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African Innsurrections on Board Slave Ships

- 4th January 1610 7:00pm Today, will be a day I will never forget. The day started off as usual, I helped my father in the fields while mom prepared a bag for me to carry with me to the other side of town. I was going to spend some time with my relatives who lived not far from where my family and I lived. It had been the custom for me to visit since my uncle died three months ago and left my aunt and two little cousins. My cousins and I were playing through the woods as we would normally do every day before going to the river to take a bath....   [tags: slave ships, slavery, kidnapping]

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An Annotation of Paul Laurence Dunbar's Ships That Pass In The Night

- An Annotation of Paul Laurence Dunbar's Ships That Pass In The Night Laurence Dunbar's "Ship That Pass In The Night" is a cry for opportunity for all men, regardless of race. Dunbar's poem directly parallels a passage from Frederick Douglass' autobiography that gives an account of his life as a slave. Both Douglass and Dunbar look out at the ships that sail by and see hopes for societal changes. Although they both sought change, their aspirations were quite different. Frederick Douglass watched the ships from ashore, wishing for freedom and for slavery to be abolished....   [tags: Dunbar Ships Pass Night Poem Essays]

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Review Of Living On Cargo Ships

- ... Basically anything they can are allowed to do on the ship to keep them occupied is what keeps them from being bored or suffer from psychological disorders. This shows that even surrounded by miles of nothing people find a way to keep their minds busy. The work can be dirty and greasy where the crew has to work hard to keep the ship metaphorically and actually afloat. The workers do not in seem to mind the job when it comes to the amount of payment they receive for their jobs. In the article “Life on a Great Lakes Freighter: Crew misses family, but pay’s good” Jim Schaefer states: They hold union jobs, all the way up to the captain, and crew members say the pay and benefits are worth the...   [tags: Ship, Cargo ship, Cargo, Ship transport]

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The Impact Of Touro Infirmary On Merchant Ships

- ... It is indispensible to provide an environment that is safe, caring and inviting, an environment that is sensitive to all cultural backgrounds and diversity. It is also imperative that each patient is served with the highest ethical standards. As an intern I need to make sure that I project an appropriate image at all times and that, as a liaison between patients and staff, I communicate effectively and collaborate when needed. In the Emergency Department, my job duties are specific but fit a broad spectrum and do not limit how much I can interact with and learn from the medical staff....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Physician, Health care]

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Of Pirate Ships and Silver Steeds

- Of Pirate Ships and Silver Steeds We poured the foundation yesterday, and now we were pulling the forms off the cement and hauling them out--back onto Ralph, our two-ton truck. The sun beat down. As I bent over to pick up another eight incher I glanced towards the pit. First, came a black bandanna. Next, came protruding straggles of curly blond hair. Then, a grimace and a roll of the eyes--Danny's trademark--appeared as the young man hauled himself out of the hole. Following the head, came a tattered shirt and matching shorts....   [tags: Personal Narrative Jobs Working Papers]

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“Ships at a Distance”: Dreams in Their Eyes Were Watching God

- Zora Neale Hurston opens Their Eyes Were Watching God with an eloquent metaphor regarding dreams: “Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board. For some they come in with the tide. For others, they sail forever on the horizon, never out of sight, never landing until the watcher turns his eyes away in resignation, his dreams mocked to death by Time (Hurston 1).” Hurston describes here how some dreams are achieved with time while others lurk out of reach until the dreamer gives up. Janie Crawford, protagonist of Their Eyes Were Watching God, encounters numerous ambitions throughout her life, mainly concerning a desire to somehow achieve something in life, and to not just go through the...   [tags: Literacy Analysis ]

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Ships for Raleigh's Expeditions

- Ships for Raleigh's Expeditions It was not only as a navigational instructor that Raleigh employed Harriot. He was involved with the design of the ships for Raleigh's expeditions as well as being involved in the construction of the vessels and selecting the seamen. He was Raleigh's accountant, being responsible for obtaining funding for the expeditions and keeping all the accounts. Raleigh had the captains Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe make an expedition to Roanoke Island off the coast of North Carolina in 1584....   [tags: Papers]

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The IMO Debate in Relation to CO2 Emission Reductions from Ships

- 1. Introduction The human activities are continuing to affect the global climate by emission of Green House Gases (GHGs). Study shows that the temperature of the earth mean surface air has been increasing over 100 years. (IPCC, 2013) Although comparing with other industries or transports modes, shipping has relative small emission of Carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the most important GHG emission, the amount of CO2 emission is still in a high level, 1046 million tones and 3.3% of the global CO2 emissions in 2007.(IMO,2009) In the year 1992, 154 nations signed United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which became the basic framework of regulations on the reduction of G...   [tags: environment, green house gases]

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Why Has The Cost Of Navy Ships Risen?

- Why Has the Cost of Navy Ships Risen. Introduction Over the past four decades the cost of navy ships has exceeded the rate of inflation. Although navy increases the budget from $10 billion to $12 billion, they will achieve a fleet of 260 ships by the year 2035 rather than the 290 it now has. In this document the reason and the sources of the increase are investigated. The problem is also considered from the industry's point of view. Some options for the Navy to reduce ship costs are found. In this document cost increase of four types of ships- nuclear attack submarines, guided missile destroyers, amphibious ships and nuclear aircraft carriers is noted....   [tags: Military Government Spending]

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Analysis of Cruises and Recommendations

- Internal strengths and weakness • Strengths-Brands catering to varied customer segments. Carnival caters to all lifestyles and locations and has a capacity of ships 1.4 times the closest competitor. They have a lot of ships so they can have many in different ports to cater to the different destinations. Carnival is a well know brand and promotes a good value. • Weakness- Declining profits affecting margins. With rising costs to run, maintain, and protect ships, passengers, and the environment it takes a chunk out of the bottom line....   [tags: Entertainment, Ships]

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Preventive and Corrective Maintenance for Ships

- 1.0 Introduction Ship maintenance can be divide into two major categories which is preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance is the maintenance taken before the equipment or machinery breakdown, its mission is to maintain a level of certain services of an equipment, while corrective maintenance is the action taken after the breakdown occur, its task is to correct the defects to be found in different equipment. A regular maintenance of the cargo handling equipment that used on board ship is essential to ensure that the equipment is always functioning at its operable state for speedy loading and unloading of cargoes as well as safety aspects....   [tags: mechanical/maritime engineering]

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Commodore Matthew Perry: American Black Ships in the Land of the Samurai

- Commodore Matthew Perry: American Black Ships in the Land of the Samurai One hundred and fifty years ago, an American commodore was assigned by the American President to go to “the barbarian land.” The commodore’s name was Matthew Perry and the land was Japan (Walworth 18). He was curious enough to become interested in the mission, even though it was said that “the Japanese were the least interesting people in the world” at that time (Graff 63). Japan had been closed to the outside world for 250 years....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Effects of the Naval Budget Cuts

- ... Without the vital human aspect, all of the newest technology may as well be a useless pile of junk. Despite the importance of maintaining a strong human aspect, if we allow our Navy’s ships to fall into disrepair, not even the best sailors in the world could operate effectively. The most devastating effects of budget slashing will be felt the most by our hardworking sailors themselves. Although the Chief of Naval Operations has stated that military manpower will be exempted from the cuts, the quality and training of that manpower will most likely be greatly affected....   [tags: teachnology, ships, sailors, assets]

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Dive into the Histoy of Piracy

- Dive into the History of Piracy Definition of Piracy Piracy is typically an act of robbery or criminal violence at sea ( History of Piracy, ) Jolly Roger The Jolly Roger is a flag flown to identify ship as pirate ship. Names of Piracy • Pirate: A person who robs from other ships at sea. • Privateer: A captain of a ship that attacked and caught other ships and rob valuable items from them. A privateer was not a true pirate because the nation’s government would provide them special licenses called a Letter of Marque....   [tags: robbery, ships, sea]

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The Causes of the War of 1812

- There were several issues in the years leading up to 1812. The Royal Navy had stopped American ships, seized sailors, and made them join Britain's sailors. Many of those sailors were, in fact, Royal Navy deserters, but some were not. Britain’s reaction to America’s complaints was to finally cancel impressments, before the war began, but news didn't reach Washington until after the US had declared war. During the 19th century, we are able to see that American changed from a small developing country into something bigger....   [tags: ships, royal navy deserters]

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The Titanic: The Birth of a New Generation and its Terrible Destruction

- What explains our nationalized passion with the Titanic. Why do so few historical events grip the heart in the same way. What really caused the great ocean liner to sink into its grave. There have been many great disasters. Some have resulted in a drastically higher death toll and level of damage to a property. The epic creation and then unfortunate sinking of the Titanic has proven that no ship is “unsinkable,” and that people underestimated the chances of ever having to worry about the safety of the ship....   [tags: notorious ships that sunk]

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The Stories of Alex Haley and Olaudah Equiano

- This first section is personal story from two different people. The first one is about Alexander Haley was just as curious about his ancestor as any one else was about his/her own. As a child, Alex listened to stories told by his grandma and five others, who he later discovered he had been related to them. The stories told of an African who had been captured from his village while chopping wood to make a drum. His 'name' was Toby, but when slaves referred to him it had to be Kinte. He tried escaping slavery numerous times and at one point he had to choose between castrated and losing a foot....   [tags: slaves, treatment, ships]

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The History and Development of Dennisport

- ... Raw materials, ship components and sails were shipped north up the Bass River, while completed ships, usually fishing vessels, flowed south down the river and out onto the waters of Nantucket Sound. Dennis-built ships were considered some of the most seaworthy in the world at the time, an impressive accomplishment from an industry that is completely extinct in town these days. In an odd quirk of history, Dennis was the one of the first towns in America to manufacture salt. By 1803, there were 24 different salt works operating in town, with vats totaling more than 19,500 running feet....   [tags: tourism, fishing, ships]

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Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet

- Just several miles to the east, Xerla was still preaching to Kocz about religion when two blinking red dots appeared out of nowhere on her radar screens. Two mysterious crafts were approaching fast. If the crafts belonged to the Ekcyrien army, they could have displayed as green dots on the screen. But they didn’t, which made Xerla sure that it wasn’t safe to hang around. They had to get away fast. “Kocz - we got company, and they are coming our way very fast.” Xerla called out to her partner. “Who can it be, they definitely aren’t us.” Kocz replied, his eyes also on the scorpion’s screens....   [tags: crafts, pirates, ships, ufo]

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Navy Vessels: The USS Monitor

- ... The engine of the USS Monitor along with numerous other parts of the ship was designed by John Ericsson. The engine was a steam, single cylinder vibrating lever engine generated by two fire tube boilers” (military factory). The engine turned a nine inch diameter shaft which turned the propeller. This engine generated approximately 300 horsepower and was capable of driving the Monitor at six knots. The part of the ship for which the USS Monitor is most famous is the turret. The turret is circular in design and is made to house guns....   [tags: historic battle ships]

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What's Blackbirding and Blackbirding Shootings

- Blackbirding is the practice of enslaving people onto ships, usually through the use of deception and bribery, especially the inhabitants from the South Pacific Islands, and then transporting them to the sugar cane and cotton plantations, particularly in Queensland, Australia, to work as labourers. This practice was not limited to the blackbirding in Queensland, Australia, and had already occurred on the Chincha Islands in Peru. This dreadful practice occurred predominantly between the 1860’s and 1904....   [tags: deception, bribery, ships, enslaving]

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White Hurricane: The Great Storm

- WHITE HURRICANE November gales are a curse on the Great Lakes. In 1835, a storm was said to have "swept the lakes clear of sail." Lake Erie was blasted by 60 mph winds on November 22 and 23, 1874. On Nov. 25, 1905 a November gale sank or stranded more than 16 ships. On Nov 11, 1940 (Armistice Day Storm) a storm wrecked 12 vessels. The giant bulk carrier Edmund Fitzgerald sank during a November gale in 1975....   [tags: lakes, storm, weather, ships]

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The Globalization of Crime

- With the world changing and advancing with technology, criminal organizations are taking advantage of new opportunities. The advancement of travel, ease of communication, and an increase in demand, has all contributed to the globalization of crime. Every nation has been affected by the globalization of crime and the problem continues to grow. The term globalization is defined as the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and tapping of cheap foreign labor markets ("Globalization," 2013)....   [tags: travel, ships, streets, demand]

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Tea: The Drink That Launched A Thousand Ships

- The teachings of the Chinese philosopher K'ung-fu-tzu, latinized as Confucius by the Europeans, developed into the ethical system which became the official ideology of China until the establishment of the Republic of China in the twentieth century. Confucianism is interested in bettering oneself through the process of moral cultivation. In a nation which upholds Confucianism, each man keeps five core relationships. These form the structure around which the society is framed. They are sovereign-subject, father-son, husband-wife, older brother younger brother, friend- friend....   [tags: China]

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Naval Technology: 1450-1750

-   The Early Modern Era saw great change in the field of naval technology. Exploration and the desire to expand trade fueled the development of new, more effective naval vessels. These vessels, in turn, contributed to the growth of worldwide trade and interconnection that marked the period.   In 1453 the Ottomans took control of Constantinople, and effectively cut off direct European trade to East Asia. Because of this, in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, exploration in search of alternative routes became a key focus of Western European nations....   [tags: effective naval vessels, ships]

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Solid Bulk Cargoes

- “CARRYING SOLID BULK CARGOES INVOLVES SERIOUS RISKS, WHICH MUST BE MANAGED CAREFULLY TO SAFEGUARD THE CREW AND SHIP” (LLOYD’S REGISTER) What are solid bulk cargoes and bulk cargo carriers. Solid bulk cargoes are commodity cargoes that are transported in large quantities and are directly into the ship without any form of containment. Examples of these cargoes are mixed mass commodities like ore, cement, coal grain, fertilizers, dry edibles and wood chips that are carried loosely and are normally loaded and unloaded by either, shovelling, pumping, or scooping....   [tags: ships, solas convention, risk]

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Stressing African American Importance Through Poetry

- Even as a child, Thelma Lucille Sayles, or Lucille Clifton, realized how notable African Americans were. However, throughout her lifetime, Clifton has encountered discrimination against her race on multiple occasions, but her poetry, for both adults and children, show resilience against any racist remarks made. With a heavy influence from growing up in an African-American household and experiencing the Civil Rights Movement, Lucille Clifton’s writings focus on the importance of African Americans, especially women, in communities (Hine 1-3)....   [tags: lucille clifton, slave ships, discrimination]

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Severe and Physical Punishment Necessary in Ships in the Royal Navy

- The manner, in which crime was punished in the Royal Navy, during the Georgian period, has often been the subject to great controversy and debate. When answering this question, it is important to consider contemporary sources so as to develop an accurate analysis. After examining various sources, it seems clear that the use of physical punishment was indeed necessary so as to constitute power over the seamen, particularly with limited alternatives available. It also becomes apparent that the Royal Navy’s reputation for flogging has been exaggerated, as N....   [tags: georgian period, military]

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Crimes of Piracy Against Ships in the Strait of Malacca (SOM)

- Strategic overview The Strait of Malacca (SOM) is a major transoceanic route that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Indian Ocean enabling merchant vessels carrying cargo of various types to reduce their journey between these critical areas of commerce by over 500 miles. Currently, over 60,000 vessels pass through the strait each year providing a critical link between the east and west. It is estimated that over 1/3 of the worlds trade and nearly 1/2 of global crude oil supply pass through the strait each year....   [tags: Maritime Security, Armed Robbery]

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The Bermuda Triangle

- The Bermuda triangle is a place that boggles many scientists even in this day and age. The Bermuda Triangle, referred to by some as the Devil's Triangle, is in a western region of the North Atlantic Ocean where countless aircraft, ships and people have inexplicably disappeared. Throughout the years of 1955 and 1975 more than 428 vessels disappeared, along with 100 ships and 1000 lives (Obringer1). Where did these people and ships disappear off too and how come no remains were found is the mysterious question people yearn to find out....   [tags: mystery, disappearance, ships, aircraft, science]

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The Bermuda Triangle

- ... My opinion on the bermuda triangle is that I think its real but so weird and somehow scary, because why does this happen how come so many things disappear into nothing. There's also no clues or hints of broken ships or planes pieces anywhere. Where does it all go. This is a mystery that's been going on for a while already and people have not found the answer for the missing ships and air crafts. One of the the survivors that i've found that have made it out alive out of the Bermuda Triangle is called, Cary Trantham she is one of the marvelous people who survived flying over the Bermuda....   [tags: twiligt zone, mistery, planes, ships]

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The Attack on Pearl Harbor

- On December 7, 1941, one of the most tragedies in United States history occurred. The Japanese launched a surprise air attack on the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. After just two hours of bombing, more than 2,400 Americans were dead, 21 ships had either been sunk or damaged, and more than 188 U.S. aircraft destroyed (history1900s). The United States was in complete shock and disgust, so in response, the Unites States declared war on Japan. Between 1937 and 1941, escalating conflict between China and Japan influenced U.S....   [tags: japanese, world war II, ships, planes]

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The Ever-Important Privateers

- Privateers, or “legally licensed pirates” (Boorstin 62), were men who received written permission from their mother country to raid and capture enemy ships in times of war. They owed no loyalty to anyone except the country they served and for about four hundred years, actions like those of the privateers have shaped history as we know it. They are a perfect example of the politics during the time period and were ultimately loyal subjects to their country. Privateering is said to be "almost as old as civilization itself" with the Japanese and Chinese practicing it as early as 1200 B.C (Massachusetts Society)....   [tags: Legally Licensed Pirates, Enemy Ships, War]

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Ships Main Engine Lube Oil System

- Ship's Main Engine Lube Oil System Cleanliness of the lube oil is very vital in the Main Diesel Engine Lube Oil System. A strainer is a device that is usually made up of a single layer of course gauze, and a very course wire mesh. This setup is used to filter out large objects that could cause blockage or damage to the lube oil system. A filter is used to filter out much smaller particals. The filtering elements in a lube oil filter has a more complex make-up. Aboard our ship, we have self cleaning lube oil filters along with the standard lube oil filters....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Diary of a Black Slave

- My name is Agy and currently I am on board a slave ship. I’ve decided to create a diary and fill it with important experiences so in the event that I ever meet my family again, I’ll be able to share my experiences with them. I belonged to the Dan tribe of Africa. My people lived south of Diamonde territory and we were protected by young but brave warriors against invading neighbors. We grew yams, rice, manioc, taro, bananas and maize. These were our primary crops. I was in the process of cutting bananas along with some of my people and my parents when I heard a sudden uproar coming from the village....   [tags: women on slave ships]

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Challenges and Opportunities for the Maritime Economy

- Much of our modern day information about the Maritime economy has been primarily based on the historical happenings in the global economy. As world become ever more globalized and interlinked, maritime shipping and port industries are experiencing challenges as well as enjoying greater business opportunities. Maritime shipping is mainly the primary means of transporting parts and the finished goods around the world, has recently attracted increasing attention from maritime economists. Because shipping is such an old industry, with a history of continuous change, sometimes gradual and occasionally catastrophe, Time and again we find that shipping and trade will slipway from the economy and the...   [tags: shipping, trade, freight ]

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The Global Trade Performance Has Been Disappointing

- ... Another global trend that is taking place are the urge for larger panamax ships or more post-panamax ships due to the Panama Canal now being able to allow these ships to pass through its locks. These larger ships are able to carry more containers which hold more goods and services, than a regular panamax ship can carry. This will help save a company or companies in shipping fees. What I mean by this is that companies will no longer have to pay for two/three ships to carry all of their merchandise from the point of origin to the point of destination....   [tags: Containerization, Cargo, Ship, Panama Canal]

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The Ship in Virgil's Aeneid

- They brave gulping whirlpools and blazing infernos. They withstand the flagrant curses of a dying queen. Transporters of precious civilization, they are described by their captain Aeneas as carrying “gods / Of hearth and home, saved from the enemy” (Virgil I.521-522). Throughout the epic, ships are extremely vital to Aeneas – so much so that Virgil intuitively creates a powerful, unmistakable correlation between the two. In The Aeneid, Aeneas acts like a ship, carrying the weight of the Trojan society to Italy, and suffers like a ship, enduring beat-downs from humans and the gods; in fact, Virgil suggests that Aeneas is a human ship....   [tags: Aeneid, Trojan Civilization]

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Naval Warfare During The Civil War

- During the Civil War the Union and Confederate navies used innovations as well as making innovations that would change the course of naval warfare. Steam powered ships and heavy guns were already in service prior to the Civil War and would have a changing affect. Along the Southern coasts and in the rivers, ships, guns, mines, and the submarine would be utilized for combat. Combined sea and land operations between the Union Army and Navy would be used and proved effective. By the end of the Civil War the use of these innovations in naval warfare would have a major impact on how navies were built, used and fought in future wars....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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Modernization Of Naval Warfare During The Civil War

- The Modernization of Naval Warfare Before and During the Civil War During the Civil War, innovations were used by the Union and Confederate navies that would change the future course of naval warfare. Steam powered ships and heavy guns were already in service prior to the beginning of the war and would have a changing effect. Along the Southern coasts and its rivers, ships, guns, mines, and the submarine would be utilized in combat. Combined sea and land operations between the Union Army and Navy through cooperation and tactics that would prove effective....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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Naval Warfare During The Civil War

- During the Civil War, innovations were used by the Union and Confederate navies that would change the future course of naval warfare. Steam powered ships and heavy guns were already in service prior to the beginning of the war and would have a changing effect. Along the Southern coasts and its rivers, ships, guns, mines, and the submarine would be utilized in combat. Combined sea and land operations between the Union Army and Navy through cooperation and tactics that would prove effective. By the end of the Civil War the use of these innovations in naval warfare would have a major impact on how navies were built, used and fought in future wars....   [tags: Confederate States of America, American Civil War]

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Book Review on When China Ruled the Seas

- In the book, When China Ruled the Seas, Levathes talks about seven voyages made by the Chinese armadas during emperor Zhu Di's reign. Admiral Zheng was in control of many “Treasure ships”. These ships traded silk, porcelain, and many other fine goods. They sailed from India to East Africa, through Korea and Japan, and might have even traveled all the way to Australia. Levathes believes that it could have been very possible for China to have been able to create a great kingdom to rule over one hundred years before the Europeans even explored and expanded, with China's giant navy of about three thousand of these large treasure ships....   [tags: Book Review ]

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Flags of Convenience: A Threat to Maritime

- Introduction More than forty thousand merchant ships, and countless number of smaller coastal craft, ply world oceans which comprise nearly seventy percent of the earth’s surface. Each year approximately ten million containers of cargo, containing raw materials to finished goods are transported by seas. The ships are owned by different states, private companies or individuals and manned by mixture of seafarers from different countries, mixed together from various nationalities. These ships are perhaps the most autonomous entities on earth as rule of law allows frequent change of their allegiance or identity by choosing a flag to suit their requirement....   [tags: ship, state, maritime laws]

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Microeconomics of Maritime Shipping

- Introduction Much of our modern day information about the Maritime economy has been primarily based on the historical happenings in the global economy. As world become ever more globalized and interlinked, maritime shipping is experiencing challenges as well as enjoying greater business opportunities. Maritime shipping is mainly the primary means of transporting parts and the finished goods around the world. Because shipping is such an old industry, with a history of continuous change, sometimes gradual and occasionally catastrophe, Time and again we find that shipping and trade will slipway from the economy and then magical reappear in some new voyages no other industry has played such a ce...   [tags: Shipping, Goods Transport]

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American History: Bloodiest Battle of the Civil War in South Carolina

- South Carolina was an important key player during the Civil War. South Carolina had major military and political importance throughout the Civil War. South Carolina was the battleground of many significant events during this time. Such as the capture of Port Royal, the Union blockade of Charleston, Sherman's march through the state, the burning of Columbia, and Fort Sumter. South Carolina had many important battles fought on its territory, Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter is an island in the Charleston Harbor, its main purpose for being built was to protect the harbor....   [tags: fort sumter, charleston harbor]

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The last battle of the Bismarck

- The last battle of the Bismarck changed the tides during World War II. The Bismarck was Germany’s most famous battleship during World War Two, and was sunk on May 27, 1941. The Bismarck had already sunk the battleship HMS Hood before being sunk herself. For many, the end of the Hood and Bismarck symbolized the end of the time when battleships were the dominant force in naval warfare, to be replaced by submarines and aircraft carriers and the advantages these ships gave to naval commanders. The Bismarck weighed over 50,000 tons and about half of this weight was armor....   [tags: world war II, hitler, germany]

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North Sea And The English Channel

- While fighting the German navy and the persistent force of U-boats, the Royal Navy was also focused on controlling the Atlantic, the North Sea and the English Channel. As Britain is an island, it was paramount that the surrounding waters were well protected to maintain the country’s security. When war broke out, the British immediately executed a naval blockade on Germany. Its purpose was to protect the seas from access to Germany and defend merchant shipping. German ships that passed the areas of operation and that were on its way home were cut off....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Royal Navy, Ship]

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The Battle Of The Civil War

- ... The initial phase of the plan the Union was to concentrate on the Atlantic Ocean. The Second part of the plan was the sail down the Mississippi and cut the Confederates in half. With these two plans put together and with a Union land forces pushing down on the south, this plan truly lived up to it’s constricting name (Wise, 1991). The Confederate attempt to combat this blockade was to send “runners” to use their speed to get through the blockade. These blockade runners were usually low profile, streamline ships based on the British design and with the aid of paddle boards driven by steam power these ships could easily reach speeds up to 20 mph....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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The History of Piracy: A Closer Look at Early Pirates

- When you hear the word pirate, most people think of the modern day pirates, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean. The stereotypical definition of pirates was men who sailed the sea saying arrrgh and wear eye patches. But they were a lot bigger than that. Pirate is a word from Greek and Latin piratia, and the root of peril prefers to a person who commits acts of piracy (Waldman). The first pirate activity that the world has knowledge of is back in the seventh century BC (Matthews 1)....   [tags: pirates, world history]

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The American Civil War

- The American Civil War can be reasonably considered to be the first modern war due to the numerous interrelated changes and improvements in the naval technology. Any war probably brings changes to the military and naval technologies on both warring sides. One side begins to use something new, the other quickly adopts the technologies invented on the first side or invents something new to protect itself from the new military and naval developments. This scheme took place in the American Civil War bringing numerous changes to the naval technology of the time and making it the first modern war in history....   [tags: modern war, technology, artillery]

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Merchant Mariners in the Gulf War

- Merchant Mariners in the Gulf War Keyser, Mackoy, Fuss, Matthews The Military Sealift Command Fleet has been an instrument of great importance when it comes to facilitating the needs of the Navy. In terms of length of service, the Merchant Marine program has been active longer than both the Navy and the Army. In the history of the United States, it has helped secure safe passages for international waterways and resupplied ships in sunny breezes and stormy gales. In terms of Military support it has been the greatest single implementation that has taken the world by storm and has changed peoples perspectives of how a nation can wage war or defend itself from a foreign power....   [tags: Contributions, United States, Military]

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Challenges to the Dutch Republic

- Prior to the 1650’s, the Dutch Republic was the wealthiest and most powerful province in Holland through Amsterdam, the leading force in trade and banking. Many European nations were jealous of their success and wanted it for themselves which resulted in conflicts between the Dutch and many European powers. As a result, the Dutch Republic entered a period of decline until the Peace of Utrecht of 1713. The expensive wars with England and France, decline in trade and distrust between the Dutch provinces led to challenges in security, unity and prosperity of the Republic....   [tags: decline, trade, security, unity, prosperity]

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Intelligence Operations of the Offensive and Espionage in Naval Warfare of World War I

- ... Seeing this tactic go free of opposition, Germany anticipated a similar response to its unrestricted submarine warfare. German U-boats attempted to cut the supply lines between North America and Britain. Submarine warfare was essentially the “sneak attack” of the seas. Attacks often came without warning, thus giving the crews of merchant ships and well as the cargo on board, little chance of survival. The United States called a foul on the play and launched a protest, causing Germany to change its rules of engagement....   [tags: initiatives, incentives, payoffs, action]

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The United States Coast Guard and National Defense

- The Coast Guard (CG) is the nation’s smallest armed service and most misunderstood armed service. Most Americans know the Coast Guard is the nation’s premiere lifesaving service. Some may even know that the Coast Guard is the nation’s oldest continuing sea going service. While the Coast Guard falls under the UCMJ just like the other four branches, and often works side by side with them especially the Navy; The Coast Guard is usually trained for a very different mission than their DOD counterparts in times of peace....   [tags: Missions of United States Coast Guard]

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The Union And The Confederate Forces

- ... The St. Luis was first to be completed on October 11, 1861 and entered service, with the additional six ships, in January, 1862 (Smith, 2014). While these ships were in production, the war did not stop. It became apparent to the Union forces that the rivers were the key to victory (Kelley, n.d.). The newly established “Mississippi Squadron”, under command of Cmdr John Rogers consisted of converted paddle boat steamers, or gunboats, but proved to be ineffective against the reinforced Confederate forts that were established along the rivers (Smith, 2014)....   [tags: Confederate States of America, American Civil War]

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The War And The Vietnam War

- ... However, as the hostilities with North Korea heightened, she was relocated to the western pacific Hungnam. Hungnam is located in North Korea, and during the Christmas season of 1950 over 200,000 people were evacuated from the city with help from merchant ships and the United States Navy. Throughout the war, the ship had over 700 rounds of artillery fired at it, none of which did any significant damage. The only time during the war the Maddox took any damage; Soviet intelligence falsely reported that it sank (Stokhaug, Dennis)....   [tags: Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson, World War II]

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The Spanish Armada: Superior Commanding

- The Spanish Armada arose in the 1580’s because the so-called “invincible” Spanish armada was on a mission to overthrow the heretic queen Elizabeth I. The Spanish also wanted to put an end to the English robbing their exports from America. Through six days of naval warfare, the English stood victors because of the innovative thinking and tactics by Sir Francis Drake. The Spanish Armada was a test of guts and strategy for both the Spanish and English Navy’s, but Sir Francis Drake, commander of the English Navy, decimated the Spanish fleet with revolutionary tactics....   [tags: invencible, Sir Francis Drake]

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The Naval Act Of 1916

- When America first entered World War One it was not prepared for a war at sea, America’s navy was meant for only guarding the coast. In 1903, the navy’s goal for 1920 was to have 48 battleships and there was a set ratio of support ships, for every two battleships there would be one support ship. That goal by time the war broke out was highly unrealistic. There had only been two battleships built by 1913 and it ruined America’s plan to be able to compete against Germany in the war at sea was diminished....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Woodrow Wilson]

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The Bombing of Darwin

- The Bombing of Darwin, on 19 February 1942 was both the first and the biggest single attack mounted by a foreign power on Australia. 242 Japanese aircraft attacked ships in Darwin's harbour and the town's two airfields in an attempt to prevent the Allies from using them as bases to fight the invasions of Timor and Java. Darwin was only lightly defended and the Japanese inflicted heavy losses upon the Allied forces at little cost to themselves. The more urban areas of Darwin also suffered some damage from the raids and there were a number of civilian casualties....   [tags: attack in australia]

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The Persian War: The Ionian Revolt and the Battle of Marathon

- The Persian War Introduction The Persian War is one of the most famous wars in history and was also known as the Greco - Persian Wars. “The Persian war was remarkable not only for its ferocious battles, which showcased the superiority of Greek military methods, but also for the striking personalities involved, the democratic character of the military command, and the ability of the fractious Greeks to drop their strong divisions and unite behind a single cause.” (Church A. 1). It started from 499 BC and ended in 479 BC....   [tags: greeks, athens, church]

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Analysis Of The Book ' When The Kings Come Marching '

- Through reading every story of God’s word, we witness God’s presence with His people. We not only witness God’s presence, but also His action and work in their lives. Our work as Christians has never been about what we can do to earn our way to heaven; it has always been about God coming to dwell with His people, and His actions through them. God’s presence is evident in the past and the present, but it will also be evident in the future when Christ comes back to dwell with humanity on earth in the Holy City....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Bible, Christ]

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The Marshall Islands and US Military Nuclear Testing

- Bikini Atoll is one of 29 atolls and five islands that make up the Marshall Islands (“A Short History”). Located in Micronesia, Bikini Atoll played a major role in World War II. Originally taken by the Japanese and used as a lookout point, it was later captured by U.S. forces in a battle that took place in its neighboring Kwajalein Atoll (“A Short History”). This would crush the Japanese hold on the Marshall Islands. After the war, President Truman recognized the importance of the Marshall Islands and its location in the Pacific....   [tags: bikini atoll, micronesia]

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The Success of Operation Desert Storm and Shield

- ... With the initial movement of the maritime prepositioned ships, the American maritime fleet had undertaken a challenge that it had been designed, moving war goods to the battle front. At the helm of the American merchant mariners role during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm was the Military Sealift Command. In charge of 230 government-owned and chartered ships, MSC was the largest war supplies shipper of any nation involved. Taking 12 million tons of cargo at an average rate of 43,000 tons per day, the United States had showcased its maritime dominance moving across the world’s oceans without hindrance (Military)....   [tags: military, iraq, saudi arabia]

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Analyzing the Battle of Salamis

- What causes a military to become great, bond together, and win a significant battle in war. In ancient times, the Greek people, along with their culture, were threatened by the Persian Empire that sought to conquer the Western world. If the Greeks had lost the Persian wars, their way of life and the basis for western civilizations to come would have been lost. The Battle of Salamis was a combination of leadership, technology, and strategy which gave the Greeks an edge on their Persian opponents, setting into affect the beginning of victory for Greece....   [tags: Ancient Greece ]

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The Battle of Bougainville

- The Solomon Islands campaign began with the taking of Guadalcanal in December 1942. In February 1943 the Russell Islands fell, and the New Georgia group followed in August 1943. At the end of 1943, the campaign reached its goal when American troops gained a solid foothold on the island of Bougainville. The Russells, New Georgia and Bougainville were objectives Objective: Isolate Rabaul The objective of the Solomon Islands campaign was to cut off Japan's major forward air and naval base at Rabaul, on the island of New Britain....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Impact of Pirates and of Piracy on the Spanish Empire

- The Impact of Pirates and of Piracy on the Spanish Empire When the word pirate is mentioned, many people think of ship carrying men across the seas as they pillage other ships. While this is true to some extent there was much more to the lives of the men that were known as pirates. Pirates were mostly men from French, English or Dutch heritage, and were privateers or merchants. Many of these men were sanctioned by their government. By the Spanish they were call piratas or unsanctioned sea-raiders, and would have a heavy influence of trade in the Caribbean and on the Spanish Empire....   [tags: American History]

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Battle of Port Royal

- In terms of war-making resources, the Union marginally outnumbered the Confederacy; the Union had more soldiers, bank capital, manufacturing output, iron, coal, fire arm production, warships, and naval officers. The Civil War thus looked as if it would be a joke because the many predicted that the war would only last one month due to the marginal differences in resources. However, after the First Battle at Bull Run, it was quickly discovered that the Confederacy would not submit so easily. In fact, they showed that they were very capable of victory, by successfully countering on the Union flank and giving them the upper hand in the battle ....   [tags: Civil War]

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The Service of the River and Its Contribution to Death

- Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness critiques the cause for expeditions and its effects on the land they voyage too. Kurtz accounts of expedition shows ironic details of patriotic intentions of creating goodness and prosperity in a country, but leaving it in disaster and chaos. However, in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Kurtz uses cluster images to describe the river and its services in numerous expeditions, yet masquing the truth of death as effects to the performance of change by the water and ship’s patriotic duty through the changes in the atmosphere, alluding of ships and their expeditions, and the anarchic depiction of travellers and their reasons for travelling....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Bombing Of Darwin And The Attack On Australian Land

- The Japanese bombings on Darwin was the first attack on Australian land since the Europeans settled here in 1788. On the 19th of February 1942, the Japanese launched an air attack on the city. These attacks were successful, but we were not close to an invasion since it wasn 't part of the Japanese’s plan. Darwin was a key position for the Allies for World War Two in the Pacific, so in 1942, the city got bombed and the it was devastated. Most of the buildings were destroyed. The federal government reacted accordingly and proceeded with measures to boost the safety of the people of Darwin, and the morale of the country....   [tags: World War II, Australia, Darwin]

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To what Extent does Globalization Contribute to Sustainable Prosperity?

- Sustainable prosperity is a very controversial topic. There are a lot of differing opinions about what it is or how it affects us. What is sustainable prosperity. Let’s break it down. Prosperity, it is the idea that all humans needs are met, and they are able to follow a life of happiness. Sustainability, means being able to continue something over generation after generation. We live in a globalizing world today, but to what extent does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity. Globalization promotes sustainable prosperity, but at the same time it is holding it back....   [tags: prosperity, sustainability, globalization]

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Pearl Harbor: A Day That Will Live in Question

- In the beginning of the 1930’s the U.S had no desire to enter another world war or involve themselves in European foreign affairs. The U.S policy of isolationism was extremely popular not only with citizens but with government officials as well. With this being said, what factors could have contributed to the U.S involvement in World War II. . Pearl Harbor was the main factor that led to the U.S involvement in World War II despite the fact that the fact that the overwhelming majority of the country wanted nothing to do with the war in Europe....   [tags: japan, foreign affairs, isolationism]

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Edward "Blackbeard" Teach The Man Who Scourged the Seas

- Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard the Pirate, was the most infamous man to set sail on the Caribbean Sea. Thought to be the devil himself by many sailors, he was the admiral of four ships and over one hundred and forty men. Teach was feared as the devil for multiple reasons, but the major fact that applied to this was his appearance. There is minimal information about Teach’s early life, but it has been presumed that he was born in Bristol, England in 1680. He may have also been a merchant seaman before his pirating career....   [tags: pirates, history]

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Are Zheng He’s Voyages Deserving of Celebration?

- ... A tribute is an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration. An emissaries is a person sent on a special mission, usually as a diplomatic representative. Colonialism is the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically. On the map displayed on Document A, you can conclude that Zheng He clearly cared about trading during these explorations. How can we come to this conclusion....   [tags: conflict, castrated, explorations]

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A Brief History of Somali Piracy

- Piracy has been around since the beginning of time, and has played a drastic villain role since the days of ancient sea-fare. Common household known pirates like Blackbeard and Captain Hook from Peter Pan have garnered popularity throughout the years of history. Little do people know is that government has had an effect on piracy affairs. One main suspect in piracy during the late 1600’s was that of Sir Francis Drake. His affiliation with the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, led to his approval of becoming a privateer to attack and plunder Spain’s ships and property....   [tags: somali pirates, fishermen]

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Dehumanization of Enslaved Africans in Jamaica

- The importation of slaves from Africa to Jamaica was the largest and most complex international business of the eighteenth century. This controversial exchange of enslaved persons provided economic stability within the Americas. Upon their arrival to Jamaica, the process of dehumanization initiated. Supporters of slavery proposed the institution served a two-fold purpose: one, in order to achieve complete dominance the institution a legacy of subjugation and legislation hampered rights to any slaves....   [tags: the Maroons, Trans-Atlantic slave trade]

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Dcumentary Radio Bikini

- Radio bikini was a documentary about an operation known as operation crossroads. After the atomic bombs were dropped on japan during world war two many questions arose such as what type of effects would a bomb of this magnitude have on a single battleship or an entire fleet. What would be the effects of an air explosion and an underwater explosion. What are the effects from the radiation. How would the underwater explosion affect the ships and the harbor. How long would the deadly affects linger....   [tags: Operation Crossroads, Atomic Bombs, Japan]

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Somalia: A Country in Need

- Many countries around the world know about the numerous issues Africa has been dealing with for years. However, only a few countries know what specific problems the African people of Somalia live through every day. The problems that occur in Somalia not only affect how the citizens live, but their mental and physical appearances. Somalia is a country located on the east coast of Africa, opening them up to major issues with piracy. Piracy causes chaos to Somalia and prevents the country from focusing on more important matters....   [tags: Social Issues]

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The Battle of Sullivan’s Island

- The Battle of Sullivan’s Island The Palmetto Patriots One would ruminate that 1100 men equipped with 30 pieces of artillery defending an un-finished fort would be no match for three thousand men and nine war ships armed with 270 cannons. Contrarily, on 28 June 1776 during the Revolutionary War, the American Forces proved a decisive victory against the British, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence was days later. The Patriots, under the leadership of Colonel William Moultrie, made a fort of the indigenous Sabal (cabbage) Palmetto Palm tree and took advantage of the British’s poor planning and lack of integration for a decisive American victory....   [tags: American History]

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The Invention of the Hourglass

- What would the world do without time. A person’s life is developed around time, such as when someone eats, sleeps, or works. During the Age of Exploration, the explorers needed a time device that was advanced enough to be on a ship. If explorers did not have a way of measuring time, they would have no way of knowing when to go different directions and would have most likely become lost. The Age of Exploration lasted from the fourteenth century to the seventeenth century (Briney). Many geographical locations, inventions, and knowledge of the world developed during the Age of Exploration time period....   [tags: The Age of Exploration]

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The Enigma of Bermuda Triangle

- One event can change the whole world’s perception. One day, approximately 58 years ago at 2:10 pm, December 5, 1945 (Bryner), five Navy planes, known as Flight 19, took off from their base in Florida, and neither the planes nor the crew were ever found (National Geographic). Thus, a legend was born. Being one of the most strangest and dangerous place on earth, Bermuda Triangle has achieved its nickname as the “Devil’s Triangle” and “Limbo of the Lost” (Bryner). Many planes and ships from around the world have travelled through the Bermuda Triangle and vanished without a trace, never ever to be seen again....   [tags: flight 19, limbo of the lost]

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