My Writing On Dual Enrollment English Essay

My Writing On Dual Enrollment English Essay

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This portfolio will be comprised of several of my original written pieces from both
English Composition 112 and 112. During both semesters I was able to reach enlightenment
through my writing using many technical writing skills that I learned throughout the course of
Dual Enrollment English as a whole. My main English weaknesses during my beginning
semester were focused around verb usage, diction, content (mainly from research), and
organization (through beginning, middle, and end). Although, towards the end of English
Composition 112, I seemed to have mastered most of these weaknesses and they were now my
newfound strengths in writing overall. I still wish to strengthen and overall improve my diction.
Throughout this first semester of English Composition I have gained a plethora of helpful
writing skills. I am continuing to grow as a writer and am eager to see my end results after this
course is complete. My intentions for this semester were to ultimately grasp the use of more
abstract word usage along with more easily understanding the transitions I should be taking
during my overall writing process. A few of my strengths I have gained along my journey this
first semester in writing include, better verb usage, a greater understanding of grammar
mechanics, a developed use of different writing styles, use of effective punctuation, and even
more. I still possess a few questions on multiple grammar mechanics. Although, I am assured
that throughout this upcoming semester I will have the chance to continue achieving my goal of
higher education through grammar itself. I am looking forward to be continually introduced to
critical thinking and the fundamentals of academic writing. Through all of this I was able to write
three five page e...

... middle of paper ... my eyes. I
was able to pick a topic pretty much on whatever I felt like writing about at the time. I was so
very excited and I believe it showed through my extensive research on fairy tales and their
negative impact on today’s society as a whole. This paper was able to showcase all of my skills
thus far and stretch me to my outer limits, which was an amazing thing actually.
In conclusion,, over the course of my entire senior year I was enriched through
writing in a plethora of different outlets. I was able to write many different papers in both
English Comp. 111 and 112. Without the guidance and preparation of my professor, Miller, I
would not have been able to achieve the level of aptitude in my writing overall. I am excited in
continuing on my journey to strengthen the weaknesses that are still evident in my writing along
with my eagerness to write all together.

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