Right A Story Is Like Build A Bridge Between Your Imagination And Imagination

Right A Story Is Like Build A Bridge Between Your Imagination And Imagination

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Right a story is like build a bridge between your imagination and imagination of your reader. Stephen King once said, “Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s. ”. In other words, the writer needs to be skilled enough to create his or her own world and show the reader how to get there. How can you gain this knowledge? The answer is as simple as it can be- practice. As an international student inexperienced in English academic writing, I have struggled with making my ideas clear and interesting. Therefore, after the Assessment test I was placed into English 43. I realized how weak and poorly structured my writing was after the first essay in that course. However, by learning from my mistakes I have learned the basics of academic writing such as paragraphs organization, sentences structure, and MLA format. As a result, after English 43 I felt ready to take on new challenges in English 49.
Therefore, from the first essay in English 49 course clarified all the problems I still need to work in like giving specific examples to support what was stated in the essay, accurately spread long paragraphs, create a title, and writing an in-class essays. During class time, we did Rhetorical Précis, workshops, in-class and outclass essays that were a helpful tools to enhance writing skills. Also, analyze other 's essay and accept constructive criticism to my once was a beneficial experience for me. Even though I worked on assignments with a mixed success, I am proud of changes that I have made in my writing. Not only have I improved skills that I already had, but also acquire skill such structuring the essay in a pleasant to read way, finding strong and clear examples, and to generate a titles.
As has...

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...ur essay is as hard as write the essay itself because of the first sight person who reads your writing has already made a judgment. Therefore, think of a title is significantly important for the essay.
After successes and failures, the time to sum up accomplished in the English 49 came. A lot of work was done, time spent, and efforts made to become a writer I am now. Even though there are areas I still need to work on and mistakes I regret, I am proud of the improvements I have made. Starting from the beginning with no experience in English writing at all and looking on myself now, I realize what a long way was overcome. After all I am able to organize my essay better, find more specific and appropriate examples to back up my stamens, and create my own title. The way of becoming a successful writer is long and complicated, but once you step on it you will never stop.

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