Ernest and Temple) but in "Uncle Ernest" this is very explicit, describing his appearance in great detail. Just from the first sentence we know he is a "middle-aged man wearing a dirty raincoat" and can begin to form a mental picture, creating familiarity and empathy....   [tags: Papers]

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Hamlet: Hamlet's Hate For His Uncle Brought On By Ghost

- Hamlet: Hamlet's Hate For His Uncle Brought On By Ghost In society today one might look back on the time of Shakespeare and say how ruthless and barbaric people were in that time, not realizing that the people of today are just as cruel and unforgiving. Shakespeare's Hamlet is a penetrating portrayal of a young man overcome with rage brought about by his uncle. This deep hate for his uncle along with his inability to forgive his mother, and the betrayal of his friends later brings him to his own destruction....   [tags: Shakespeare Hamlet]

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Analysis and Comparison of the Beginnings of Uncle Ernest and Brighton Rock

- Analysis and Comparison of the Beginnings of Uncle Ernest and Brighton Rock I have chosen to analyse and compare the beginnings of Uncle Ernest and Brighton rock. I have chosen to write about these two stories because they make a good contrast with each other as the author's different techniques create a number of different effects. Both authors write with the technique of using a lot of description. Graham Greene, the author of Brighton Rock uses this technique to describe both the character and the setting....   [tags: Papers]

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A Comparison of Realism in Uncle Vanya and A Doll's House

- Realism in Uncle Vanya and A Doll's House        A play serves as the author's tool for critiquing society. One rarely encounters the ability to transcend accepted social beliefs. These plays reflect controversial issues that the audience can relate to because they interact in the same situations every day. As late nineteenth century playwrights point out the flaws of mankind they also provide an answer to the controversy. Unknowingly the hero or heroine solves the problem at the end of the play and indirectly sends a message to the audience on how to solve their own problem....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Function of Uncle Ben, Charley and Bernard in Death of a Salesman

- The Function of Uncle Ben, Charley and Bernard in Death of a Salesman In Death of a Salesman, we find Willy Loman to be influenced greatly by other characters. His emotions and views are almost solely affected by what others think, and how others treat him. Aside from his own family members, there are three characters in particular that have a large impact on Willy. Uncle Ben is Willy's deceased brother, who Willy is very fond of, although perhaps secretly jealous of. Charley is the Loman family's next door neighbour, a friend and a successful salesman....   [tags: Papers]

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The Evolution of Movie Genres

- It’s no question that genre is a very important factor in a screenwriter’s pursuit of creating a highly marketable film. Considering genre types in writing a script for an upcoming film is important to not only the target audience, but the technical characteristics of certain genres. Every film created is categorized into a specific genre based on elements of that genre type, as well as accompanied by technical aspects that classify a film as a specific genre type. Some films are finalized as purely one type of genre, while in other instances the film gains the classification of type different genre types....   [tags: Prometheus, Cabin in the Woods ]

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Creative Writing: A Love Story

- "Ok, now let's see what you can do with this pistol alright" I gave her five shells to load and told her, "always leave the hammer on an empty chamber for your safety" I stood behind her and watched as she took aim not expecting her to hit any of the targets. Boy was I wrong, with every shot a target flew through the air with a hole dead center. After she unloaded the pistol she motioned for me to give her more ammo. I gave her five more shells, she loaded the gun, aimed and fired with the same results....   [tags: firearms, cabin, parents]

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An Analysis of the Use of Action to Find Happiness

- In a hotel suite, Dominic Cobb’s wife jumps off a ledge and dies in hopes of returning to what she thinks is the real world. Cobb must then decide whether he should forget the past and move on to find his own enjoyment or stay within an unconstructed dream space, where he is able to live with his wife. In Uncle Vanya, Anton Chekhov tells the story of a family of unhappy souls who have trouble finding pleasure in the world. As a result, Andre Gregory and Louis Malle use the opening sequence of Vanya on 42nd Street to foreshadow Chekhov’s argument that humans must take action find happiness, but only after they make peace with the past....   [tags: Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov]

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Abraham Lincoln: A Self-Made Man

- Abraham Lincoln, an autodidactic early American, grew up amidst the unlikely setting of the American frontier to an impoverished and undistinguished family (Donald n.p.). Lincoln built himself up in a world built to bring him down, and rose “from [these] humble origins in Kentucky, to prominent positions in legal and political circles of Illinois, and then to the pinnacle of presidency” (Donald n.p.). Within two months of gaining presidency, in contempt of Lincoln’s noble efforts, the American Civil War broke out amongst the country, and Abraham Lincoln, undeterred by the considerable amount of stress he was under, managed to keep together and ultimately strengthen the broken nation (Gienap...   [tags: kentucky cabin, humble pioneer]

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A Day When Everything Went Wrong

- In life you have to cherish the loved ones you love and appreciate the most. I never knew this day was coming. A day when everything went wrong. My life flashed before my eyes. Thinking back on how she played both roles in my siblings and I lives. My mother kept my siblings and I happy. She provided us with clothes on our back, shoes on our feet, food to eat, and anything we asked for she tried her hardest to get whatever we wanted or needed. My mother was an amazing mom to her children. Nobody can take her place or try to play her role....   [tags: Family, Mother, Aunt, Uncle]

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Pleas Don 't Take Me

- ... It was about him and his friend and going for a walk int he forest when they were younger. They were looking for a certain door that was believed to be hidden there, and it was right behind their house. While they were walking down the trail they suddenly saw a very worn looking man in a black over coat standing in the middle of the trail. They turned back as quickly as possible and ran back the way they came. He said it was the scariest thing he ever saw and they never went back agin. Every time I herd this story it urged me more and more to actually see if there was a door or if this story was just made up....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle]

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My Entrance into Manhood

- The gravel crackles beneath the tyres as my uncle backs his Ute into the driveway. I hide behind the door and peer out at him. He beeps the horn. I don't move. He beeps again. Still I stay. The third time I hear the horn, I open the door and trudge out to the car and get in. ‘You ready,’ he says, as if I had a choice. ‘Yeah.’ His eyes flick over what I'm wearing. ‘Really,’ ‘What?’ I say. ‘Nothing, all right then. Put your seatbelt on.’ Dust somersaults behind the car as we drive down the dirt road towards town....   [tags: manhood, alcohol, party, uncle]

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The Reversal of Power in Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings by Joel Chandler Harris

- The Reversal of Power in Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings by Joel Chandler Harris In Joel Chandler Harris' Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings, Uncle Remus frames the black folktales as entertainment for the young boy with the similar approach Joel Chandler Harris writes this entertaining novel. Both the author and Uncle Remus employ the format of entertainment to further convey the issues of black and white race relations. One issue that dealt with slavery is the distribution of power. Pre-Civil War the white race legally held power over the black race....   [tags: Papers]

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A Reader-Response Criticism of How I Learned to Drive

- How I Learned to Drive is the story of Li’l Bit’s teenage life. The 17 year old Li'l Bit functions as the narrator of the story, following her life between 11 and 17 years old. The story mostly revolves around Li’l Bit and Uncle Peck, the man who molests and sexualizes Li’l Bit throughout the story. The story makes the story itself into a story as a result of the narratorial and dissociative structure. The life of Li’l Bit, and even her description of events that are close to her in the present, is structured like a play and her running commentary is filled with humor, satire, etc (like she is a comedian making a joke in poor taste)....   [tags: Li'l Bit, uncle peck, christianity]

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