The Issue Of Global Warming Essay

The Issue Of Global Warming Essay

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The Most Pressing Topic in International Relations Currently
Global Warming
Global Warming; the topic to be arguably the biggest test of the strength of internationalism in this year and beyond. It is an issue that the international community and system has proved throughout the past years, utterly incapable of solving thus far. However, global warming has spiralled from being a topic of (unfortunate) ridicule to a topic that one can fairly say, is set to be the concreted number one topic on the international community’s agenda. The fate of what the international community chooses to do to combat global warming will come to a crescendo when the leaders of nations around the world plan to meet in Paris during late November to early December 2015 for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.
The United Nations Climate Change Conference is hallmarked as one of the most important conferences in the history of the UN and of internationalism as a whole; as the end objective of the meeting is to achieve for the first time in 20 years of UN negotiations, a binding and universal agreement to keep the rise in global temperatures below the dangerous threshold of 2C.The history of the international community’s response to global warming has been dismal to put it fairly. One example of this failure is the infamous “Kyoto Protocol”. The “Kyoto Protocol” was adopted in 1997 through the UN and came into force in 2005; the salient target of the protocol was that in 7 years (by the time the legislation expired at the end of 2012) the signatories would lower their greenhouse emissions to 5% below 1990 levels.
The objective of this protocol would see the top producers of greenhouse gases; dramatically decline their CO2 emissions however at a si...

... middle of paper ...

...uccession of other international leaders this year
If global warming continues to be an issue that the international community persistently sheds to the side, attempt to contradict the overwhelming proven findings or be blinded by the promise of “quick cash”, it’ll lead to not only a worsened climate system & natural environment, it’ll inevitably lead to becoming an catastrophic international issue (that could surpass any monetary or economic issue) for the future generation to be “gifted” from their parents.
As politicians meet to start the introductory talks on the direction they take to tackle global warming, what is to be on everyone’s mind is “what exactly is it going to take to respond effectively to the problem of global warming?”- The question though simple, is going to be the start of a herculean trek for the international community to agree an answer to.

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