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The Meaning of the Phrase, Beating the Market

- The Meaning of the Phrase, Beating the Market "Beating the market" is a difficult phrase to analyze. It can be used to refer to two different situations: 1. An investor, portfolio manager, fund, or other investment specialist produces a better return than the market average. The market average can be calculated in many ways (some of which are shady and used to make it look like someone has exceeded market returns), but usually a benchmark like the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average index is a good representation of the market average....   [tags: Beating the Market Stock Markets Essays]

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The Vulture Eye And The Beating Heart

- The Vulture Eye and the Beating Heart The short story, “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe describes a sinister mad man who kills an innocent old man that’s he has been watching for weeks. He had no reason to kill the old man besides the man’s vulture eye. For a week every night at midnight he would go in the old man’s room and watch him. Then one night he planned his attack and killed the old man. When the police showed up he handled it well with no suspicion that he had killed anyone. Until his guilt and guilty conscious kicked in and he ratted himself out to the police....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Fiction, The Tell-Tale Heart]

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Beating and Abusing Children is Not Ethical

- Child abuse is one of the leading problems society faces today and common people are not even aware of it. They do not know that approximately four to five children are dying every day (Child Abuse Statistics). Because of the lack of knowledge and concern, they do not care what child has to go through when he or she is being abused mentally, emotionally, sexually, and physically. Take the example of Heavenlea – the victim of child abuse – who was abused from the time when she turned 6 till she turned 18....   [tags: child abuse, mental, emotion, sexual, physical]

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The Sound Of A Beating Heart

- At 2:25 there is the sound of a beating heart. This reminds me of how much my heart used to thud in my chest. Since Kevin is my first love, there was a point where I didn’t know what was going on. I was so confused by my feelings and the word “love” freaked me out. In “Cosmic Love,” at 2:07 the harps start slowing down. This reminds me of a time to think and reflect; reflect about what I was getting myself into and if I was ready for it. At 2:34, the music comes back loud and intense. That’s when I realized that I am ready to commit to this relationship, no matter what....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Sleep, Debut albums]

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Beating Goliath: An Analytical Review

- Jeffrey Record's Beating Goliath: Why Insurgencies Win uses the age old anecdote of the struggle between David and Goliath to explain why the strong sometimes lose to the weak – that is, why Davids are sometimes able to triumph over Goliaths despite myriad obvious disadvantages. Jeffrey Record specifically focuses on "states fighting non-state actors" (Record ix), or in other words, states confronted with domestic or international insurgencies. He then goes on to explore the role that external assistance plays in war outcome determination....   [tags: Insurgencies, Historic Conflicts, War Strategem]

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Be Still My Beating Heart

- Be Still My Beating Heart Having read the great many works of Edgar Allan Poe in my short lifetime, I am befuddled with the ideas of who Poe is and why he wrote such aberrant works. Looking into the stories of “The Mask of The Red Dead” and “The Cask of Amontillado”, Poe writes of morbid and even ghastly death, tenebrous scenery, and grave misfortunes. Is Poe an evil and foreboding soul. Letters have been written and the great detective writer’s mystery needs the case to be cracked to interpret the truth here in; the writings are a great key to answers of the riddle....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Beating on Against the Current

- ... The majority of the internal conflict in the book is centered on the lifestyle which Neal Cassady lived, one of fast paced disregard and self-imposed invincibility, and the narrators dichotomy of yearning for such a lifestyle, and a disgust for it. To Kerouac, Neal represented the all-American outlaw hero, who actualized their vision of a spiritually renewed America that would replace consumerism and conformity with sexual openness and compassion. Kerouac would have most likely ended up on the road even if Cassady had never entered his life; his desire to discover America had long since been brewing in his restless soul, to learn of its vastness and history and secret places....   [tags: Jack Kerouac, On the Road, Beat Movement]

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Beating Diabetes with Mediterranean-Style Meals

- The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the country. Diabetes affects more than 25 million US residents and is strongly linked to stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, and blindness. The number of people who have blood sugar levels that are borderline diabetic or prediabetic is increasing, and it is estimated that around 80 million adults are at risk for becoming diabetic. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that is characterized by having high blood sugar levels....   [tags: health, disease, diet]

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Beating the Binge

- Beating the Binge Beirut, Pong, Quarters, Flip Cup, the Name Game, and 7-11 doubles are just a few of the names given to what is quickly becoming the new great American past-time for young people, drinking to excess. College-age students across the country have taken to channeling their energies into the creation of drinking games like these, without perhaps looking at the consequences of such creatively destructive behavior. In the United States, forty-four percent of persons ages eighteen to twenty-one are enrolled in colleges or universities (1)....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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HIV/AIDS: Living With the Virus and Beating the Odds

- In today’s world HIV/AIDS has become an epidemic that has not only challenged the research of our medical professionals, but also the lives of several children born with this infectious disease. In order to understand this epidemic we have to travel the path in which it was discovered. In two articles referencing the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the authors presents different challenges faced by those born with the disease. The author of “A Generation Born With HIV/AIDS Defies the Odds" by Madison Park states many children have defied the odds by attending support groups hosted by Jackson Memorial Hospital to assist them in coping with challenges of disease and fitting in....   [tags: Disease/Disorders]

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The Rodney King Beating

- The Rodney King Beating On March 3, 1991, Los Angeles police officers attempted to stop a white sedan traveling at a high rate of speed through Lake View Terrace, a residential neighborhood in northern Los Angeles. After a short pursuit, King was ordered out of his vehicle at gunpoint. King refused to comply and became belligerent and uncooperative. The use of open-hand controls, pepper spray and tasers were ineffective, as King continued to assault officers while resisting arrest. More LAPD officers arrived and King was finally subdued with the use of nightsticks....   [tags: essays research papers]

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One Good Beating

- One Good Beating Many contemporary Scottish plays explore the conflict that can exist between people of different generations. In this essay I am going to discuss whether or not Linda McLean’s “One Good Beating” conveys this issue of conflict and explore the other themes throughout the play. Although “One Good Beating” only consists of three characters (Robert-dad, Elaine- daughter and Stephen-son) there are many conflicts throughout the play, many of which are between all three characters over the same issue....   [tags: English Literature]

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Beating Murphys Law

- Beating Murphys Law This article deals with the topic of how organizations should go about implementing new technology systems. The article is built around Murphy's Law that, "Whatever can go wrong, will." When organizations implement new system a lot of know problems cannot be avoided and unforeseen problems arise with even grater frequency. Chew outlines seven points to help launch a new system with greater success since they are essential for long-term survival. Key Notes: · It is estimated 50 to 70 percent of US firms experience failure in implementing advanced manufacturing technology....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework]

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Hazing Through Beating as a Right of Passage

- Hazing Through Beating as a Right of Passage Hazing has been known as the right of passage into American colleges in the past and even still today. Primarily in fraternities hazing has been more so a problem than any other organization. Most anyone who's seen the classic college movie "Animal House" can recall this famous seen of young Kevin Bacon's paddling during his fraternity pledgeship. In this context, the lines and scenes of hazing are funny to some people; but for others, hazing is an all-too-real problem"(Wolf 1)....   [tags: Papers]

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Pop-Music - Beating and Killing Women

- Pop-Music - Beating and Killing Women What would happen if you found out that a certain type of food was bad for you; would you stop eating it. Similarly, if you found out a certain type of music was bad for you; would you stop listening to it. Wouldn’t you need proof before you make a decision. John Hamerlinck, a freelance writer in St. Cloud, Minnesota uses this article, “Killing Women: A Pop-Music Tradition”, to make his major point of how popular music is the most common link to violence (241)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Never Like Life Just Keeps Beating You Down?

- Ever felt like life just keeps beating you down. Well, I do. I woke up on December 13, twelve days before Christmas, to go to the worst thing you can--a funeral of a loved one. I got dressed in my best clothes, got in the car and went to the church. As soon as I saw her I had to look away to keep from balling, she looked so peaceful lying there, so serene so calm. Let me go back to before this all happened. On a dark All Hallows’ Eve, I was taking my brother around house to house trick-or-treating, it was his first time trick-or-treating with me because I had moved up here to Mississippi that Summer, he was having a blast, but when his mom Nikki my step-mom came to pick us up I had a bad fe...   [tags: English-language films, Emotion, Apartment]

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Ethical Deviance: The LAPD and Los Angeles Riots

- The beating of Rodney King from the Los Angeles Police Department on March 3, 1991 and the Los Angeles riots resulting from the verdict of the police officers on April 29 through May 5, 1992 are events that will never be forgotten. They both evolve around one incident, but there are two sides of ethical deviance: the LAPD and the citizens involved in the L.A. riots. The incident on March 3, 1991 is an event, which the public across the nation has never witnessed. If it weren’t for the random videotaping of the beating that night, society would never know what truly happened to Rodney King....   [tags: The beating of Rodney King]

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Domestic Violence: The Severity of the Issue

- Domestic violence dates back to the beginning of time, but has only really made an impact within the last one hundred years. Domestic violence can be defined as “any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship” and can include a single act, or a reoccurring act amongst the victim and offender (Edmonton Police Service). Although men are affected by domestic violence, most people “assume the male batterer/female victim paradigm” (Hanna). This is understood through rates of victims of domestic violence....   [tags: spousal abuse, wife beating, Canada]

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Persuasive Speech: Non-heart Beating Donations Should NOT Be Allowed

- PURPOSE: To persuade my audience that non-heart beating donations are barbaric and should not be part of our American modern day medicine. I.     Introduction A. Attention Getter 1. Story about Mr. Robert Henry a. Mr. Robert Henry is a 45-year-old corporate executive who, while preparing to go to work, complains of a severe headache and collapses in front of his wife. As he is brought into the emergency room, he is seizing. He is quickly given intravenous meds to stop this. A computerized tomography scan reveals a devastating subarachnoid hemorrhage....   [tags: Example Persuasive Speech]

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An Examination of Royal Beatings by Alice Munro

- It has been said of Anton Chekhov, the renown Russian short-story writer, that in all of his “work, there is never exactly a point. Rather we see into someone’s hear – in just a few pages, the curtain concealing these lives has been drawn back, revealing them in all their helplessness and rage and rancor.” Alice Munro, too, falls into this category. Many of her short-stories, such as “Royal Beatings” focus more on character revelation rather than plot. That is not to say that nothing happens in Munro’s short-stories....   [tags: Royal Beatings, Alice Munro]

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Beating Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome (SCID)

- Imagine living your entire life contained within a plastic bubble. Contact from the outside world, including your parents, is lethal. Rather than feeling the warm touch of a human hand, the clammy cold of laboratory gloves comforts you to sleep. Is this living or this surviving. You make the call. SCIDs is an acronym for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Persons born with SCIDs lack the ability to fight off infections. SCIDs creates a situation in which the common cold is just as deadly as pneumonia....   [tags: Biology Immune System]

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Blending in With the World Today Is Not Easy to Do

- Blonde haired, blue eyes, thin, lean and beautiful. Life should come easy to any person who fits this description according to what we learn from society. Society brainwashes us by telling us what we should look like to make it in the world. Often times people fall into society’s pressure and transform themselves. So I ask myself, what about the people who start out accepted and then fail at meeting society’s standards. To get an idea of such a concept, I interviewed Leena Smith, a family friend for over 6 years....   [tags: meeting and beating social standards]

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Child Rearing Practices in the 1500's and 1600's

- Child- rearing practices in the 1500’s and 1600’s were very different from modern times. During the 1500’s and 1600’s, children were raised in various ways due to conditions such as mortality rates. There was a shorter life expectancy during these times, due to illnesses caused by rodents hygiene, and the disposal systems for waste products, which gave parents a precise reason to make their children grow up quicker than normal. The goal for most parents when raising their children during these times was to raise their young adolescents into mature adults with the help of harsh punishment and religion to get their children to decipher right from wrong....   [tags: discipline, beating, religion]

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Don’t Judge Me, by Chris Brown

- “Don’t Judge Me” by Chris Brown explains the struggles he went through because he beat his girlfriend. He regrets what he had done and elaborates it in his song, apologizes, and tells people and his past girlfriend to not judge him. The title of the song “Don’t Judge Me” shows a lot about his identity, a woman beater; he made so many accomplishments in the past and one mistake ruins it all. Within his song he shows how people see him on the outside, where he is different in the inside....   [tags: Chris Brown Beating Rihanna]

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Overcoming Homelessness: Liz's Story

- Today in 2014, 22,712 youth are without a place to call home in New York City (“Basic”). Graduating high school often proves to be an extreme challenge for those without a permanent home, especially when they must prioritize their time towards getting their next meal instead of going to class. Many struggle to get a proper education, resulting in students dropping out. Picturing a homeless teenager not only attending high school, but graduating and making it to an Ivy League college seems highly unlikely....   [tags: dangerous situations, beating the system]

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Moon Landing Hoax

- ... NASA claims, the type of fuel that was used was a mixture of fuels to allow a transparent flame to be used (Millis). On the other hand, there would have to be a visible flame coming off the landing module due to the gas being released into the atmosphere. Overall, many citizens have started to become nonbelievers of the moon landing because there was no visible flame from the landing module. As there were many observations observed as to why the moon landing was a hoax, many citizens believe the Apollo mission was filmed in a Hollywood Studio....   [tags: space race, beating the USSR]

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Child Abuse and the Feeling of Helplessness

- Smack. Mother hits me in the face, and I topple to the floor. I know better than to stand there and take the hit. I learned the hard way that she takes that as an act of defiance, which means more hits, or worst of all, no food. I regain my posture and dodge her looks, as she screams in my ear. Please, I say to myself, just let me eat this time. Hit me again, but I have to have food. Another blow pushes my head against the tile counter top (Pelzer, 1995). This is the beginning of a typical day for David Pelzer, a victim of child abuse for four years....   [tags: Children Violence, Child Beating]

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Racial Profiling, Unjustified Shootings, And Pointless Beatings

- ... Gammage 's family settled a wrongful death civil rights lawsuit against the five officers involved and their police departments for $1.5 million.” This case is just one of the many cases where an African American was wrongfully profiled because of their skin color. Blacks are profiled when entering stores, driving expensive cars, and also just walking down the street. Other races are capable of committing crimes other than the African American community. This has to stop because innocent blacks cannot continue to be profiled based off skin color....   [tags: Race, Black people, African American, Police]

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Bukowski: Betting On The Muse

- The Language of Violence, Language of the Heart Our world is not a pleasant one. Our everyday lives are punctured with graphic images of sex, violence and apathy. Unfortunately, people tend to ignore the holes in the social fabric all around them. As Bukowski wrote the poems that were compiled into Betting on the Muse, he realized this, and incorporated it into his poetry. In his narrative works he creates a living, breathing world. He tends to concentrate on the low points of life, though. The world is a dark one, where personal rotting begins with an all-too-early maturation....   [tags: Poem Poetry Betting Muse Bukowski]

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The Is A Way Of Betting

- ... 2 - Remember that you will lose if the teams draw, and a draw is likely if both bookies cannot find a consensus on which will win. 3 - Odds change quickly, so do your calculations and place your bet fast because others will have spotted the inconsistency and will be betting too. 4 - Sometimes bookies cannot find a consensus during games, but these instances are harder to spot and will change more quickly. 5 - For some reason, the online betting websites have a harder time finding a consensus on smaller matches, and yet most usually find a consensus when more popular and high-stakes games are played....   [tags: Gambling, Online gambling, Bookmaker, Odds]

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The Dehumanization of Eliezer in Night by Elie Wiesel

- In the book Night the character Eliezer faces many challenges and sees many things. But the most prominent feature of all the death camps that Eliezer is in was Dehumanization.Dehumanization is what the S.S. used to keep the jews in line in the concentration camps while they were in a animal like state where it’s every man for himself.Therefore this proves that dehumanization is a process that was used by the SS to keep the Jews in check by using the crematorium,beatings,and executions to make the Jews less human. To start, the jews were dehumanized by the fact that if they didn't work or got sick they would most likely end up in the crematorium, they be alive as they go into the crematori...   [tags: crematorium, beatings, executions]

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Blogging On Betting Controversy On Gambling

- ... Given their hard life as student, the blog was quite understandable in its quest to enlightening these individuals. Influence on Academic Literacy It was very interesting to note that the blog had been actually received well by the public, majority of whom concurred with my line of thought. From a more objective angle, this changed my literacy skill which elevated drastically with respect to different measures Crusan, rt alal2016). For one, my subsequent blogs had more interesting stories which would captivate readers into contributing on these blogs....   [tags: Writing, Literacy, Communication, Sociology]

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Betting on Rugby Union

- Betting on Rugby Union Rugby union is a popular betting sport for smart punters especially in its heartlands of Great Britain and mainland Europe. The sport is popular in both hemispheres and is the national sport of New Zealand where it is the most popular winter sport for spectating. This is an emerging betting sport for online bookmakers that serve the Asian markets. The game is played between sides of 15 players with regular exchanges allowed. The side in possession of the ball has an unlimited number of plays in which to score a try, force a drop out or lose possession....   [tags: sport, league, competition]

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Business Failure: The Bearing Industry

- The Timken Company is one of the worldwide leaders in the bearing industry with operations spanning over the past 100 years. Timken has recently been experiencing sluggish earnings, forcing a consolidation of their workforce and a cut in their dividend payout. Timken has been in contact with Ingersoll-Rand, a globally diversified manufacturer of commercial and industrial equipment and components, with the potential to acquire one of their subsidiaries that specializes in the bearing industry, Torrington Company....   [tags: timken company, automotive industry ]

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Child Bearing, And Life Careers

- The Early Adulthood is usually between the ages of 25 and 40 at this time individuals are naturally vivacious, alive and healthy, and are involved closely to old friendships, romance, child bearing, and life careers (Physical Development, 2014). In the event certain conditions seems to arouse in some individual, such as evolved into a violent situation, making bad relationship choice, and merely just developing a type of disorder such as bipolar, eating disorders. Normally at the early adult stage, in life young adults are setting their goals, and plans in order, how to achieve the best of what life has to offer them....   [tags: Middle age, Old age, Ageing, Gerontology]

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Sport Betting Advices

- SPORTS BETTING – ADVICES Betting for someone means fun, someone use it for raising adrenaline, for others it's way of earning money. It doesn't matter in which group you belong to, first and primary what you have to possess to be successful in betting is self-control. WHY??. For several reasons, self-control is important because most of the players after loosing a bet continues with a larger role in the quest for greater income, which in the long term results with large losses. Furthermore, the statistics tell us that bookmakers are reaping profits on a percentage of 90% of the players for the simple reason: everyone would like to get rich over the night, so we're playing many pairs on...   [tags: self-control, earn money]

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Welfare Fraud: Betting Against the Odds

- Title Welfare Fraud: Betting Against the Odds Introduction The issue that I have decided to address is welfare abuse. I propose that due to the government’s lack of foresight, welfare recipients have been cashing EBT benefits at ATM machines in California casino’s. Research question: Can something be done to ensure that welfare benefits will be used as intended by the recipients. Readers: Mainly Californian tax payers, but in a broader sense it could be anyone who is concerned about the welfare system, including recipients....   [tags: Welfare]

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The Bearing Capacity of Soil in Construction Projects

- The bearing capacity of of soil is an important consideration in construction projects. The bearing capacity of soil is the pressure that a soil sample can support without collapsing. Bearing capacity varies with different soils cohesion. Cohesion is the force that holds together molecules and particles inside soil. Rock is a continuous mass of solid mineral material, such as granite or limestone, that can only be removed by drilling or blasting. Rock is never completely formed of a single large segment, but is crossed by a system of joints that divide it into irregular blocks....   [tags: civil engineering consideration]

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The Risks of Child bearing at a Late Age

- While the personal and psychological advantages and disadvantages interact with married couples deferring their decision to bear a child typically have a positive outcome; the biological effects are not always as clear. Many medical care providers have historically recognized with married couples childbearing late as an significant risk issue in maternal and infant health results (Feldman 1927; Bleyer 1958). There are so many biological influences that effects women and childbearing such as age and maturity....   [tags: conditions, pregnancy, complications]

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Betting Apps May Make Playing The Greyhound Lottery

- Betting apps may make playing the “Greyhound Lottery” technique a little easier, but do not fret if you prefer betting with your desktop computer because there are gambling websites that make playing the greyhound lottery easy too. What Is The Greyhound Lottery. In essence, it is a bet that only costs you a small amount, but that offers you a very large return. The only downside is that the odds of you winning are tiny (like a lottery), except the unlike the lottery you are thousands of times more likely to win....   [tags: Gambling, Lottery, Greyhound racing, Randomness]

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Military Bearing : A Symbol Of A Soldier 's Pride

- ... A Soldier at home on leave should act just as professional as if they were at a press conference, or at work briefing a General Officer. It is not enough to act the part; it must be a lifestyle habit and a genuine one at that. This means not becoming a completely different person as soon as the duty day is finished. Those who fail at this are often referred to as “60% Soldiers” after the minimum passing standard for the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), stating that these soldiers will act and perform just well enough to get by....   [tags: Soldier, Non-commissioned officer, Military, Army]

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Effects of Postpartum Depression on Child Bearing and Rearing Family

- Effects of Postpartum Depression on Child Bearing and Rearing Family Postpartum depression (PPD) is a major event occurring in eight to fifteen percent of the woman population after delivering their child (Glavin, Smith, Sørum & Ellefsen, 2010). The symptoms and causes of PPD are similar to depression symptoms in other periods of life (Glavin et al., 2010). These symptoms may include feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, sleep changes, anger or irritability, loss of energy, self-loathing, reckless behavior and concentration problems....   [tags: Health, Maternity, Mental Health]

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Vivian Bearing: Shakespearean Heroine

- Shakespeare´s definition of a tragic hero stands between the epic hero and the scondrel: he is an exceptional being though not completely noble; he has a flaw of character which contributes to his degeneration and eventually leads to his downfall, that is to say death: be it physical or moral, preceded by transfiguration. This redemption serves the purpose of restoring heroic qualities and takes place just before the hero´s demise, in recognition of his flaw. In the particular case of Margaret Edson´s so acclaimed play Wit, the protagonist, Vivian Bearing fits perfectly into the definition of the tragic hero....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Comparing Constantly Risking Absurdity and Betting on the Muse

- Comparing "Constantly Risking Absurdity," by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and "Betting on the Muse," by Charles Bukowski Poetry is the most compressed form of literature, which should be read slowly and savored attentively. Poets employ different poetic techniques to convey their ideas, opinions, and express their feelings. Some poems can be understood easily while others seam vague. But whatever they are, they all contain some common elements of poetry such as theme, figurative language, and tone, etc....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Mergers, Vertical Integration, And The Emergence Of The Financial Risk Bearing Customer For Medtronic

- ... It is part of a longer-term strategic bet on an integrated approach between insurers and providers to coordinate care, WellPoint CFO Wayne DeVeydt said in a June 9 Wall Street Journal article. He also indicated they might eventually consider using the CareMore clinical approach for other populations, such as Medicaid participants and commercially-insured consumers • Highmark acquired West Penn Allegheny – While Highmark is assuming certain risk with this acquisition of WPAHS, which hasn 't had a positive operating margin in at least four years, it will help Highmark offer healthcare focused on providing quality and efficient service rather than increasing revenue....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance]

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Birthing Options in the USA

- The Exploration of Birth Models The Citizens of America do not realize the freedoms they have in the birthing process. Instead of knowing all the paths women can choose from in the United States most believe the only option is in the hospital. It is not common knowledge that the midwife can be the best choice for most healthy able women bearing children. This circumstance is reinforced by more than one factor. Historically, midwives have been exiled by the medical elite during the turn of the twentieth century....   [tags: Bearing Children, Medical]

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William Hill is One of Canada's Oldest and Most Innovative Online Sportsbook Casinos

- William Hill is one of Canada's oldest online betting and sportsbook casinos. They are often given credit for many of the innovations of sports betting that betters and book holders today rely on for the best of experiences. Even before the rise of the internet, William Hill was taking phone and street corner store bets across most of Europe. They are a leading UK bookmaker and posses great knowledge of fixed odds betting. They pride themselves on a reputation of fair play. Canadian customers can expect the same high quality of services and a great experience from William Hill that Europeans have enjoyed for years....   [tags: bookmaker, betting, bonus]

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Santa Anita Park Thoroughbred Racing Fans

- To thoroughbred horse racing fans, Santa Anita Park in Arcadia is the place to go this winter. The Park offers live horse racing in the backdrop of the magnificent San Gabriel Mountains. Except for occasional tourists, horse racing fans are not there for the scenery but to bet and win on horse races. Thoroughbred racing fans also called handicappers are using race programs and tip sheets to analyze and bet on horse races. To the handicappers, winning a bet on a horse race is like smoking marijuana....   [tags: Horse racing, Experience, Betting]

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Making a Killing: How Card Counting Really Works and What Casinos do to Prevent It

- ... It soon became obvious that these changes decreased the probabilities of winning that were increased with Thorpe, Brown and Dubner’s theory of card counting strategy. Changes and adaptions were made to the original card counting theories and new theories were developed to give players more of an advantage while playing Blackjack in casinos. The original theory, developed by Thorp, Braun and Dubner, is called The Complete Point Count System. This theory assigns points to the different groups of cards in a standard 52-card deck, in order to track the number of low-value and high-value cards that have been dealt, and therefore, taking them out of the deck....   [tags: gambling, betting games]

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It is The End of the History of Art?

- In practice the “white cube” (the white-walled gallery display prevalent in galleries of modern art) renders viewer unaware of the influence that it inflicts upon his/hers perception of what consist a modern art. Under no circumstances one would look twice upon the same bed like My Bed by Emin, standing next to the garbage bin on one of the British streets or thought of Sherman’s work Untitled No.151 from Witches and Wicked Bodies exhibition as nothing more but an interesting photograph taken probably before the Halloween party....   [tags: modern art, hans belting, art history]

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The Personality Traits and Private Lives of Politicians Should Have no Bearing in Democratic Political Discourse

- ... However due to the lack of differences between the major political parties being observed in many democracies, the personalisation of politics can help engage the those that may feel detached from their political identity. This increase in the insight that the public has into the personal lives of politicians and the emphasis placed on leadership qualities and personality traits may not be such a negative thing for political discourse. As mentioned before, politicians who share more about their personal lives and decide to let the voters see the person behind the politician, have the advantage of using the ‘humanisation’ strategy and appearing like the citizens....   [tags: taking advantage of social media]

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Investigating the Factors that Affect the Acceleration of a Ball Bearing Down a Ramp

- Investigating the Factors that Affect the Acceleration of a Ball Bearing Down a Ramp I intend to investigate what factors affect the acceleration of a ball bearing down a ramp. I will measure how long the ball bearing takes to roll down a ramp, and my other variable will be to measure the final velocity of the ball bearing rolling down the ramp. Using this information I will then be able to work out the acceleration of the ball bearing down the ramp....   [tags: Papers]

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Professor Vivian Bearing vs John Donne in the Play Wit by Margaret Edson

- Is it possible to misunderstand something, yet still be guided toward its claims. Is it possible for something that ultimately has the greatest impact on your life to be unnoticed until the last possible moment. In most cases, a true revelation does not present itself until later in a person’s life. In the play Wit, by Margaret Edson, the character of Professor Vivian Bearing reaches a profound realization concerning one of the great impacts in her own life. Vivian, self-proclaimed intellectual and widely-feared professor, essentially devotes her life to the works of John Donne, a renowned metaphysical poet....   [tags: Comparative Comparison]

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Transformation in Call of the Wild

- Transformation: The evolution of an object or someone or dramatic change in form or appearance. In the story of The Call Of The Wild we follow a dog named Buck through his journey through the Klondike. We experience a transformation in him, as he adapts to the cold, harsh land where he is forced to toil in the snow,just to help men find a shiny metal(gold). Buck is a mix of a german Shepherd and a great Bernard. Buck goes from being the dog in command at Judges Ranch that takes care of kids, hunting with Judge and swimming to a sled dog in very cold harsh conditions carrying hundreds of pounds.How....   [tags: journey, dog, sled, betting, cold]

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Bearing Arms at Nineteen Years Old

- The right to bear arms is embedded in our Nation’s constitution as the second amendment of the Bill of Rights. The amendment states, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed (Bill of Rights).” Currently these laws should be extended to nineteen year olds because they are considered legal adults and citizens. Although the United States no longer has local militias, the idea of keeping a secure state still stands today....   [tags: argumentative, persuasive, gun control]

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Gambling in Indiana

- GAMBLING IN INDIANA Almost 9 out of 10 adults will gamble in their lifetime. Although gambling can be in many forms, such as lottery, sports betting, and illegal gambling, casino gambling remains one of the most popular gambling activities. With 12 casinos in Indiana, the state revenue can lead to big business. Over the past decade, Indiana has brought in a large amount of revenue from its 12 river boat casinos. In fact, Indiana is third in the nation in gambling revenue - only trailing Las Vegas and New Jersey (Walker, 2013)....   [tags: loterry, sports betting, casino gambling]

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Teenage Pregnancy Stories and Reflections

- She’s at the hospital, feeling sick. The doctor comes in and tells her she is pregnant. She’s shocked. Keturah Pickens, my little sister, now a senior at University Academy, was 16 years old when she found out that she was pregnant. A million things ran through her mind that night. “I was sad, disappointed, mad, and angry”, Keturah said. Through all the trimesters, Keturah was numb to the world. When she had the baby, her emotions didn’t change dramatically. “I felt the same, just had a baby to take care of a baby....   [tags: children bearing children]

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Issues Related to Surrogacy

- Issues Related to Surrogacy The general notions with regards to the possibility of surrogacy seem to have old origins.(LT) The history of Surrogacy goes way back to the beginning of time; in the Holy Bible and in Roman history. Surrogacy has been a controversial medical process that has faced authorized issues since its arrival. Because surrogacy is used to help an infertile couple have a child, many people are overlooking the fact that there are risks and difficult choices to go along with this issue....   [tags: Surrogate, Child Bearing]

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The Truth about Animal Abuse

- Every day in the United States animals are neglected, beaten, and forced to fight for their own survival. They are left in unsanitary conditions, confused on why this torture happening to them. Their basic needs of food and water are deprived of them, and compassion from their owners is not being shown. Just one example of the many situations that are occurring, news stations of Miami reported a horrific case of animal neglect back in July of 2013. Police and rescuers found two horses that were 200 pounds underweight and stuck in an 8-by-10-foot pen at an area ranch....   [tags: dog and cock fights, neglection, beatings]

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Summary of: Apoptosis in Human Hepatoma HepG2 Cells Induced by Corn Peptides and Its Anti-tumor Efficacy in H22 Tumor Bearing Mice

- Jiang-Tao Li, Jiu-Liang Zhang, Hui He, Zhi-Li Ma, Zhi-Kui Nie, Zhen-Zhen Wang, and Xiao-Gen Xu are affiliated with the College of Food Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University & Key Laboratory of Environment Correlative Dietology, and the Ministry of Education, all in China. Their study of corn peptide effects on liver tumors in mice was funded by a grant from China’s National Natural Science Foundation and National “863” Program. They undertook this study to examine the effects of plant-derived chemicals on cancer....   [tags: corn peptide effects on liver tumors in mice]

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Trying My Luck

- Trying My Luck Huge, splashy signs advertising Mystic Lake Casino line the interstates crisscrossing the Twin Cities. "Is today your lucky day. There's one way to find out." "Need a reason to visit us. We'll give you a million...Literally." While some people attend movies or head to a bar for weekend entertainment, others flock to the flashy Mystic Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota to try their luck. My image of casinos was formed by the Las Vegas movies that portrayed gambling as a win-all or lose-all pass time....   [tags: Gambling Betting Papers]

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Analysis Of Theodore Roethke 's My Papa 's Waltz

- ... The central image in the poem is the metaphor in which the beatings are described as a waltz. The poet is led around the house, dancing – not beaten around. Which is also brought throu by the meter – trecet iamb – the beat of the waltz, thus the main image is shown through the meter as well, giving the reader more of the feeling of a dance in contrast to the ‘secondery images’ which are more associated with the rough experience of a beating. Given such parameters the poet installs some sort of relaxation in the reader (maybe even in himself), in order to make the subject – the beating – more readable, and lessening the effect of the drunkenness and the beatings, making his father more hu...   [tags: Poetry, Stanza, Rhyme, Meter]

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- Win Some and Lose Some One hour away. Sloan, Iowa. Winna Vegas Casino. We like to say it’s a fun way to get away from college life, hang out with friends, and attempt to add a little extra to the pocket books. Many kids attending Buena Vista University have made at least one trip to the Winna Vegas Casino. This casino is 70 miles from Storm Lake and the age requirement to gain admittance is only eighteen. As an alternative to drinking or the bar scene, individuals view gambling as a relaxing and entertaining past time....   [tags: Gambling Gamblers Betting Essays]

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A Real Twelve Angry Men and The Rodney King Trial

- It was April 29th, 1992, and “Dawn was just filtering over Los Angeles and Courtroom 890 was silent as a tomb”(Mathews 1). The Rodney King trial had taken a little over two months and the verdict had the potential to change the history of the United States indefinitely. In both the Rodney King Beating Trial and the play Twelve Angry Men, racism played a major part in the original verdict. Rodney King was definitely in the wrong on the night of the beating, but the beating he got was not necessary....   [tags: police officer, jury, courtroom]

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Diverse Perspectives On Bureaucracy : A Comparative Book Review

- Diverse Perspectives on Bureaucracy: A Comparative Book Review Intellectual History of Public Administration PADM 6610, Fall 2014 Instructor: Matthew S. Mingus, Ph.D. The Assignment of Comparative Book Review Li Cheng, Ph.D. Student in Public Administration Western Michigan University October 28, 2014   Diverse Perspectives on Bureaucracy: A Comparative Book Review Ackoff, L. R., & Rovin, S. (2005). Beating the System: Using creativity to outsmart bureaucracies. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler, 144 pages, $14.95 softcover, ISBN: 978-1-57675-330-9....   [tags: Bureaucracy, Max Weber, Public administration]

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The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

- A short story I have recentrly read which has an incident or moment of great tension is, "the Tell - Tale Heart," written by Edgar Allen Poe. The short story can produce many different "types" of characters. Usually, these characters are faced with situations that give us an insight into their true "character". The main character of the story is faced with a fear. He is afraid of an Old Man's Eye that lives with him. The actions that this charecter or "man" - as he is known in the story - performs in order to stop his fear can lead others to believe that he suffers from some sort of mental illness....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Presentation Of The Los Angeles Riots

- ... The video showed multiple white police officers clubbing, punching, and kicking Rodney King while he was being detained. The play then moved into individual accounts, played out by the actors, of their lives prior, during, and after the riots of 1992. One of the most exciting parts of the play was during an act where the character was working in his convenience store when a mob of individuals entered onto the stage and began causing havoc. To illustrate, the mob began throwing cloths, rocks, televisions, and other materials on the stage representing what was happening in Los Angeles during the 1992 riots....   [tags: Universal Declaration of Human Rights]

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Heart of the Ghetto

- College Admissions Essay - Heart of the Ghetto I hear the heart of the Ghetto beating like the thunder of an army of ancient kettledrums. In it dwells the passion for prosperity, the power of peace, and the promise of pain. All of these components intertwine tightly as if to form a fine cloth; In this case a quality individual. The promise of pain, the pulse of the heart and the element, which is not self-explanatory, Exists because only in enduring suffering does one grow stronger. As the person grows stronger the heartbeat grows stronger....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

- Do we truly ever know if one is mad. Madness is the driving force that tears away at our souls and makes us assess our deepest nightmares. It is the fears and terrors that will tip us over the edge of this imaginative level of insanity. Edgar Allen Poe often wrote many murderous and gruesome stories that would influence the reader to contemplate the bigger ideas in life. “The Tell-Tale Heart”, written by Poe in 1843, is one of the most well known short stories from his time that explores the hidden qualities of an unknown narrator who attempts to convince the readers of his saneness....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart, Short story]

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Corporal Punishment Should Not Be Permissible Throughout The United States

- The use of corporal punishment should not be permissible throughout the United States and in most other countries around the world as historical ways are changing. The definition states this kind of act as whipping, caning, spanking, or beating of another person. In Bastard Out of Carolina the beating of Bone by her stepfather Glen shows that although some people agree that these beating should not take place, they still continue. Bone’s aunts’ and uncles’ do not condone the violence, while her mother lets it continue because of her love for Glen....   [tags: Human rights, Child abuse, Violence, Abuse]

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Slavery And Slavery : Similarities And Differences During The 1660s And The 1800s

- ... But beatings that are frequent can cause multiple permanent injuries, that most slaves during the colonial American times had to deal with. (Source 5) While yes, both slaves and servants were beaten often, servants still have an advantage over being a slave, as this court case proves it. While beatings to discipline occur, beatings are inflicted among slaves, and no one would care about it. But for servants, it is bad, not accepted into society, and it will be brought into court to be corrected....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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The Conflict Between West Africans And European Caucasians

- ... Once the patrol team caught up with the young man, he mocked and ignored orders made by the police to exit his car and put his hands behind his back (Cannon, 2012). His obnoxious intoxication lead to the beating that shocked the nation (Cannon, 2012). Without knowledge of the actual events surrounding the Rodney King beating, many Los Angeles residents became angry based off a edited, blurry video given to news stations (Cannon, 2012). This anger flourished into violent rioting when the verdict of this beating was brought into the news yet again....   [tags: Rodney King, 1992 Los Angeles riots]

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Emily Dickinson: How Illness Shaped Her Writing

- Emily Dickinson has a characteristic writing style. Dickinson’s use of dashes and “randomly” placed capital letters throughout her work give her a unique style that is contradictory to her time. Many believe that it was her genius that caused this while still others believes it was her illness that contributed to her characteristic writing style. Lyndall Gordon's biography “offers a major revelation: evidence that Dickinson suffered from epilepsy. The author makes her case partly through prescriptions that Dickinson received (the papers still survive) and reinterprets poems such as "I felt a Cleaving in my Mind" to describe the poet's condition....   [tags: Biography]

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Jane Woolf And Zora Neale Hurston

- Within most of the readings assigned to us there were a lot of social expectations for woman; rather it was to be a slave to your husband or take after your mother. These expectations were burdensome of the two woman Virginia Woolf and Zora Neale Hurston. However they didn’t stand of these expectations, they didn’t sit around and be a social zombie based on how others thought that they should act, walk and talk. These woman were brave enough to stand up to these expectations and go down their own path of success....   [tags: Marriage, Wife, Husband, Mind]

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The Heart Tells a Tale

- How can one prove that he is mentally stable. In Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Tell Tale Heart”, the narrator in the story explains how he was calm and sane the days before he rid himself of the vulture eye. “The Tell Tale Heart” is a story of an unnamed man who planned to kill the old man with the vulture eye. Night after night, the narrator would carefully make his way into the old man’s room to ensure he did not wake him, and look at the man’s vulture eye. On the eighth night, the narrator was successful in killing the man and left no evidence of the murder....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe story]

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The Whipping=evaluation=1200 W

- Upon reading Robert Hayden's 1970 poem, 'The Whipping'; (1075), one may find themselves feeling very disturbed. The title is not subtle in hiding the fact that the plot of the poem is of a mother beating her son. The tone of the poem is very violent, and filled with a lot of anger. The boy's character immediately demands sympathy from the reader and just as instantaneously, the mother is hated by the reader. From his first stanza, to his sixth, Hayden utilizes an arsenal of words, symbols, and images to create a scene that is intense and emotional to the reader....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Alex La Guma's The Lemon Orchard

- Stable Meaning, the Perversion of Nature, and Discursive Communities in Alex La Guma's "The Lemon Orchard" South African writer Alex La Guma was an active member of his country's non-white liberation movement. One of the 156 people accused in the Treason Trial of 1956, La Guma wrote his first book, A Walk in the Night and Other Stories, in 1962 (Wade 15). "The Lemon Orchard," a story which appeared in this debut work, is a gripping piece about the horror and cruelty of racism. In the story, La Guma describes in chilling detail how a black teacher (who had sought legal redress for being beaten up by his principal and church minister) is roused from his sleep and led to a lemon orchard b...   [tags: Alex La Guma Lemon Orchard]

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The Tell-Tale Heart: An Analysis

- The Tell-Tale Heart: An Analysis      In Edgar Allan Poe’s short-story, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the storyteller tries to convince the reader that he is not mad. At the very beginning of the story, he asks, "...why will you say I am mad?" When the storyteller tells his story, it's obvious why. He attempts to tell his story in a calm manner, but occasionally jumps into a frenzied rant. Poe's story demonstrates an inner conflict; the state of madness and emotional break-down that the subconscious can inflict upon one's self....   [tags: Analysis Tell Tale Essays Papers]

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Purple Hibiscus by Chidimanmanda Ngozi Adichie

- Chidimanmanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian author, her first ever novel Purple Hibiscus was criticised for addressing the important issues of postcolonial studies such as violence against women and brutal feminism. Alice Walker is an American author as well as a poet, her bestselling novel The Colour Purple was firmly criticised on showing the severity of feminist injustice Feminism is a movement defining the equality and rights for women. Feminism opens potential meaning in these novels as it creates a gateway for the females who are victimised to speak up and to portray their feelings and situations which arise in the novels for the women to vindicate themselves and earn their freedom from...   [tags: nigeria, violence against women]

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Chicken Without a Fork

- Chicken Without a Fork Tithing There is a faint illumination within the eye of a blighted soul.... Telling a story of many, many goodbyes, yet the riddles of a latent kin lurch violently from within. Nothing, nothing can fill the whole. Alone, I do ponder and stare across this stony barren of life. No worry, I understand the fare. Gently the waters of the Styx part. A hand extends, no blade or knife. ....A glancing gaze examines the heart. Rage Clenching my fists my knuckles are numb beating my pillow the hate I become....   [tags: Poems Essays]

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