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Why Are Cozy Earth : Eco Friendly Bedding

- Why Choose Cozy Earth: Eco-Friendly Bedding Why should you choose Cozy Earth over other bed sets. Sure, it’s eco-friendly, but so are a lot of other bed sets, right. Well, many bedding companies aren’t as eco-friendly as they lead you to believe. As a matter of fact, the manufacturing process for most companies, traditional cotton and other bamboo companies alike, actually contribute to the pollution problem. However, Cozy Earth bamboo bedding is different. No matter what step in the manufacturing process you look at, Cozy Earth is environmentally conscious....   [tags: Environment, Environmentally friendly, Geology]

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We Must Use Incentives to Encourage Environmentally Friendly Behavior

- Remediating the environment has been a struggle for our nation and our planet for quite some time. For all the effort and expense on the part of governments and citizens to improve the environment, many environmentalists still do not see much benefit, and believe that environmental problems may soon become a crisis. “Most ecologists would agree that humans are plowing through the Earth’s natural resources at an unsustainable rate — and pushing up against some worrisome thresholds in the biosphere.” (Raudsepp-Hearne) Perhaps the problem is that humanity has not figured out the correct incentives to solve our substantial ecological dilemma....   [tags: Encourage Eco-Friendly Behavior]

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Nuclear Propulsion Is Not Environmental Friendly

- In the past decade, natural disaster and climate change, mainly global warming have caused more and more people look at the environment carefully. More and more people address this problem seriously and stay to reflect on this question, ‘Is it the human activity that cause these problem?’ Because of this question, mechanical engineers try to develop technology that is environmental friendly to protect this Earth, since we are responsible at taking good care on Earth. After a long development, there are some success among different areas in mechanical engineering....   [tags: Wind power, Fossil fuel, Renewable energy]

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The Is A Friendly And Warm Smile

- ... She seems to be enjoying the Maths class very much, and never been distracted by other factors. Whatever Maths questions I ask during lessons, there is always a gentle voice answering the questions quickly and smartly, and that voice is Casey’s. Casey is a highly self-motivated student who always completing tasks in the first instance. I really like her eyes which are full of the eagerness of learning when she asks questions. Well done, Casey, our great Mathematician. Jessica has a friendly and cheerful disposition....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Question, Interrogative word]

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A Report On Mobile Friendly Websites

- It 's been six months since Google announced that the update of its algorithm would reward mobile-friendly websites, thus penalizing those that were not. It was on April 21, 2015 and since that day people began talking about Mobilegeddon: like all the best apocalypse stories, lots of people anticipated how search results would be shaken up, smart websites that were already mobile-optimized would have unforeseen surges, and how the bigger ones would fall. The immediate consequences: is Mobilegeddon a bluff....   [tags: Website, World Wide Web, PageRank]

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Should Animals Be A Animal Friendly?

- There has always been a cruelty free presence in the product industry, but it appears that there are more companies transitioning from non-cruelty free to cruelty free. The change has taken a few years to finally come into full effect. While there are companies doing the transition to become animal friendly, there are just as many companies that refuse to cooperate and change their production. Not only does the product industry use animals to test human products on but the scientific community does so as well....   [tags: Animal testing, Testing cosmetics on animals]

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Making the Environment Friendly for Society

- Imagine living in a world where everything around you is covered in waste. We are responsible for the conditions of the environment and some people do not take the time to take action. There are multiple materials, resources, and carbons polluting today’s environment. These forms of pollution are caused by careless individuals in today’s society. With the help and cooperation of environmental organizations, we are able to take a step towards being an environmental friendly society. One of the many reasons that I view littering as morally wrong is because of the affects that it has on wildlife....   [tags: polluting, littering, waste, bottles, filters]

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Reality : Environmentally Friendly Or Detrimental?

- Carla-Cristina Melo Orellana Rodriguez AP Seminar January 30th, 2015 Reality TV- Environmentally friendly or detrimental to all. Animal Planet. National Geographic. Discovery Channel. We all have heard of these channels before, the channels of educational television programs claimed for distance education. Shows like “Gold Rush,” “Alaska, the Last Frontier,” and “River Monsters.” Each of these shows focuses on a different group of Americans seeking their fortune in remote, allegedly dangerous locales: whether in Guyana, Alaska, or Ghana....   [tags: Reality television, Television program, Television]

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Being A Friendly And Clean Neighborhood

- ... It was hard to be late from anywhere. The city was calm and peaceful while also beautiful. There were two bridge between the two part of Szeged. There is a river in the middle of the city called Tisza. I usually go and fish in it or boat on it. My city is really famous about its fish soup which is made out of carp and catfish. Also the paprika from my city is one Hungary’s most famous spice. There are also plenty of really good restaurants in the city. I grew up in this city, and it gave me a great childhood while teaching me a couple of lessons, and every time I go back it brings back sweet memories....   [tags: High school, High school diploma, Hungary, Polo]

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Becoming Environmentally Friendly By Walmart

- Becoming Environmentally Friendly What I think of Walmart green initiatives is actually quite simple: the initiatives are working and they are working well. Essentially, the corporation is making a difference inside and outside the business world. When you take Walmart’s history and that of its competitors into consideration, it is very refreshing to see a company of such prominence take a real stand on environmental issues rather than conduct one environmentally friendly initiative and never give another thought to it again....   [tags: Environment, Environmentalism, Natural environment]

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Eco Friendly Heat Insulator

- Problem Statement: Are cans and dried mid-rib of a banana tree eco-friendly heat insulator. Goal The main objective of this research is to construct an eco-friendly heat insulator is to save the world by using recycled materials instead of new materials to help reduce the risk of global warming. Besides, the science team is also thinking about how to reduce the risk of temperature changes on objects inside the heat insulator. Basic Theory Plants hold no heat. The dirt does. <http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Are_plants_a_good_insulator#slide2> Eco-friendly products are products that do not harm the environment, whether in their production, use or disposal....   [tags: banana, materials, products, resources]

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Environmentally Friendly Construction

- The statistics shown by The Environmental Protection agency claim that buildings in the United States contribute about 40 % of the nation’s total carbon dioxide emissions (2). Green building is the process of construction that is done in a way to conserve natural resources and reduce the harmful impact that construction has on the environment. Green building includes environmentally sound design, construction, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. Greenhouse emission is the release of gases, like methane gas and carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere....   [tags: Green Building]

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Eco-Friendly Wildlife Garden

- Eco-friendly wildlife garden is a great way to attract wildlife to your garden with various types of benefits. There are large numbers of native wildlife reserve in the gardens with an important value all over the country. The most important elements for a good and healthy wildlife garden are food, shelter and water. These are the fundamental elements required by all the living organisms to survive. Food: You can consider the habitat of some insects that feeds on nectar. Some animals that feed on worms and slugs and birds that feed on fruits and berries can be put in the gardens to increase the aesthetic look of the garden....   [tags: Gardening]

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The Environmental Impacts of Eco-friendly Construction

- ... This building includes: a roof which is green and recycled materials and also materials which are healthy for users. The materials used for this building are free of formaldehyde and they also contain low or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The building includes green features and the following words ‘natural’ and ‘live naturally’. The Solaire saves energy due to materials which used for building such as green roof, which consist of producted waterproofing layers, drainage, growing media and vegetation, reduces the daily energy need for ventilation in the summer by over 70 %, also in the winter, it obtains heating....   [tags: climate, emissions, water]

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Environmentally Friendly Cars

- When I was younger, I remember begging my mom at every toy aisle in the department store to buy at least one hot wheel car that I picked out. I had a problem; I had an undying thirst for these tiny cars in those recyclable blue cardboard and plastic packages. I used to pretend that I was a small person, small enough to fit in the cool cars I bought with just a glimmer of hope that maybe I would be able to fit inside and drive away. That never did happen though, but I had an indomitable dream. I had the patience that maybe one day, I would be able to drive my own actual car....   [tags: automotive industry, global warming, fuel]

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Environment Friendly Airplanes

- In the postwar period the passengers and cargo air traffic worldwide has grown rapidly. The plane has stopped for a long time to be a luxury or a prohibitive mean of transportation, being preferred for the rapidity of transport, the smooth organization and running of traffic, increased comfort and safety. The plane remains today the most effective and most used means of transport over long and very long distances. Effective only if we think about speed, because if we think in terms of ecological issues, air transport is a very important source of pollution contributing to ozone depletion and global warming....   [tags: Increasing Air Traffic]

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The Environmental Impacts of Eco-friendly Construction

- The Environmental Impacts of Eco-friendly Construction A considerable change which has occurred in the late 1990s around the world, is an increased number of regulations to minimize environmental damage. People, also have become more conscious of environmental protection and as a result there is increased demand for green architectural design which consists of eco-friendly construction. Eco friendly construction refers to building with a reduction of energy consumption, waste, pollution and degradation of the environment, to protecting health and efficiently using water resources (Dean 2003)....   [tags: buildings, climante change]

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Hybrid Vehicles Are Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

- ... At slow speed, the vehicle can utilize electric power only thus reducing usage of gas. The fuel efficiency in the hybrid vehicle compared with the gas-powered vehicle is accomplished through technological advancements in the areas of weight reduction and aerodynamics and this will eventually result in a reduction of gas engine meaning more mileage. Hybrid Electric Vehicles reduce fuel usage by using an electric storage system to save part of the energy produced by the engines and the regenerative braking....   [tags: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle]

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The Environmentally Friendly Vehicle in Our Life

- Question: Describe the development of the car from its earliest beginnings to the present day. Outline projects which are currently being researched and/or developed. Based on your findings, how do you think cars will develop in the future. Use specific examples and provide evidence from appropriate references to explain your answer. In the second industrial revolution, there was a revolutionary development of a vehicle called car. From then on, car began to change our life during these years ....   [tags: argumentative essay]

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Reinventing Healthcare A Fred Friendly Seminar

- Reinventing Healthcare-A Fred Friendly Seminar was produced in 2008. The film explores the current issues in health care at that time. This paper explores the issues that were addressed in the movie and compares them to the problems of health care today.   Reinventing Health Care As I began watching Reinventing Healthcare-A Fred Friendly Seminar (2008), I thought to myself, “man, things have changed since 2008.” And as the discussion progressed, I started to become irritated by how little had changed....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance, Health economics]

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Personal Note On Being Super Friendly

- ... He also comes across as one who doesn 't like getting his own way, or will sulk if someone disagrees with him. Fortunately, I haven 't had any contact with him one-on-one. He did that with Lait too, for a while. Constantly messaged after she 'd declined to roleplay write with him, but that stopped after a while (I think; at least it hasn 't been mentioned for a while). We 're probably all guilty of it at some time and another, and I think where the problem lies is that assumptions are generally made from a biased perspective, where people don 't take the time to think what else it could mean....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Ciara]

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Solar Energy Is More Environment Friendly

- Solar energy is more environment friendly. This alternative source does not rely on the incineration of carbon substances to produce energy in contrast to the commonly used fossil fuels and therefore, does not aggravate the air and water pollution issues that the world is currently facing. Solar energy also has only a few detrimental effects to society and these can be easily eradicated by modern technology and strict regulation. During the energy production process, solar factories release toxic chemicals; however, these chemicals do not pose a threat because there are already solutions that can remedy this situation....   [tags: alternative sources of energy]

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Green Energy or Environmentaly Friendly Technology

- Green energy Green Technology, or environmently friendly technology, is technology that does not harm the environment, One reason green energy is superior to other engergy sources, is it does noto deplete the Earths natural resources. Another great reason to use green energy is it does not harm the environnment when making energy as much as other ways. One of the best ways of creating green energy is through wind turbines.Wind turbines generate electricty through kinetic energy from the wind. When wind blows and catches on the blades they spin, which then makes a generater convert that into usable energy....   [tags: cold fusion, alternative sources of energy]

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Hydro-electric Dams Are Not Eco-Friendly

- ... The La Grande dam project in Quebec has already flooded over about 10,000 square kilometres of area around the dam. The hydro-electric dams are producing large amounts of floods which are starting to cover large amounts of agriculture and forestry. It is has also been said that if there are more dams created in the area it will cover up to 41,285 squared kilometres of land. Finally, the hydro-electric dams are not an responsible form of energy due to the amounts of floods they can create. Hydro-electric dams are not an environmentally friendly form of producing energy because is will cause people to relocate....   [tags: electricity, water, energy, droughts, floods]

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Modern Eco Friendly Passenger Vehicles

- Summary Currently, our world is very connected and we seem to become more and more dependent on the transportation we use to get us to and from the places we need to go. With this increased dependency, fuel economy should be going up rapidly to keep the dangerous greenhouse gas emissions at steady levels instead of letting it exponentially increase. Reducing fuel consumption is something that automakers are currently working on to help out the environment. Automakers are looking into the past to understand what made fuel economy so great, and are combining those ideas with descriptive and inferential statistics to generate new ideas to help with modern eco-friendly passenger vehicles....   [tags: Statistics, Sampling, Data, Sample]

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A Friendly Enemy

- A Friendly Enemy "Death is my wish for myself, my enemies, my children" (Euripedes translated by Robinson Jeffers, Medea 11). Medea is hungry for death. She wants to taste it on her lips and wishes others to do the same. The value which Medea gives death is to use it as a weapon against her enemies. On the other hand, the women and the nurse fear death. Death,to the women and to the nurse is something that should not be wished for. "O shining sky, divine earth, Harken not to the song that this woman sings" (13)....   [tags: Euripedes]

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The Friendly Friar

- The Friendly Friar In the drama Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Friar Lawrence is a kind, knowledgeable, peacekeeping, and wise character. He also acts as a foil to the Montaques, Capulets, and the nurse. He is a priest to both the Montaque and Capulet houses. He is a well-liked person in the town of Verona. The Friar is a positive figure in the community and serves as a good role model for the children of Verona. Friar Lawrence is wise, educated kind, and peace loving. When Romeo comes to tell Friar Lawrence about his engagement the Friar offers many wise pieces of advice....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Eco Friendly Products For You And Your Family

- ... You should then assess your home, appliances and your lifestyle habits to see where you could make some changes in a way that would conserve energy and protect the environment. Then you could learn to recycle and implement that as one of your lifestyle changes and so on. How Do I Choose Eco Friendly Products. Actually, choosing eco friendly products is fairly easy as there are only a few basic principles for you to follow. • Always look for products that have been made with recycled or repurposed materials....   [tags: Environmentalism, Recycling, Natural environment]

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Friendly Gossip is an Oxymoron

- Friendly Gossip is an Oxymoron "Can you keep a secret?" Becky asked me in a hushed tone. We were in my living room. Last I checked, my walls don't have ears. I had no idea why she was speaking so quietly. "Why. What is it?" I was wise to this type of chit-chat. She wanted to tell me a piece of gossip that she wasn't supposed to reveal. Her betrayal was quickly becoming my problem. Before I could respond negatively, she burst out, "Jennifer is pregnant!. She just found out and told me, but asked me not to tell anyone....   [tags: Friendship Essay]

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Creating Community: Implementation of a Bycicle Friendly Business District

- Downtown Denton is an area that combines history, entertainment, and community. Within a mile you can find unique places to eat, find treasures both old and new, and then finish off your trip with a concert on the lawn at the courthouse. Yet, even with these wonderful attributes of the downtown area, a stronger sense of community as well as a larger and more stable economic base could be achieved if the area were bike friendly. Currently there are not even the basic provisions afforded to those individuals who choose bicycling as their mode of transportation....   [tags: Denton, sense of community, cyclists]

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The Top 10 Most Gay Friendly Countries

- ... The notoriously liberal country is also famous for the fantastic lifestyle if offers to LGBT residents. As the first country to legalize gay marriage in the world, it is no surprise that the Netherlands is home to a bustling gay and lesbian scene that includes an amazing nightlife and many gay friendly businesses. 3 – Oh Canada. Yes, Canada is one of the most gay friendly countries in the world. The Canadian people support gay rights in an overwhelming majority, and more than 84 percent of Canadians think that their country is a great place for gay and lesbian people to live....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay, Bisexuality]

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Big Businesses Should Aid The Eco Friendly Movement

- A Dark World As more and more teenagers turn into young adults a newfound concern has gripped their hearts and minds, "Will my children be able to see the world as I and the generations before me have?", they ask themselves. The developed world has become glutinous for a fully charged iPhone, fully charged iPad, and a full tank of gas. These are all synonymous in the sense that they reflect the ever expanding use of energy due to industrialization and consumerism. According to Washington State University one American uses as much energy annually as two Japanese, six Mexicans, thirteen Chinese, thirty one Indians, one hundred twenty eight Bangladeshis, three hundred seven Tanzanians and thre...   [tags: Nuclear power, Energy development]

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The Checklist Of Essential Features Of Age Friendly Cities

- ... The information should be readily available and geared towards meeting the needs of the elderly in the community of interest. SNAP is a federally funded program that offers nutrition assistance to millions of eligible, low-income individuals and families. It is also the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net. Texas has the fourth highest rate of senior food insecurity in the nation, with 8.9% of Texas seniors at risk for hunger.5 SNAP has partnered with state agencies such as the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas (CAFB), Meals on Wheels and More (MOWAM) and Feeding Texas to fight against hunger in the city of Austin....   [tags: Old age, Retirement, Middle age, Ageism]

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Summary of Boyle's Friendly Skies

- T. Coraghessan Boyle’s “Friendly Skies” is the story of Ellen, a woman who is trying to get to get to New York to be with her mom, but has trouble doing so due to several delays. First, the plane has mechanical problems, this is followed by a pilot claim that they have lost their slots for takeoff. When the plane finally leaves LAX, the engine catches on fire, so emergency landing is required. When back at the airport she is only able to get a non-direct flight that stops in Chicago. While on this flight, Ellen reminisces about heartbreaking details of her past, so she takes prescription medicine with alcohol to try and diminish her pain....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Eco Friendly Concept Is Essential For Product Design

- Eco-friendly Concept is Essential for Product Design Recently, there has been much discussion as to whether environmental performance should be optimized in product design. Many opponents consider that eco-design might cost higher than traditional design in some situations. For example, energy-efficient appliances, which could save much energy and water, have a high price(Banerjee and Barry D Solomon 2003).It might give rise to the cumbersome workflow of production and supply and demand imbalance....   [tags: Environmentalism, Environment, Recycling]

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Why Medical Practice Needs A Mobile Friendly Website

- Why Your Medical Practice Needs a Mobile Friendly Website The advancement of technology and the competitive nature of the global economy has produced a business environment in which businesses are being forced to develop an online presence, something that is true even for brick and mortar establishments like medical practices. Where several years ago, simply having a static website would have been sufficient, the technology revolution has created a significant shift in website development paradigms....   [tags: Internet, Website, Marketing]

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Globalization Friendly Environment : A Positive Results Of Globalization

- ... Appraised now as the biggest and most trusted suppliers of chicks and pullets in the North to real egg packers, makers and unfenced agriculturists in Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland – and the main organisation offering chicks and raising purpose of lay pullets; Blue Barns Poultry represent considerable authority in the demonstrated and very beneficial ISA breeds from globally eminent Dutch hereditary qualities organisation, Hendrix. These are the ISA Brown, ISA Warren, Shaver and Bovans Brown....   [tags: Chicken, Meat, Barn, Organization]

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Greenwashing, Controversy Regarding Eco Friendly Products

- Greenwashing Essay Companies are becoming more competitive and consumers are concerned on the environmental problems. The organisations are attracting consumers with promotions of Green technology and services and companies claiming it to be green. In the last several years, there are companies issuing Green claims and accused of Greenwashing. The green products and Greenwash products are labeled to be eco-friendly while they are not and overstatement of high ratings of environmental claims. This also causes confusion and difficult to determine genuine eco-friendly products from a Greenwashing product....   [tags: Misleading, Controversy]

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The Role Of Ci Support From A Friendly And Enemy Perspective

- ... In 1996 he declared war on the West. Shortly after these attacks occurred: • June 25, 1996 in an attack whose authorship is still debated by intelligence and law enforcement officials, a truck bomb is detonated at the Khobar Towers complex in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 American servicemen and wounding 400. • Aug. 8, 1998 Al-Qaida sends suicide bombers into the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Truck bombs kill more than 240 people, including 12 Americans at the Nairobi embassy....   [tags: September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden]

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Children With Down Syndrome May Be More Friendly

- Children with Down syndrome may be more friendly, kind, have strong abilities to get along with others and be very loving. This may led for children to have strong bonds with their parents and family. This can lead to the family feeling happy, have high self-esteem and have close strong relationships. Parents/ carers may be left confused and upset after birth if not previously diagnosed. Down syndrome may not be diagnosed until after birth. Parents may not have had the time they needed to process and accept what it means for their child to have Down syndrome....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Down syndrome]

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10 Eco-Friendly Tips for Sustainable Gardening

- In today's grim economy and moving forward into an uncertain future, an increasing number of people have started using organic gardening as a means to grow some of their own food. While this was once a common practice during the Victorian era, organic gardening has made quite the come back in the past couple of years. In fact, Americans all across the country are taking advantage of everything from vacant lots to their own backyards. Sustainable gardening is a perfect method of supplying your household with healthy, organic fruits, vegetables and eggs too....   [tags: Environmentalism, Agriculture]

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IBM's Programmer Friendly Software, Mote Runner

- To make wireless sensor networks easier to program and exploit, IBM has created a new software development kit — called Mote Runner — which provides an open and programmer-friendly platform to connect sensor and actuator motes within a wireless sensor network (WSN). Motes — also known as wireless sensor nodes — gather sensory information, such as temperature, movement, or light, and communicate that data across a network of wireless sensors. Separately, IBM also announced today that MEMSIC Inc, a leading micro electromechanical systems and sensor solution provider, will offer Mote Runner on IRIS, one of its most popular sensors....   [tags: wireless, sensor, remotely]

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Environmentally Friendly Golf Courses

- Golf Courses Made More Environmentally Friendly Through the Advancement of Technology The human race has inhabited this planet for only a small window in the geological time scale, however, the advances and changes in lifestyle that humans have made throughout the course of history are amazing. The field of technology is by the far the most interesting aspect of human societal growth because it is our ability to build these products that separates from the other species we share this planet with....   [tags: Environment Golf Environmental Essays]

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Eco-Friendly Corporations

- Over the past 40 years there has been a surge of awareness, with regards to environmental issues, as more people are beginning to realize the dangers of air pollution, deforestation and the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources. This monumental shift in attitude has encouraged many individuals to lead more eco-friendly lifestyles and remain mindful of the fact that present day society has a duty to preserve the Earth’s resources for future generations. Undoubtedly, corporations and businesses are catching on to this trend, partly in an effort to comply with federal regulations, but also to fulfill their roles in the environmental movement as they realize the intangible benefits that can...   [tags: Reducing Waste, Environmental Awareness]

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Seeker Friendly Religion?

- Seeker Friendly Religion. The “seeker sensitive” movement is one that is very controversial in our present time. It is the idea that the church should appeal to seeking unbelievers, and meet their felt needs. The question is whether or not this “seeker friendly” idea is biblical, and should church pastors lead in this way. According to the Bible, which should be the ultimate authority for all church leaders, it is completely unbiblical. It could be said that it is unethical, from a biblical perspective, for a pastor to lead in “seeker friendly” manor....   [tags: Church Religion Movement]

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Turning to Environmentally Friendly Products to Limit Toxins in the Spokane River

- Survey Information PCBs are contributors to the impurity of water in the environment, which is why we believe the Task Force should urge the public to use alternative, environment friendly products. Since bleached paper and dyed papers contain high levels of PCBs or chemicals related to the inadvertent production of PCBs, these types of products should be avoided as much as possible(Christie 31). The yellow legal pad is a specific example of a pigmented paper that is quite detrimental to the environment....   [tags: actions to save the environment]

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We Need A Crime Free Environment As Well As A Friendly Environment For All Ages

- ... We need to continue to provide them the right support they need along with the right tools. When they have the right support and tools, they will continue they’re schooling and not think about dropping out. As a community we need to support them and continue to motivate them. At the same time we need to get them involved with the community so they can stay out of trouble and learn more about responsibility. I want our students to be successful in school. I do not want to see our students drop out....   [tags: High school, Education, Dropout, Want]

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Why Fire Is The Only Element That Isn 't Friendly With The Human Specie

- ... It was called Fundamentals of Wildland Fire Fighting by Carl Goodson. The book started by explaining the basics of each phase of fire. For example, the combustion process, which is basically the phase in which fire starts, comes first. I learned that in the Wildland both fuel and oxygen are present, but in order for the combustion process to start, heat must be added to liberate the fuel gasses. In this state, the process keeps repeating. So once the chemical combustion starts, the more heat is released from the energy, and as more heat is released, more fuel gases are liberated, which adds into more fire....   [tags: Wildfire, Controlled burn, Fire]

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The Conspiracy Of King George IIi And Jefferson Never Had A Friendly Relationship

- On October 1, 1808, a manservant discovered President Jefferson in his old bathrobe lying across the wooden floors of the White House. His eyeglasses lay next to him, almost broken in half from his fall out of his chair and onto the floor. Wrinkled plans to reconstruct Monticello were laying across the desk and around the room were other clues as to who may have committed the crime. A broken oar, a foreign coin, a note reading “O Grab Me!”, a nautical map, a receipt for various goods, and tobacco leaves are just some of the important objects that investigators found scattered around the room....   [tags: United States Declaration of Independence]

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Plastic Bags Should Be Substitued By a More Environmentally-Friendly Product

- 1.0 Introduction Plastic bags are widely used as an easy medium for packaging items purchased from groceries and shopping outlets. However, the irresponsible use of plastic bags has led to a number of impacts; particularly towards the environment. The negative implications on the use of plastic bags causes conflict where there is a need for the manufacture of plastic bags, especially the usual conventional bags used for shopping, to be reduced or banned. This brings up questions on whether the roles of these plastic bags should be substituted with a product that is more environmental-friendly such as reusable grocery bags as part of the solution for the banning of plastic bags....   [tags: groceries, shopping outlets, littering]

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Web Applications: OTRS User-friendly Interfaces for Customers and Agents

- A trouble ticket system is a software system which works on multi-channel customer requests centralised management. It can help streamline work flow processes, track and solve requests more effectively and improve customer satisfaction. Ticket is this case is as same as medical report which records trouble description, process and result. Finally, it is archived after it closeshttp://doc.otrs.org/3.3/en/html/introduction.html. Open-source Ticket Request System (OTRS), is a free, open-source and AGPLhttp://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.html licensed software packages....   [tags: external and internal communications]

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Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodeling Project

- When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are several factors to consider before you begin. First you want to design a space that is going to add to the overall value of your home. Next you will want to find ways to make your bathroom as user-friendly as possible. By doing this, your bathroom will become a space that is integral to your home and gives your home an oasis for the relaxation and rest that your family needs. In order to add to the overall value of your home, it is important to select high-quality fixtures for your bathroom remodeling project....   [tags: Space, User-Friendly]

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How Hong Kong is Dealing with the Aging

- Introduction According to numbers of researches (Census and Statistics Department, 2013), the ageing population is increasing as the life expectancy of Hong Kong people is being longer and birth rate is decreasing. Therefore, Hong Kong have already started kinds of policies and projects which are focusing on how to face the changes. The following contents are related with the concept the age-friendly and focus with the situation in Hong Kong. The essay is aimed at analyze with the features and barriers of age-friendly, as well as the suggestion for improvement....   [tags: healthcare, health, age-friendly]

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The Structural Model for a More Responsible Corperation

- The model that I would like to adopt for corporations to act in a more responsible manner would be that of a structural model. Keying in the importance of corporate constituency elements such as; senior management, shareholders, employees, creditors and most importantly consumers and communities in which how corporations functions. In my approach the structural model attends to the immediate impact of particular choices to favor the interest of one constituency over those of others. Its emphasized that the broad range of interest that the corporations management should take into account, such as sustainability, ethical behavior and balancing potential conflicting interest of business decisio...   [tags: management, eco-friendly, social]

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The Learning Curve of the Gulf War

- When most Americans remember the Gulf War, it is often thought of as a quick, concise, yet the intense military campaign that resulted in an easy victory. The proverbial battle between good and evil was the conception. In reality, a host of troubles within the conflicts of Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, which became known as The Gulf War of 1990-1991 ensued. As the war progressed, the U.S. Military dealt with staggering numbers of unnecessary deaths of soldiers within its own, within the troops of the allies, and the unfortunate rising death toll seen in the Iraqi civilian population....   [tags: friendly casualties, military history]

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Green Energy and Energy Star Products

- Green Energy is a great way to save money and help save raw materials such as gas and electricity. Companies and engineers argue if Green Energy or Energy Star products are worth using and if the products will save money. Green Energy is used to save energy, such as electricity or gas. Energy star is used to help seal a house to save heat and air conditioning from escaping a house. Energy star is a rating that companies give products that tell the customers that they are energy saving. Green energy is a renewable source of power because it helps save energy and uses the earth’s resources to create and save energy without wasting money (Bishop)....   [tags: environmentally friendly, energy efficient]

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Renewable Sources of Energy: Ethanol

- ... When evolved in reactions, ethanol can produce different kinds of chemical compounds. Known as grain alcohol, ethanol is produced by crops, especially corn, since there is an abundant amount of corn in the United States. With this resource, the U.S. can become less dependent on foreign source of energy. Ethanol is also known as the most common biofuel. A biofuel is fuel made from renewable resources; in this case ethanol is made from the renewable resource of corn. Grain alcohol can be blended with gasoline and be used to power automobiles....   [tags: economic, friendly, chemical compound]

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Stereotypes and Misconceptions of Paganism

- Stereotypes and Misconceptions of Paganism Stereotypes and misconceptions are mainly false assumptions and beliefs about different cultures and groups. The reason as to why stereotypes and misconceptions exist is because many individuals Stereotypes are basically oversimplified images or ideas used to describe the gender, nationality or even nature of a certain type of person. While some stereotypes are humourous, they can also provide a negative impact upon their targets. Misconceptions, on the other hand, are false and rude accusations directed upon a certain individual or group....   [tags: religion, nature, eco-friendly]

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Greater Manchester Police (GMP) as More User Friendly

- Greater Manchester Police (GMP) as More User Friendly The phrase ‘being user friendly’ means adapting and making changes for the better for the public as they are the people who pay for the service of the police force. The GMP have brought in new aims and objectivities to make their services more user friendly. Here are some of the things which they have done; v The GMP have published many of their documents in different languages such as: Urdu, Farsi, Canonise and Punjabi....   [tags: Papers]

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Nuclear Energy - Clean, Environmentally Friendly Energy

- Nuclear Energy - Clean, Environmentally Friendly Energy Nuclear energy is the world's largest source of emission-free energy. Nuclear power plants produce no controlled air pollutants, such as sulfur and particulates, or greenhouse gases. "Renewables" like solar, wind and biomass can help. But only nuclear power offers clean, environmentally friendly energy on a massive scale. The use of nuclear energy in place of other energy sources helps to keep the air clean, preserve the Earth's climate, avoid ground-level ozone formation and prevent acid rain....   [tags: Energy]

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Companies Need to Adopt Family-Friendly Policies

- Companies Need to Adopt Family-Friendly Policies For the past 30 years, women have been under the gun to prove that they can be just like men in the workplace. Mainstream feminist groups believed this was the way to gain equality at work. Thus began mainstream feminists' support of abortion - eliminating pregnancy made women more like men. At the outset, this tactic appeared to work. Women proceeded to break down barriers and close in on equality. Business Week's Nov. 27, 2000, issue said that 45% of all managerial posts in the United States are held by women, and the World Bank's Development Indicators for 2000 show an average of female participation in the workforce of over 40%....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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Maine is More Family Friendly than California

- Maine is More Family Friendly than California I moved to California three years ago from Maine. I really like it here. But when my husband and I start a family, I want to move back. Quite simply, Maine is a better place to raise children than California. There are many reasons why Maine is superior. Take the crime rate, for example. According to the United States Census Bureau, the 1992-crime rate per 1000 people in Maine was 131; California's was 1120. Some could argue that these crimes might have no impact on children, so let's look at the child abuse rates....   [tags: Free Argumentative Essays]

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Knowing Your Neighbors

- Know Your Neighbors Moving a lot, I have accustomed to different types of neighbors. In ways neighbors can influence our everyday life, our social life, and we never really thought they could. But they do. They become important to us. There are the good and the bad, although from my perspective there are three main types of neighbors. You have your nosy neighbors, your friendly neighbors, and then come the busy neighbors. We all those. Nosy neighbors tend to be the ones you have to be extra careful with....   [tags: Nosy, Friendly, Neighborhood]

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Our Energy-Efficient House

- In this day and age, it’s super important to be cost efficient with your money and anything you may spend it on. It is important to be cost and energy efficient because you could always use more money, you could have the same kind of appliances but just using less energy and you could also be saving the Earth. In this project, we were presented with trying to build a house that was both eco-friendly and cost efficient. It is important to have energy efficient homes because it can lower your energy bill, it could keep your heat where you need it if you chose the right products, and it would help you have more money in your pocket if you have lower bills....   [tags: cost, eco-friendly, appliances]

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Software for Projects

- Projects with lower levels of complexity require less intricate software to track the projects progression. Most projects with a lower level of complexity can use common software packages that are currently available/open source on their office computers. For this assignment we chose to investigate some less common project management software programs. We’ve found some up-and-coming software programs that utilize the tools necessary to complete a project task. We researched and familiarized ourselves with the programs we selected to provide insight into the inter-workings of some of the latest innovations in project management software....   [tags: management, planning, user friendly]

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History of Coca Cola, One of the Largest Beverage Companies

- Introduction Coca Cola has a well-organized leadership that is established around the world. The Coca Cola Company limited is viewed as one of the world’s biggest beverage companies making it the top producer and marketer of quality soft drinks. Coca Cola faces a lot of competition in the market from companies such as Pepsi forcing them to go over budget each year on production and marketing to develop new product design and to stay ahead of the competition. Background Coca Cola Company has over 300 different brands across 200 countries....   [tags: environmentally friendly, consumers, soft drink]

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The Environment and Global Warming

- With the increase press release of the global warming from authoritative media, general public have an awareness of being environmental friendly. However, consciousness in mind sometimes does not affect the actual customer behavior of buying the eco-friendly products. The reason behind is that customers have the perceived risk. Perceived risk, is the customers are likely unsure of the results being expected or not, and some results may be unpleasant to clients (Hoyer, Wayne D, MacInnis & Deborah J,2010)....   [tags: eco-friendly products, recycled materials]

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Environmental Impact of Green Companies

- There are many companies out there that claim to be “green”. But are they really and how much impact does it have on the environment. Labels such as “organic”, “biodegradable”, “earth-friendly”, vegan and “Fair Trade” are everywhere in today’s market. These labels are marketing tools used to influence consumers. Greenwashing is defined as “The dissemination of misleading information by an organization to conceal its abuse of the environment in order to present a positive public image ” and “superficial or insincere display of concern for the environment that is shown by an organization ” by thefreedictionary.com....   [tags: earth-friendly, Fair Trade, Greenwashing]

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A Social Butterfly Person

- Introduction A Social Butterfly is used to describe someone that is popular. Often times those peoples are friendly. It is not always used to describe popularity alone; it could also be describing someone who is friendly to strangers. Social Butterfly is a person who’s good in socializing with others. “The big message is that your brain is reflecting your current social environment, and your social skills. Our brain is flexible and reflexing all of these behaviours”(Maryana Noonan 2013)....   [tags: popular, friendly, anti-social person]

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Comparing Bioclimatic Features of Thomas Herzog's House at Regensburg with Two Other Eco-Friendly Houses of the 20th Century

- The House at Regensburg was built in 1979 and is located in Regensburg, Germany. It was designed by Thomas Herzog a German architect born in Munich 1941. Many of Herzog’s buildings are associated with bioclimatic architecture and eco-friendly buildings mainly due to the fact Herzog was involved in the concept of solar power technology. During this essay I will analyse Thomas Herzog’s House at Regensburg and explain the themes and principles behind different aspects of the house in comparison to two other bioclimatic or eco-friendly houses in the 20th century....   [tags: architecture]

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Designing Durable Safe And Affordable Housing Providing Environmentally Friendly Construction Methods And Materials

- ... 71) As we proceed in satisfying our mission, and stay true to our vision, the repercussions will magnify and highlight our core belief of building strong safe houses that people can afford is inherently beneficial to everyone involved. The key external factors that will, however, ultimately determine the success of this organization are defined most clearly within the auspice of Porters Five Forces model. (Porter, 2008) This model is in the most basic terms identified in figure 1 below, where the industry itself exerts the force of rivalry; customers exert forces increasing competition; suppliers exert forces affecting cost, and substitute product offerings continually act to lure custom...   [tags: Construction, Building, Architect, Building code]

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Globalization: The Big Friendly Giant

- It does not matter who you are, or what you do for living; it does not matter where you live, or where you come from; either way, you have come into contact with globalization. We are all active members of this web, and we are the fuel it needs to work to perfection. This web needs employers and employees, it needs people in need and people willing to help, and it needs members of different cultures and societies. It needs you. Whether it was by flying on an airplane, traveling to a foreign country, or simply by buying medicine, you are contributing to the unstoppable giant known as globalization....   [tags: cultures, international integration, business]

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Sugar Alert: The Friendly Assassinator

- “Sweet!” People use the word as a replacement for awesome as much as they love sweet things. Indeed, sweetness is the first taste a newborn baby recognizes, and it is crucial for living; it gives energy and is important as the sole energy source of the brain (Sigelman & Rider 184). While people have heard that sugar can be dangerous, it seems they do not much care about it. In fact, it is not widely known how bad it is or the consequences, yet people can access sugar products very easily. In a cultural context, sweet things are usually used as a reward or a gift; there are even candy holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween....   [tags: Sweet Things, Food, Health, Sugar]

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A Career as a Software Engineer

- Before the iPhone became popular, because of the powerful and user-friendly software that is on the iPhone, Steve Jobs declared that “[The] iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone” (Steve Jobs). Part of the reason why the iPhone is so revolutionary is because of the software in it. The hardware on the iPhone was slightly more advanced compared to the hardware on other phones but the software on the iPhone was many generations ahead of other smartphones that existed at that time....   [tags: iPhone, User Friendly Software, Steve Jobs]

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Green Marketing

- In today’s day and age, everyone is concerned about the environment. Our society is increasingly encouraged to “go green,” to do our part in making the world a cleaner, more eco-friendly place. Green marketing is one major strategy being used to promote such efforts, but is it effective. There is some debate about this concept, including the history of green marketing, the problems with green marketing so far, the effectiveness of marketing schemes like Sunchips and Toyota, and the strategies that could be used to increase the ability of green marketing....   [tags: Marketing, eco-friendly, CSR]

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Green School

- Who doesn’t want a 100% green and cost effective school. You would be surprised how a few unpretentious changes can make our school such a superior place. Our walls and ceilings tragically lack cellulose insulation, permitting the cool air that the A/C worked so hard to produce seep out. The existing windows grant the heat from outside to attack our classroom’s temperature. To top it all off, the entire school sucks energy from the power grid like a plant sucks up water. Eco-friendly changes are not only simple, but just might break the grip of fossil fuels on our schools....   [tags: Efficiency, Environment Friendly]

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Green School

- Who doesn’t want a 100% green and cost-effective school. You would be surprised how a few unpretentious changes can make our school such a superior place. Our walls and ceilings tragically lack cellulose insulation, permitting the cool air that the A/C worked so hard to produce seep out. The existing windows grant the heat from outside to attack our classroom’s temperature. To top it all off, the entire school sucks energy from the power grid like a plant sucks up water. Eco-friendly changes are not only simple, but just might break the grip of fossil fuels on our schools....   [tags: Environment Friendly, Education]

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Environmentally Friendly Energy Future in Australia

- Introduction The development of industrialisation and advanced technology has played an important role in increasing energy consumption in the world. This increasing use of energy pattern has also brought a number of both environmental and human health problems such as greenhouse emissions. Despite this fact, most of the world’s energy is produced using fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas. For example, in 2008, Australian energy production was 302.13 million tonnes of equivalent oils (Mtoe) while the consumption of energy was 240.40 terawatt hours (TWh) and these amounts of energy consumption and production caused 397.54 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (Mt CO2) emissions to the world’s...   [tags: Energy ]

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Alternative Renewable Energy

- With the depletion of fossil fuel resources comes speculations and debates about alternative energy sources. The world, including the Philippines, is practically dependent on a dwindling non-renewable source of energy. Today, experts are debating about and considering three options: Nuclear, Solar, or Wind Energy. Everyone has been accustomed to the bad image of nuclear energy as a result of the Chernobyl and Fukushima incidents above all others. The popular belief is that radiation from a nuclear meltdown is very harmful to humans and other living things—which is true—and that nuclear power plants are very dangerous and not ideal—which is not....   [tags: nuclear power, earth-friendly, fossil fuels]

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Doctor Moses Barakabel is a Friendly Face in the City

- The city of Manhattan is one of the most iconic places in on the face of this Earth,and to anyone who’s ever been there,it’s quite special.A million lights,a million people,a million smells all mushed together in a multicolored stew. Where the richest of the rich rush to Wall Street,and the poorest hang in the subway,both content with life.I think my favorite thing about the city itself is that there’s so many people there,you can basically just think up a person and there’s a good chance that you may find someone just like that.LIke an old lady who listens to Lady Gaga and wears leggings that have stars and galaxies on them and wears snapbacks and only eats Taco Bell.Chances are,you may fin...   [tags: personal narrative]

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