Global Warming Position Paper

Global Warming Position Paper

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During the Earth’s existence, there have been shifts in weather that seem near unexplainable. Without documentation of these events, there is no way of knowing exactly what caused these strange shifts in weather or to what extent. So many people see the ice caps melting and automatically blame pollution and the negligence of people. While it is true that most people do not take care of the environment and have little respect for it, is it possible that the negligence is just a factor and not the driving force? There have been people on this earth for a very long time, the earth being 46 billion years old, the things we have done to alter it has caused some issues. The need to expand, to build things that are better, bigger, more powerful has become the goal of mankind and the downfall of the pure earth that once existed. Many explanations can be given for the recent strange weather and overall global warming. Depending on the source or who someone interacts with, answers from too many people to the end of time are spewed from the mouths of those who have not taken the time to understand what is happening in the world. To perfectly understand what is happening to the Earth, one must go back and study what has already occurred. The ice ages seem to be a rather large clue to the weather activity of time already long past. Pollution may be a catalyst for Global Warming, but what is happening is the world is changing just as it has done many times before the existence of this generation.
In order for the world to function, there are certain cycles that happen all the time that may not be understood. The water cycle occurs on a daily basis and at all times during the day. Evaporation and Precipitation are among the most ...

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