The Proposition Of Stereotyping Consumer Lifestyles Essay examples

The Proposition Of Stereotyping Consumer Lifestyles Essay examples

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In this reading, I will be discussing the different categories in which advertisers have placed consumers to distinguish them from one another using their values, attitudes, and lifestyle. According to the writer of American culture and advertisement James B. Twitchell, “the object of much consumer research is not to try to twist their feathers so that they will flock to your product, but to position your product in such a place that they will have to fly by it and perhaps stop to roost. After roosting, they will eventually think that this is part of their flyway and return to it again and again” (p. 178). The proposition of stereotyping consumer lifestyles is a very effective way of marketing goods and services. The VALS and VALS2 strategies of marketing segment, target, and position used by advertisers are based on research; which means, marketers know more about consumer behaviors than what we think. This is an important issue because it’s necessary to raise awareness in society about the advantages and disadvantages that this marketing segmentations mean. After having evaluated all given points; this article is an eye opener for those who have any doubts about what consumers mean for large companies and advertisers. Bellow I will be explaining in detail, which characteristics are used to form these groups, and what they mean to marketers.
In the present, the majority of companies are aware that they can’t serve optimally to all potential customers that exist in a given market. This situation is mainly due to the variety of preferences people and organizations have. However; advertisers have found a way to categorize consumers using a psychographic system called VALS2, in which consumers are separated into groups to save time a...

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... VALS emphasizes the concept that people throughout their lives pass right through different stages, and each stage affects their attitudes, behavior and psychological needs. In my opinion, both types of segmentations are very important and useful because they provide vital information about consumers. I also understand that VALS2 is very important for marketers because through this system they can understand each consumer decision, as these are influenced by the way in which individuals live and feel among other important factors. I am in favor of the proposition of stereotyping consumer lifestyles, as these are effective ways of marketing goods and services. the reason why I agree is because all human beings need to find a way to keep up. What consumers need to do is to be alert; to avoid falling into these marketing traps, to not fall into one of these categories.

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