Essay about Global Warming : The Global Problem

Essay about Global Warming : The Global Problem

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The Global Warming Quandary
The debate on global warming continues even though overwhelming scientific evidence has been supported that this is indeed a problem the world faces. Scientists have shown that global warming is at its “tipping point” and yet the world governments make no solid effort in claiming that the Earth is facing such a vulnerability. In today’s world, there appears to be a battle raging between global warming alarmists and global warming skeptics. This prevents cooperation on the issue and halts real progress to reduce or reverse global warming. Undoubtedly, every nation can agree that the Earth is important in sustaining life and must be protected for continual survival of life. To ensure a healthier and safer world for future generations, the problem of global warming should be properly substantiated and addressed with realistic solutions by the world governments.
So, why is global warming so controversial, highly contentious and debatable? There appears to be several factors that cause global warming controversies, such as politics, poor messaging of global warming, the media, and economic costs due to our dependency on fossil fuels. Many of these things can make it difficult for the objective observer to realize the scope of the problem and often turn many people into skeptics of global warming. Fowler, an adjunct professor at George Mason University, states that “global warming, in fact, has to some degree displaced evolution as the subject where public disagreement over science has turned into politicized controversy” (40). It is no wonder why global warming is so often controversial and world governments have not made very many strides in addressing the issue.
Most can agree that messages of the world ...

... middle of paper ... warming and those that are not can still work together to face many of the global issues that are attributed to this issue. Collaborative work on reducing the pollution of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as well as saving forests and ecosystems from being destroyed are a good start. An article in the “International Journal of Environmental Science and Development” states that “global warming can be addressed through behavioral change, emissions reductions and renewable forms of energy, community education and a new vision” (Matawal, D S and Dafang John Maton, 65). Most world governments can all agree that air pollution, disease, drought, flooding and extreme weather are major concerns globally. By working together, many realistic solutions can be done by world governments to address these problems to ensure a safer and healthier home to future generations.

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