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The Influence Of Digital Technology On Print Publishing

- Chris Garfield GAR14437540 MA Publishing Unit 1.1 The Influence of Digital Technologies on Print Publishing The publishing industry has experienced massive changes over the past decade. With the introduction and development of digital technologies, publishers have had to learn to adapt their methods and embrace these advances. Books and magazines are no longer bought solely at book stores, read only through physical copies and the way we market and distribute a publication has migrated mostly online, causing the traditional publishing model to be skewed....   [tags: Publishing, Publication, Printing, Self-publishing]

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Writing for the Future: What is online publishing?

- Books have been around for a long time and they will continue to exist regardless of the technological advancements being made in the field of publishing. Even though it may be proven not environmentally friendly, online publishing is the future of writing with eBooks dominating the book market and the preference of electronic devices to hard copy material. What is online publishing. What effects will eBooks have on the book publishing business and which is more environmentally friendly. Online Publishing The definition of online publishing or electronic publishing is the publication of information in a way that can be accessed by a computer, i.e....   [tags: e-learning, publishing business, books]

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- The history of self-publishing has been filled many failures and some very notable successes. Some authors that have been successful through self-publishing are Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein, and Edgar Allan Poe. Many marvelous stories would never have been published if their authors had not become self-publishers. Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and the Tarzan series by Edgar Rice Burroughs would never been known if the authors had not taken matters into their own hands (Ross & Ross, 1985, p....   [tags: Publishing]

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The Publishing of Written Materials: Newspapers, Magazines and Books

- The Publishing of Written Materials: Newspapers, Magazines and Books Publishing as an industry is in constant dialogue - a true back and forth - with the surrounding culture commercially, technologically, and artistically. It has changed greatly since the early 1800's and particularly during the 1900's. These changes have occurred in relationship to evolving aspects of American life, and so the factors one must consider are many: literacy and compulsory education, legal ownership of the actual words to be published, modes of production and distribution, availability of resources such as paper and printing equipment, the ideas wh...   [tags: Publishing Publish Essays]

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Career as an Electronic Publishing Specialist

- ... The amount of experience and knowledge required for the positions is substantial; however the earnings potential increases with the amount of experience and education an electronic publications specialist has in the field. Electronic publishing specialist is a fairly new career so the salary information has been compared to desktop publishers. According to Mymajors.com, the median annual wage for electronic publications specialist is $39,060 and a median hourly wage of $18.78. According to CIA current open positions, an electronic publishing specialist can earn from $51,630 to $74,872 per year....   [tags: electronic books, publications, databases]

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The Risk of Innovations in the Publishing Industry

- Introduction and Executive Summary Everyone reads books, some for pleasure some because they need to read their textbooks to pass their university courses. Books seem to be a simple concept but the industry that creates them has a complexity to it that is often overlooked. The Publishing industry is just as competitive and innovative as the mobile, and computing industries. Innovations are happening everyday in the Publication industry and corporations are in dire need to keep with the competition to even have a chance at the market share....   [tags: complex, methods, profitable, research]

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The End of Print Publishing

- The transmission of ideas in various forms is an important and crucial aspect of humanity. The ways in which these ideas are created have gone through various evolutions. Technological breakthroughs in music, video, and print have changed the way we get our information about the world. The ways in which we receive these thoughts and ideas, the platforms, have also gone through various evolutions as well. As our lifestyles change, the ways in which these thoughts and ideas are transmitted and received has transformed, and the business of buying and selling has been forever changed by the internet and ecommerce....   [tags: Technology ]

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Why Publishing Content Matters?

- ... Furthermore, content marketing doesn't go stale. In fact, an amazing content won't have an expiration date and will continue to generate traffic every day of every month. Why Publishing Content Matters Other than letting your readers be informed of your expertise and knowledge, publishing a content pre-sells your product and services. It separates people who will never buy from your site, to those who will. Some of your readers might be ready to buy a product or service from you- and being able to publish a highly relevant content will make him make a solid decision....   [tags: social media, blog, business]

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Traditional Publishing vs. e-Publishing

- Traditional Publishing vs. e-Publishing Once upon a time, if someone wanted their ideas to be seen in writing, they had to go through the long, tenuous process of publishing, which cost a good deal of time and money, and was a gamble at all points in the process. Today, however, individuals can instead choose to self publish their works through the World Wide Web, allowing for minimal work to exposure time lapse, and a more one-on-one approach to reading. e-Publishing is a powerful medium, and its siren-call is a hard one to resist....   [tags: Compare Contrast Comparison Essays]

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The Future of Print and Digital Media

- As the publishing industry is on the verge of collapse and NOOK sales jump, I as a book self-professed bibliophile cry myself to sleep. The future of printed media is inevitably becoming digital. Everybody knows this, but I still cling to my print media conventions. I try to convince myself that it is somehow better, and I hold on with the dire grip of preemptive nostalgia. Jack Schafer, the former editor to the online magazine “Slate”, shares my nostalgic view of printed media. In his article titled, “Print vs....   [tags: Publishing]

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The Impact Of Publishing And Its Impact On Society

- ... The print press shifted the power from the church to the public as books were available in different types of languages, which also provide opportunities for people to learn and also challenge to the dominance of the church. Printing press allows standardisation of information which mass production of books by machines have less errors than hand written books. “As in scribal culture, books or manuscripts had multiple mistakes and errors due to scribes producing their work in hand writing’ (Scanlon, 2005)....   [tags: Printing press, Printing, Movable type]

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Technology’s Impact on the Publishing Industry

- With technology progressing from drones fulfilling shipments to electronic books becoming cheaper, major companies such as Apple and Amazon have had a big impact on not only the tech industry but the publishing industry as well. Companies are outputting resources like IBook’s and the Kindle bookstore to take full advantage of the transition to digital publishing. As a result of this we have greener, more budget friendly books, and outdated traditional copies of text. With the introduction to these resources it is making the lives of students and the mass market more convenient....   [tags: e-books, apple]

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The Legitimacy of Electronic Scholarly Publishing

- The Legitimacy of Electronic Scholarly Publishing At most institutions of higher learning in the United States and worldwide the emphasis is placed on the depth and breadth of the institution's research, at least as far as the institution's reputation and renown are concerned. An institution that does not produce much scholarly research in the form of conference activity or publication activity will not carry the same high regard as an institution which is much more involved in conference participation and publication....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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The Publishing Career of Isabella Whitney

- The Publishing Career of Isabella Whitney The English Renaissance was a time of great literature. The world was changing and people were exploring their boundaries. In a time of such opportunity, women were often excluded. For instance, it was very difficult for women to receive education. Even if they did, it was extremely difficult for them to be accepted as writers and nearly impossible to have their work published. Only a small number of women writers succeeded in having their works published because of the many social barriers....   [tags: Author Writer Isabella Whitney Essays]

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Analysis of a Desktop Publishing Package

- Analysis of a Desktop Publishing Package I could use a Desktop Publishing package, Microsoft Publisher, because this would enable me to use various different templates, be able to use clip-art, and other features which make it easier to produce good designs that would all add up to a professional outcome. I could also use Microsoft Word, but I feel that this software is mainly used for letters and documents that contain some images and text, because of the special features it has to offer....   [tags: Papers]

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The Futures of Scholarly Publishing

- Traditionally, university libraries, flush with funds, have been the mainstay of scholarly publishing. They bought all the latest, most important books and maintained subscriptions to all the important journals. But in today’s environment of budget cuts and rising tuitions, many libraries (especially those at public universities) are being forced to cut back. Retailers, meanwhile, are increasingly corporate. In an age in which book-selling is dominated by chains like Borders and Barnes and Noble, it is increasingly difficult for scholarly books to reach their market....   [tags: Education Library Reading Essays]

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The Benefits of Web Publishing

- The Benefits of Web Publishing Before the advent of the World Wide Web, the means to share opinions and ideas with others easily and inexpensively was limited to classroom, work, or social environments. Generating an advertisement or publication required a lot of expense. Today, businesses and individuals can convey information to millions of people by using Web pages. Web publishing is the process of developing and maintaining, and posting Web pages. With the proper hardware and software, Web publishing is fairly easy to accomplish....   [tags: Internet Online Communication Essays]

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Publishing Industry: Irish Artists and Book Illustration

- Between 1830 and 1930 there was a huge expansion in the publishing industry. Through a series of industrial leaps, the publishing industry became an ideal medium for both innovation and expression. The combination of the development of a train network as well as the mass production of paper products allowed for greater distribution of published products. Not only that, but the invention and use of the printing press greatly influenced the accessibility of the publishing industry. As a result, the markets for published products expanded and diversified....   [tags: irish culture, harry clark]

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The Operating Systems and Productivity Software Publishing Industry

- Executive Summary The Operating Systems and Productivity Software Publishing Industry is primarily comprised of companies that develop and publish operating systems and productivity software for computers and servers. According to the 2013 IBIS World Industry Report, “an operating system is the interface with which computer users interact, and productivity software includes basic applications like word processors, spreadsheets and slideshow creation tools.” (IBIS 2013) Over the next five years, revenues for the $38.6 Billion industry is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 6.8% to $53.6 billion (IBIS 2012)....   [tags: computers, software, threats]

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An Anthropological Researcher And Publishing The Book Under A Fake Name

- Undercover work is commonly associated with the law enforcement, but in My Freshman Year Nathan goes undercover as a freshman at her own institution to better understand the undergraduate student experience. Going undercover as an anthropological researcher and publishing the book under a fake name were questionable things and it led to a great controversy in the higher education community. Rebekah Nathan starts her undercover anthropological study with the a couple of research questions: “What is the current culture at AnyU (my pseudonym for my university) as an example of the American public university....   [tags: University, College, Dormitory, Student]

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History of Desktop Publishing

- Since the 1970s, microcomputers have been an integral part of the business environment. Businesses use microcomputers and software packages to perform a variety of tasks. Until recently, the three most popular types of software purchased for microcomputers were word processing, spreadsheets, and database. During the past decade, another type of software program called desktop publishing has gained popularity with microcomputer users. With the introduction of the laser printer and its ability to produce high quality documents, desktop publishing software became the fastest growing microcomputer application of the 1980s, and its widespread use continues into the 1990s....   [tags: Papers]

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Plan Before Publishing

- Plan Before Publishing Desktop Publishing for Communication Activity 3 – Plan before Publishing. 1. It is important to have background knowledge about the message, the audience and any constraints before publishing a document In preparing a document, information about the message, audience and any constraints must be known before publishing can take place. Information on the importance and the need of the message, the content of the message, the format, and the image you want the message to project must all be known....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Electronic Publishing: The future of the media industry?

- Electronic Publishing: The future of the media industry. It all depends on whom you talk to, because everyone has their opinion. Some people feel that this industry is a flash in the pan, but others feel quite differently. The Internet is expanding second by second and the information that is on this medium is astounding. Newspapers and magazines have jumped into a type of publishing called internet publishing, or electronic publishing, in which the Internet becomes the primary place to find information about the particular company....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Chelsea Green Publishing Company: An Overview

- Chelsea Green Publishing Company: An Overview Book publishing enjoys a certain social prestige—it can be both moderately profitable and extremely rewarding in psychological benefits. The odds that a publishing entrepreneur will succeed at this business seem to be related to the degree of care and thought given to planning and the sometimes-tricky balancing act of effective management. Sustainability is a balance of economy and ecology. That is, how we satisfy human needs and still preserve what we have in nature....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Technology Is A World Of Constant Change

- ... I.C.T plays a huge part in modern life and it was introduced to the society in order to integrate the inevitable collision of technology and information with the human being natural need to communicate. In a relatively short time this term has become a part of the development of a country, organisations like UNESCO has recognise I.C.T. has part of their agenda and currently aim to ensure that every country have access to I.C.T. recognising the huge impact it has in a country 's economy and education system....   [tags: Publishing, Publication, Academic publishing]

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Possible Repercussions of Publishing One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

- ... He is not an aristocrat, an intellectual, or an ardent victim like most of the heroes of nineteenth-century Russian novels. Shukhov is a simple peasant, possibly even illiterate. When he sees the poem Kolya is copying out, for instance, he does not recognize the odd way of writing each line directly beneath the previous one. He is impressed by men such as Caesar who have lived in Moscow, which to Shukhov is a mysterious, distant land. Nor is he a talented or perceptive, sentimental soul: he shows almost no warmth for his long-forgotten wife and daughters, no idealistic wistfulness for his lost home, and no reveries of a better life elsewhere....   [tags: economy, stalin, liberal]

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A Magazine By Joseph Turow

- ... Ladies’ Home Journal starting in 1883 is a great example of one of the specialized magazines, this one being directed towards women and pertains to home living. Early magazines still had their brand on the top like modern magazines, but had stories on the front and were published in black and white. That changed in the 1900’s, when ink became cheaper and wartime events drove magazines to exhibit colored pictures on the front of the magazines. There were three original genres of magazines: cultural magazines, digests, and news magazines....   [tags: Publishing, Publication, Accessible publishing]

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The Threat of Online Publications to the Traditional Publishing Industry

- The aggregate demand of published material, both online and offline, is a fixed number. Publishers in today's mass media market face fierce competition; each customer that an online publisher wins comes at the expense of its offline counterpart. To illustrate, imagine the unequal slicing of a pumpkin pie representing market shares that vary in size. The sum of all shares, or 'slices,' adds up to the total client base. Although each publisher already owns a portion of the pie, it still covets those who have a bigger slice....   [tags: Internet Online Communication Essays]

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E-Book Versus The More Traditional Publishing Methods

- When you run a web search on a topic you don't know well, how can you tell when you get authentic information and when you get ideology, superstition, pseudo-science, or even parody. Even though Harrison-Keyes wants to jump diretly into the e-book scene, they have not established a strategy or end state goal. Sometimes you can't, especially if you're downloading pages in a language that isn't your native tongue, in a discipline you haven't mastered, from a culture with a very different sense of humor....   [tags: Internet]

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Marketing Solutions for Advertiing Books

- ... Business owners and individuals may think that self publishing marketing materials is daunting. This is not the case as I have found the process of blurb publishing is easy using Yumpu.com. A user will often find a sense of achievement and creative freedom that is offered by online publishing. Many people are in need of converting a brochure or document that is in PDF format. One issue with any online catalogs in a PDF format is they are often really large. Size is not an issue when using Yumpu.com to reduce the size of a PDF document....   [tags: yumpu, blurb, publishing]

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Analysis Of Cinco Puntos Press Has Made An Effort Over The Years

- ... I do not think a plan could be carried out correctly without a set of goals clearly aligned. I think academically speaking, what I yearn to gain from this internship is, as Ms. Lee said to me in an e-mail, “you 're going to work on your writing skills for sure!” I want to learn how to approach each different manuscript, provide the right feedback for each, and learn what material is deserving of publication. The internship will improve my writing skills, because—since English is not my first language—I’m constantly scouting for new ways to improve and polish my proficiency in it....   [tags: Publishing, Publication, Literature, Human]

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Effects Of Technology On Publication Industry

- ... In fact, the decline may be traced not only in the publication industry but also in other industries. The economic recession has influenced consistently the economy and consumer behavior. Consumers focused on saving, while many industries faced the problem of overproduction and considerable drop of sale rates. Hence, the publication industry cannot grow fast because of the negative business environment and economic trends. The contemporary technology opens larger opportunities for the development of the publication industry....   [tags: Publishing, Publication, Mass media]

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Critical Case Study: Be a Better Version of Yourself

- Article: Be a better version of yourself #Be productive. When I say, “be productive”, it doesn’t mean putting off the high priority task to complete the trivial small task just to say that you have done a lot of things and you were productive. Think about it, the sooner you do your coursework the more you’ll have time later and less stressful for your nerves. #Stop Overthinking. Overthinking kills happiness as they say. Overthinking actually creates more problems as it magnifies unimportant inconveniences into colossal disasters....   [tags: change, magazine, publishing plan]

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Preventing The Distribution Of A Student Newspaper

- ... Choosing not publish reader feedback in an opinion column means the publication is failing to meet the expectations of their readers by censoring information that readers expect to see. However, newspapers not only have the right to discriminate what opinions they publish but are expected to. Lack of discrimination would lead to a senseless mass of submitted opinions, the publication would lose focus, and readers would be right to unsubscribe because the publication ceased to fulfill its role as a curated news source....   [tags: Newspaper, Publishing, Publication, Agreement]

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Analysis Of The Book ' By Harper Lee

- Kickass first paragraph After the continuing phenomenal success of Lee’s first novel, it only makes sense that her second book would be received with the same amount of enthusiasm, especially because it was coming after a decades long dry run of Harper Lee’s novels. It was guaranteed to be a hit. This meant that there was a considerable interest for the book to be published by those who would benefit from it. Lee’s publisher and agent would both profit from the release of this book. While Lee may not need the money, she would get the satisfaction of having another book of hers be able to influence the world once again....   [tags: Literature, Publishing, Novel, Fiction]

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Why Lee Is The Spokesperson For Ms. Lee

- Ms. Nelle Lee is the author of “To kill a Mockingbird” which is a very famous 20th century novel. Recently “Go Set a Watchman” which is a sequel to her previous book was controversially published. Lee is very old and in bad health. Some people believe she never wanted “Go set a Watchman” published. Other people thought that she did want this book published. One of these people is her lawyer Tonja Carter. Carter is the spokesperson for Ms. Lee since Lee is mostly deaf and blind. The people who believe Lee did not want this book published believe Carter is manipulating her in order to make more money off the new book....   [tags: Publishing, Publication, Mass media]

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The Best Digital Magazine Software Free

- ... Using Yumpu, everything was flipped upside down, and I found the navigation easier than ever before. I did not have to struggle to find where the upload a picture button, and even creating embed audio and video in my publication was much easier. That 's the one area where traditional publishing has fallen behind is that they cannot create embed audio and video in their magazines. Even some digital magazine software free alternatives do not have the method down correctly. As a result, it can wind up costing them far more....   [tags: Publishing, Publication, Customer service]

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Twitter: The New Information Platform for Public Sphere

- Introduction: With the development of internet and improvement of digital transmission technology, network communication is becoming a part of people's life. For the publishing individual this situation cause the ability of audience which process information is greatly strengthened. At the same time, the situation sparks audience’s demand to make the information more personalisation. Thus it can be seen that, expressing individual, spreading ideas, real time information, quickly and easily, these elements becoming the audience’s basic requirement of information distributing and communication platform....   [tags: Social Media, Publishing]

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Plagiarism : A Difficult Task For Individual

- ... The authors first talk about a researcher taking about two years to publish a research article but fine another article that has the same research and observation. The authors talk about how each other can blame one another of plagiarism but who is the one that copied the other. The author Kock & Davison (2003) talk about it is a facet of human nature. The authors’ state, It seems reasonable to assume that plagiarism, as a facet of human behavior, is a complex phenomenon. However, if we are to address this phenomenon and provide solutions to the problems it generates, then it is useful to identify a finite number of factors that seem to be associated with individuals committing plagiari...   [tags: Research, Academic publishing]

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Biography of Lucas Cranach the Elder

- Professed "painter of the Reformation," Lucas Cranach the Elder created many pieces of artwork during his career, but his work that sprouted from the end of the Renaissance and beginning of the Reformation was truly inspiring (Johnson). Judith with the Head of Holofernes, an inspiring oil on panel by Cranach, impacted society in multiple ways that would remain influential even after his death. Cranach's work played a critical role in the beginning of the Reformation and pleased the royal court in Germany during the mid 1500s, which allowed him to rise as an artist and support dangerous organizations in his spare time....   [tags: artist, publishing business, reformation]

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Graduation Speech - Original Writing

- My grandma has always been one of the head cheerleaders in my support system. Growing up she continually cheered me on and by example helped me develop into an independent woman who believes I can achieve anything through hard work. As a kid she came to all of my soccer games (and even some practices), yelling encouragements as if more than a handful of the seven year-old girls actually understood the game and anyone was keeping score. The older I got I became more involved. Swim meets, band concerts, marching band performances, National Honor Society speeches, musical performances – she was there at every single one, even though I had moved over an hour away....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Publishing, Learning]

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Orphan Works: Viewpoints of Three Organizations

- The problem of orphan works has been the subject of a great deal of controversy. Libraries and others are pushing for a solution to the problem as their desire to be able to preserve works with unknown or missing creators have been impeded by the uncertainty of their copyright status. After an investigation the government has agreed that the problem is real and needs to be addressed (Peters), but they are getting a great deal of opposition from organizations that are worried that the language of the bills will result in copyrighted works that are not orphaned being labeled that way, thereby allowing users to infringe without penalty....   [tags: Publishing]

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Texas Guns by Paul Lehman

- A copyright search of Texas Guns by Paul Lehman In response to a request by a patron, a search of the copyright status for the book Texas Guns by Paul Lehman was conducted. This report discusses the steps taken and the information that was found during that investigation. The first step that was taken was a thorough examination of the title page. The book Texas Guns by Paul Lehman uses both 1950 and 1952 for the copyright dates, so because of the date the copyright it was determined that it would have had to been renewed....   [tags: Publishing]

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In the Road of Becoming a Novelist

- “Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.” -Terri Guillemets. Passion is like a fuel, it keeps us moving in life. It is medication to our wounds that hurt us internally, yet, it can be the road to success and satisfaction. Passion is the world people run to when reality shuts them down. Painting, dancing, writing, math, and endless hobbies can be someones passion, and all of those things lead to careers, big or small it does not matter. Finding passion could be hard for some people and easier for others....   [tags: passion, novelist career, self publishing]

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Why Is Creative Writing An Important Field Of Study?

- ... It creates mental stimulation and helps to develop our critical and analytical thinking skills. The National Institute of Aging also reported that Chappell 2 studies have shown a person will have a decreased chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease if they keep their brains active by reading books or magazines daily (nia.nih.gov). If we want more people to receive these benefits, then we need more people to read. This means we need reading material that is engaging and worth our time. This is where the need for well-developed writers comes in....   [tags: Creative writing, Writing, Publishing, Creativity]

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Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

- ... While Lee may not need the money, she would get the satisfaction of having another book of hers be able to influence the world once again. Lee’s fans and readers everywhere would get to enjoy reading the second novel ever written and published by Harper Lee. However, there are some definite problems associated with releasing the novel. If Lee is as mentally incapacitated as rumors suggest, perhaps she didn’t understand in what form or context her book was being released in. While she has a right to express herself through art, her personal vision of what she wanted to present to the world in her art may not be present in Go Set A Watchman....   [tags: Literature, Novel, Publishing, Robinson Crusoe]

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Neurons and Cells

- Physiological context Previous to Henneman’s publishing his series of papers, there were three other major constituents that have been well researched and provided the foundations to this paper. At the commencement of the 20th century, Sherrington was the first person to describe the minute gap between neurons connecting different cells it was termed the ‘synapse’. Over numerous years of studying Sherrington concluded his findings to a theory he stated that “the nervous system acts as a coordinator of various parts of the body and that reflexes are the simplest expressions of the action”(Issue, 2010)....   [tags: Physiological Context, Henneman's Publishing]

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Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

- “For thus has the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees” comes from the book of the Prophet Isaiah and is said to be the inspiration behind Harper Lee’s title of the recently published manuscript Go Set a Watchman. According to Wayne Flynt, Harper Lee’s long-time friend and companion, the watchman refers to the person who is assigned the responsibility as the town’s “moral compass” (Garrison). Now Harper Lee’s lawyer and dear friend, Tonja Carter, is being questioned on behalf of her moral compass because she decided to publish a manuscript found over fifty-years later with alleged consent from Harper Lee....   [tags: Decision making, Morality, Publishing, Novel]

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The Attitudes And Behaviour Of 3040

- Through an online questionnaire, Ware and Monkman (2008) examined the attitudes and behaviour of 3040 (out of 41,140 email addresses sourced from Thomson Scientific) academic authors who had recently published articles in relation to peer review in journals. In this survey, which was described as a global survey, the two authors concluded that the majority (93%) of surveyed authors disagrees that peer review is unnecessary, 85% agreed that it greatly helps scientific communication and 83% believe that without it there would be no control....   [tags: Peer review, Academic publishing, Academia]

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Children 's Influence On Children

- ... Without diverse literature, children won’t be able to see others as more than stereotypes, word of the mouth from family, friends, and the media. Seeing past more than their own lives will allow the children to see others as more than stereotypes (Moser). One of the most controversial topics around children’s literature is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT). Which, without a doubt is regarded as an abomination of mankind by many parents who wish their child’s minds not be rotted by the “perversions” of homosexuals (Stern)....   [tags: Gender, Transgender, Gender role, Publishing]

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E-Journals--Inside and Out

- E-Journals--Inside and Out SDI stands for the Selective Dissemination of Information in the field of Library and Information Science. The editor of this column on E-Journals has been a practicing academic reference librarian since 1983. Lynn C. Westney is an Associate Professor and a Reference Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In this column she selectively disseminates international information on the contents of freely accessible (no subscription required), e-journals, e-newsletters, and other e-publications....   [tags: E-Publishing]

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Electronic Writing Will Not Make Books Obsolete

- Electronic Writing Will Not Make Books Obsolete Twenty years ago, the thought of instantly publishing your thoughts for the world to see with the simple push of a button, would have been a dream. Today, websites and on-line forums have made this dream possible. Through the years, technology has made advancements in many fields. Today, nowhere is that more apparent than in the field of writing. Electronic writing’s detractors fear that the increase of electronic writing will spell disaster for modern language....   [tags: Internet Blogs Publishing]

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Human Wisdom Is A Medium Product For Getting Knowledge

- A book which is the crystallization of human wisdom is a medium product for getting knowledge. With development of the technology, a book is not only the traditional paper book but also the electronic book which is spreading frequently in human’s lives. Some people prefer using print books, but some people are interesting in electronic books. Different people have different opinions. There are many factors to consider when discussing the matter of electronic book vs printed book, but ultimately, it boils down to the reader’s preference....   [tags: Book, E-book, Printing, Electronic publishing]

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The Publishings Of The Harry Potter Series Changed The Life Of Not Only Joanne Rowling

- The publishings of The Harry Potter series changed the life of not only Joanne Rowling but many others as well. Joanne Rowling is one of the most famous British authors known in the USA and in the top fifteenth wealthiest women in the UK...the thirteenth wealthiest woman in the UK to be precise. She is one of the few handfuls of big-time billionaires that have a rags-to-riches story behind their wealth. The publishings of The Harry Potter series changed the life of not only Joanne Rowling but many others as well....   [tags: Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling]

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Overview of E-dictionaries

- Differences between paper-based dictionaries and electronic dictionaries: Nesi (1998) classifies dictionaries into two modes of presentation: paper-based dictionaries and computer-based dictionaries (also known as electronic dictionaries). The main difference between electronic dictionaries and paper-based dictionaries is not their information content but their retrieval system (Nesi, 2000). In a study presented by Zainab Saleh AlBulushy on E-dictionaries versus paper-based ones, she presented the main differences between both types....   [tags: Online Publishing]

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My Writing Without Revising Is The Literary Equivalent Of Waltzing Gaily Out Of The House

- Waltzing Around in Underwear As Patricia Fuller said, "Writing without revising is the literary equivalent of waltzing gaily out of the house in your underwear." This quote perfectly describes my essays because my rough drafts are not even close to being fully "dressed" and ready for public display. With many personal improvements and good editing skills, I am able to make my essays publicly acceptable. Even though, I struggle with writing rough drafts and straying away from the prompt, I am able to revise my writing easily, and greatly improved my writing throughout the past couple years due to my past teachers; all together I believe that I am prepared for college English 101....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Editing, Publishing]

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The Exploration Of Scientific Research Journals

- The Exploration of Scientific Research Journals These following sections detail how the writing process worked for the summary poster, infographic, and critique essay. The most challenging part during the middle of the semester came from learning how to incorporate the important aspects of peer-reviewed journals with the assistance of visuals like a summary poster and infographic, and then critiquing how and what those peer-reviewed articles meant. However, with these three projects, my understanding of the writing process and scientific writing changed greatly....   [tags: Peer review, Academic publishing]

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Formatting Requirements for Publications

- Formatting Requirements for Publications Abstract. In this paper, we describe the formatting requirements for CSCL 2005 publications, and we offer a number of suggestions on writing style for the worldwide CSCL readership. These instructions pertain to the published component of submissions only. Some submissions may require other documentation in addition to the published paper. Keywords: Guidelines, formatting instructions, author's kit, conference publications INTRODUCTION The CSCL 2005 Proceedings will provide a persistent record of the conference, published in both CD-ROM and paper formats....   [tags: Publishing Papers]

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Reviewing The Significance And. Essentials Of The Review Of Literature

- Reviewing the Significance and Essentials of the Review of Literature Reviews of literature, also knows as a literature reviews, are commonly found in significant research writing projects including articles, theses, and studies. If the researcher neglects to include a review of literature in his or her project, he or she is leaving out an essential element that will lead to a lesser quality research project. In determining its importance, it is necessary to examine the definition, elements, and significance of the review of literature....   [tags: Research, Scientific method, Academic publishing]

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The First Discourse Method Of Academic Journals And Quoted

- Before we begin looking into how to create an effective discourse, I feel it is important for me to break up some of the misconceptions surrounding the first discourse method of academic research papers. Firstly, actual research papers are where a person conducts interviews, observations, surveys, scientific experiments, etc. in an effort to create new information and understanding. These methods we would consider as ways to create primary source materials, and the knowledge they found didn’t exist, or at least wasn’t understood, until the researcher went out and got the information to compile together into a finalized paper....   [tags: Academic publishing, Research, Writing, Paper]

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Using Exploration And Reaction From A Classroom

- ... The “results” are shared, and finally the report is wrapped up with a section for “discussion,” rather a personal commentary on everything. Now let us look at the example of “The Social Contagion of Generousity” by Milena Tsveltkova and Michael Macy published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS) in 2014. The document itself contains the essential components of a scientific research paper, complete with illustrations and works cited. The abstract opens with, “Why do people help strangers when there is a low probability that help will be directly reciprocated or socially rewarded....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Academic publishing]

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Can You Build A Better Brain?

- Introduction Presenting scientific information to the lay public is difficult and one reason is the difference between popular or as sometimes called topical articles and peer reviewed or as sometimes called scientific articles. A popular article is written for a wide audience, while the peer reviewed article that appears in a scientific journal is targeted to a narrow audience in the scientific fields. This paper focuses on two different articles about the same subject – keeping the brain healthy and young through exercise....   [tags: Science, Scientific method, Academic publishing]

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Is It A Buzzword? American Lexicon?

- ... • Contribute back to the Society: It will help me to serve the community by sharing my expertise with the students and in turn, they can contribute towards the economy. Some of the issues that immediately draws my attention is how multiculturalism and interaction among diverse students help them to understand multidimensional complex concepts in STEM; both in schools and colleges. Developing a better understanding of the factors that facilitate or limit enrollment in STEM programs at the college level....   [tags: Research, Scientific method, Academic publishing]

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Learning About Research And Writing

- ... For the given assignment I used research from a scholarly journal within the discipline of social work in addition, I also retrieved information through a popular news source online in an effort to gain more knowledge about the issues that professional in my particular discipline find important and worthy of research to bring awareness to certain issues. While gathering information from these different resources I am optimistic about finding ideas for a particular topic, I would like to research and as follows is the information that I have gathered....   [tags: Parent, Father, Academic publishing, Mother]

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My First Year Of College

- ... Another aspect of my writing that has improved throughout my time in this course is my ability to use my peer edits and apply them to my mistakes of the first draft. What I have done this semester is write an original draft and very broadly state my ideas onto the original draft. I would then use my peer edits to formalize my work and solidify what I was trying to get out. This is the type of writer I am, and through this routine that we have done during this course I have come to learn the writer that I have grown to be....   [tags: Writing, Writing process, Publishing, Paper]

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Why Do Real Books Are On Their Own Time

- A story can be told in a fair amount of ways. It is up to the reader to decide which way tells the tale with the utmost finesse and admirable qualities. Anyone can have a love for reading, but it takes a special value to have a passion for books. Although many people enjoy reading on their own time, society hugely splits on whether a physical or electronic book is better; with the differences in preference, accessibility, and experience, a physical book will usually trump an electronic book in these categories....   [tags: E-book, Book, Preference, Electronic publishing]

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Book Sales Tell A Surprising Tale

- ... Catone’s point is to understand more that an eBook is not the same thing as a physical, turning-pages book. A whole development is created for each type of book. When one reads a physical book, he or she goes through a wonderful experience. When an individual opens a book, he or she gets the satisfactory smell and astounding sound of the crinkling of pages opening. Obviously, those reactions do not reflect well with the technological version. Similarly, the eminent differences between a physical and electronic book come from the reader’s experience....   [tags: Book, E-book, Electronic publishing, Books]

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E Books Vs. Books

- ... It is said, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”, all the benefits of e-books carry the like of it in disadvantages and those disadvantages are the advantages of paper books. For example, the number of people with licenses to offer an electronic book are few and do not understand what exactly is needed. According to Rio (2003), “Most vendors of e-books do not seem to understand library needs or do not have suitable license” (p.89). Those who provide books, other the manufactures, do not need a license to sell the books and they do not need to have experience selling books....   [tags: E-book, Book, Electronic publishing, Books]

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Harrison-Keyes Gap Analysis

- Gap Analysis: Harrison-Keyes Harrison-Keyes is a major publisher with a long history of success with its 22,000 plus publications. Management has seen a fall in sales due to changes in distribution and new media. They have identified a new media that will help them to stay competitive in the industry. Executives believe that starting a new electronic book or e-book initiative will help solve the problem and will offer large profits. However, there have been many problems in getting this idea to fruition....   [tags: Gap Analysis Harrison-Keyes Publishing]

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Communicating Effectively Is Our Common Goal

- Communicating Effectively is Our Common Goal Darneshia Jones Stefanie Gray Jose Williams Saint Leo University Abstract Layoffs and early retirement is a normal occurrence in the corporate world. However, there is a problem when there is no plan for the layoffs. This was the situation with Westwood Publishing as discussed in Argenti (2013) (p. 192-194). The company was lacking in many ways prior to the layoffs with the CEO not actively involved with the employees, an outside person brought in whom took over Communications within the company, as well as no communication between the leadership and the employees....   [tags: Termination of employment, Layoff]

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Analysis of The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition

- The ten subtests, that makeup the SB5, form composite scores for the factor index, domain, abbreviated, and full scale (Riverside Publishing, n.d.). A nonverbal and verbal subtest make up the factor index while all five nonverbal subtests (NVIQ) and all five verbal subtests (VIQ) make up the information for the domain scales (Riverside Publishing, n.d.). The ABIQ is composed of the routing subtests and the FSIQ is a combination of all the subtests (Riverside Publishing, n.d.). Change-Sensitive Scores (CSS) are also available and provide the chance to observe examinees differences in scores over an extended amount of time (Riverside Publishing, n.d.)....   [tags: intelligence, score]

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Technology is having an impact in the way we publish products

- 1 Introduction Ever since publishing was first invented a long time ago, there have been two main obstacles to overcome. The first is the limited audience that will see the published material, with the second being having to frequently update the documents. Now with the invention of electronic publishing and the Internet, these problems have been solved. Publishing documents electronically on the Internet allows it to be seen by millions of people, and it can be easily updated and posted with a word processor....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Online Masters Of Arts And Creative Writing Program

- Hello, I would like your kind consideration and admittance into SNHU’s Online Masters of Arts in English and Creative Writing Program starting in August 2016. After careful review of the course descriptions within the curriculum and realizing the opportunity to study both fiction and non-fiction creative writing simultaneously, within a program tailored to strike a balance between learning through critical analysis of accomplished authors literature and a practical understanding of how their craft applies to my writing, an understanding of the relationship between author and editor and the editors specific role when revising different genres to meet unique publishing standards, and throug...   [tags: Writing, Literature, Writer, Creative writing]

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Print- A Thing of the Past

- “Ten years ago, everyone bought paper- and hardback books. Many people now read on iPhones, Kindles, Nooks, plus a variety of other electronic devices, and many books are published exclusively as e-reads” (Dawson-Cook 21). As technology progresses, so does the way the world reads. No longer must enthusiastic bookworms pay retail for costly hardcovers or spend hours searching library shelves, only to find their desired book already checked out. Does this mean libraries are going to close. No. Many libraries are already offering eBooks for checkout (Wogan)....   [tags: Paperback Books, Digital, Technology]

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Marshall McLuhan and The Gutenberg Galaxy

- The proponents of technology have always believed that technology is a product of independent creation and thus follows its own pace. They say that technology is forceful and society does not have a choice but to adapt to the changes that it imposes on the people. The members of any particular society may not be actually happy with the change but eventually they learn to accept it, as a result of which the process of change comes a full circle. This idea however is debatable because many critics point out that technology is in fact a planned phenomenon....   [tags: technology, printing, culture]

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SWOT Analysis of Adobe

- Adobe operates in three segments which are as follows: 1. DIGITAL MEDIA : It provides solutions and tools that enable individuals, small businesses, and enterprises to publish, create, promote, and monetize their digital content anywhere. The products of this segment are Adobe Creative Cloud, a subscription service that provides the customers the ability to download and install the latest versions of its products. This segment serves traditional content creators, Web application developers, and digital media professionals, as well as their management in marketing departments, publishers, agencies and companies....   [tags: Computers, Software]

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The Internet as a Learning Tool

- The Internet as a Learning Tool The Internet has a universal appeal for most people. We (in the United States) have become dependant on it for our daily routines. We shop, send mail, read the news, look up movie reviews, etc., using the Internet. We depend on this service, because we have told ourselves that "It" has made our lives easier. We advocate the use of similar technologies within the classroom, because we are convinced that the use of computers and having access to the Internet is the best way to educate our children so they can have an equal chance to reach their potential and accomplish their goals....   [tags: Technology Web Essays]

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Educational Literature, Financial Scam, or Both?

- Pirates are the subject of vast western romanticism, scalawags famous for committing foul misdeeds, yet who unite in brotherhood and revel in the frivolity that is pure freedom. Unsurprisingly, with such social intrigue come media representations that further draw individual interests as has been seen through movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean film series as well as young students who seek basic knowledge through the written word. As a child, there are many novelettes created by a variety of authors and companies to provide basic scholarly background information concerning a variety of subjects....   [tags: plagiarism, education, pirate code]

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The Australian Constitution

- Formed in 1901, The Australian Constitution is a document consisting of a formal set of rules associated with informal conventions that cooperate with political institutions to establish governance of a polity. It is a unique mixture of the rather informal British Constitution with some components of the very formal United States of America’s Constitution. The Constitution is the fundamental law of Australia which is binds the Commonwealth Parliament and the Parliament of each state. The Constitution of Australia serves great importance to the Australian political system, by setting forth the manner in which our courts, parliaments and cabinets operate within the Australian policy....   [tags: history, legislation, politics]

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Making a Difference In Our World: William Randolph Hearst

- ... Millicent gave birth to five sons. All of his sons followed his work ethics and business surrounding to media. However sadness strikes in 1919. When his mother past away. He then received residence on his father’s land. The land consisted of 168,000 acre, located in San Simeon ranch in Southern California. He used his money to build himself a castle, also a new yore real estate and another in his art collections ("William Randolph Hearst") encyclopedia of world biography). However this man did not only have a family and personal life, he affected the newspaper and political industry as a whole (" William Randolph Hearst ")....   [tags: notorious and successful businessmen]

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