Global Warming : The Solution Essay

Global Warming : The Solution Essay

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Global Warming: The Solution in Our Hands
How would it be to live on Earth in 100 years? The expectations are not encouraging. If people follow the route of industrialization and advancement in technology, waiting for Mother Nature to keep the balance that humans insist on breaking, in a short time, we will be in big trouble. In 1896, the Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius was the first to predict that the fossil fuels could cause or accelerate global warming (Graham). During his research, Doctor Arrhenius established a relationship between the concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide and the variations in temperature (Graham). The industrial activity and deforestation are among other common causes of the increase in concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere; as a result, it acts as a blanket on the surface keeping it warmer because CO2 is good for the absorption of radiation from the surface of the earth (Houghton 7-8). Gases such as methane, CO2, and water vapor heat in certain proportions the atmosphere thanks to an efficient thermal absorption, avoiding extreme temperature. In another hand, when the proportions of these gases increase, a general warming also increases causing extreme temperatures on the planet (Houghton 8). This research shows how serious and dangerous global warming in Antarctica is because of concentration of atmospheric CO2 and its consequences on the ecosystem, and it demonstrates how CO2 capture and storage could be successful in order to reduce this problem.
The weather is definitely changing, increasing the concentration of atmospheric CO2 during the past two centuries of industrialization. Now its consequences are present. The temperatures and the level of the oceans both have raised, the polar ice ca...

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...disconnecting the domestic appliances when they are not used. Also, using the water that really you need, taking shorter baths, or cutting the water when are cleaning the teeth to yourself. If people start to doing small things that might mark the difference and taking conscience of the big environmental average impact that the bad practices generate, Earth could offer a better place to live. Humans could significantly reduce this great problem that not only affects a small sector, but that in the long run, it is a problem that affects all living beings that live in this beautiful planet. Today is the Day of the Earth which was initiated in 1970 with the support of the senator of Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson and 20 million Americans who took the streets to spread the message of environmental conscience (McSpadden). People should celebrate it every day becoming aware.

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