The Philosophy Of Religion By Chad Meister Essay

The Philosophy Of Religion By Chad Meister Essay

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Life is an interesting journey that every living creature is a part of. Human beings are born into a family they do not pick and society that they do not choose. Within this unit they are taught values and morals, which are ingrained into their daily lives. Ever since I was a child I have been exposed to many different influences, religion being one of them. To this day I can still remember my grandmother saying “God has a purpose for your life, follow Him.” In Introducing Philosophy of Religion, Chad Meister asserts “there are several components (that) seem to be central to the world religion: a system of beliefs, the breaking in of a transcendent reality, and human attitudes of ultimate concern, meaning and purpose” (Meister 6). Throughout my life I feel that religion is one of the core social belief systems that people use to maintain what they feel is a good way to live. Giving them a sense of purpose or fulfillment during their earthly life, most hoping whatever beliefs that have will help them after death. Even though there are many different religions or religious value systems every one has most likely been exposed to one or more. There is only 15% of the world’s population that do not believe in one type of religion or another (Meister, 7). So I assume that humans desire to understand and most of the time follow a religion either because of the culture they grew up in or by searching for somewhere to belong. Do the people who decide to follow a religious belief system need scientific evidence to really belief? I believe that some people need to relate science to religion and some people do not. Three ways Meister argues methods to evaluate the two are: understand the conflict between each one, look at them independently...

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...e evidence and use their faith to follow their religion.

At the end of the day I believe that you can understand science and have faith in a religion. It is a bit much for someone to fathom but with Meister’s ideas, it is possible. He breaks it down into terms that are easy for a person who believe in a religion or does not. Meister’s arguments gave a valid ways to look at both religion and science, in some ways looking at them both. I believe there are many people in the world born into many different societies, the arguments that Meister interprets given them a way to twist their history with their future as a religious person or not. It is a thin bridge between the two, one that most people of the world want to walk. I believe both are recipe for living a health life style. It is important to understand where you came from and where you believe you are going.

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