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I Am A Philosophy Class Essay

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Attending a philosophy class was probably not what I had in mind for an ideal summer, but I do not regret my decision to sign up for philosophy. I didn’t have any previous philosophy classes in any of my previous schooling, so I figured that I would give this a shot. There are many opinions, perspectives, and experiences that I gained from this class.
Before having this course, I thought that philosophy just consisted of a bunch of smart historians expressing catchy word phrases. What I now know is that philosophy is basically the human challenging of knowledge, existence, and morals. I now know that philosophy delves much deeper into the thoughts of man more than I could have ever imagined. I often found myself listening to a topic during the class and going off in different directions in my mind. This was sometimes frustrating because I could be lost in my own head minutes at a time and completely miss what was being said in the class. I felt like this partly denied me from participating in the discussion in class because I was often preoccupied with my own thoughts of what was previously being discussed. In my opinion, there are times that philosophy might as well be a foreign language. Many times I had to really work through the reading piece section by section very meticulously. Although this long process could prove to be extremely frustrating, it was also very self-rewarding when you put all the pieces together to understand the full extent or a good portion of a philosopher’s thoughts. For me, the most challenging section of a reading to grasp was the Allegory of the Cave. The most challenging philosopher as a whole to understand was Immanuel Kant. Thanks to our discussions, I feel like I really grasped the main concepts...

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... agree with. I don’t challenge new information every single time, but I take the time to gain a deeper understanding.
Philosophy has really impacted how people think. I’m glad that I was exposed to this study because I really didn’t have a very good idea of what it does for the world. It was also interesting to learn through philosophy that the world is often times lying to us, and we seem to be accepting of that. Knowing this, I will probably be more analytical of the social norms that we experience on a day to day basis and have a greater awareness to not trust a lot of what I see. I also think that this course has opened my eyes towards poor moral standards throughout society. I can use some of the tools I have learned through philosophy to ultimately make the right decisions to lead towards promoting a better life experience for myself, and the people in my life.

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