Essay on Philosophy Rejected

Essay on Philosophy Rejected

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Philosophy is an interesting pursuit. It causes us to search for truth, ethics and ask the question “why?” more often than we would otherwise. However, I have found that philosophy itself rather distracting. It leads to false answers to what might sometimes be false questions. It leads to radically held beliefs that can be destructive, difficult to understand, and often contrary to reality. Worst of all, it often answers questions that we as humans have no business answering with any certainty. I don't believe that philosophy itself is bad, however I do believe that we need to look at it much more pessimistically than most perspectives allow.
As it seems to me, most philosophical perspectives are in some way faulty. Having caught a glimpse of various viewpoints, I have witnessed a tremendous amount of sound reason and logic gone awry. These ideas have built up into worldviews that are mostly complete, but contrary to what is good or real. As a hopeful and pessimistic engineer-type geek, it is in my nature to dissect everything, find out what's wrong with it, and figure out the best thing to replace it with. Here lies my feeble attempt to work outside what is known and work with the philosophies of today.
I will start with Aristotle, as I was rather fond of his empiricism. The idea of how everything is substance and form is intriguing. I understand it, but I disagree. I believe that everything in the tangible universe is matter, but that its form is part of the matter, not separate. I also agree that knowledge of reality is gained in part by senses and experiences. Additionally, I agree that there is an underlying purpose to the change that surrounds us. His idea of an Unmoved Prime Mover is pretty cool as well, aside from the im...

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...tain of what I know, but I'm pretty sure and have no reason to believe otherwise.”
Through the lens of Critical Realism, I am able to look back at all the things I have always believed and smile at the things that I am not completely sure of. I still hold that God is the ultimate creator of everything, Neo-Darwinism is a poor explanation of the universe, and that Biblical principles are perfectly applicable everywhere, even if you were to strip God clear out of it.
I mostly know what I know by looking at science and the Bible, and pulling them into my worldview. I always look critically at my own beliefs, seeking better explains for things than what I know. An an engineer-type geek, I believe everything can be improved, especially myself. All of my scientific and philosophical pursuits seek to do just that. The anticipation of what may come is killer; I can't wait.

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