Essay about The Global Warming Is Not A Myth, Or Fairy Tale?

Essay about The Global Warming Is Not A Myth, Or Fairy Tale?

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Death By Ice
Sometimes the biggest problems are solved by the simplest solutions. The ice caps are melting and odds are that one person’s actions will not fix this disaster. This problem is widely overlooked and needs to come to everyone’s attention around the world. Global warming is not a myth, or some fairy tale. The truth is that the United States is in danger of losing thousands of homes and possibly even thousands of lives. According to the New York Times, The ice caps pose a possible threat to coastal landmasses and are only curable by each and every human beings contribution to the matter. Carbon dioxide emissions need to be reduced and each and every person on this earth should help. People should consider how their daily activities impact the environment and try to make changes as individuals to sustain and preserve the ice caps as a whole.
Simple acts such as carpooling can save money and ultimately sustain the ice caps. The Ride Share Company brings to our attention that driving your car 20,800 miles a year emits an astounding 23,600 pounds of carbon dioxide (2014). The Environmental Protection Agency adds, “Greenhouse gases act like a blanket around Earth, trapping energy in the atmosphere and causing it to warm”(2014). Instead of continuing to go about driving themselves to work or to school, people need to realize that they need to change what they do before the population digs themselves into too big of a hole. Carpooling saves time, money, gas, and the environment. National Geographic adds that The temperature has risen a degree in the past 100 years due to carbon dioxide emissions and the sea level has risen 8-10 Inches itself ...

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...ities such as carpooling, turning your lights off, and buying energy efficient appliances makes a noticeable difference. So the next time you see someone throw a plastic bottle away let them know that they need to recycle, and the next time you drive to work organize a carpool to save money and save carbon dioxide emissions. Just keep consciously reminding yourself every day that you do have an effect on the world and let other people know of this underrated threat to our coastal cities and states. Do not let this generation ruin our environment and ultimately lead to the destruction of our ice caps. Forty percent of the ice caps have already disappeared and the rest are disappearing (National Recourses Defense Council 2014). So it is not up to the professionals to sustain them. It is up to the simple choices that each and every person makes on this earth every day.

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