Essay on Global Warming Is An Urgent Problem

Essay on Global Warming Is An Urgent Problem

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Thesis: Nowadays, global warming is an urgent problem, we have to aware of the dangers posed by global warming and prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon.
source one:Union of Concerned Scientists National Headquarters, 2 Brattle Square, Cambridge, MA 02138-3780 Worlds apart: the main cause of global warming and the relationship between some of the economy and global warming
Summary: The primary cause of global warming is too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. These carbon dioxide sources are all kinds of human activities in order to develop the economy. Nowadays, fossil fuels are an essential part of economic development. But a great deal of scientific evidence reveals: the global average temperature has increased by more than the current level of industry( more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.). If we want to avoid exacerbating problems that large emitter countries should reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Assessment: This source is useful for my research, because the author explains the cause of the global warming and describes the relationship between some of the economy and global warming. The author writes the influence of economic development on climate and gave an example that use the data from scientific evidence. This can enable readers to become more aware of the climate warming due to the economic development of fossil fuels. I can use this source to expound the main cause of global warming.
source two: Amanda MacMillan, 02, March, 2016. Worlds apart: The harm of global warming.
summary: In the past fifty years, the global temperature on average has increased with the fastest rate. Sciences agree that global warming leads to more frequent natural disasters. In 2016, the National Academies of ...

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... current situation of carbon dioxide emissions. I can clearly understand why we should control the carbon dioxide emissions.
Source six: Climate change has not yet led to more significant changes in the weather, so a lot of people have not clearly aware of the dangers of global warming. The conclusion about global warming is based on science data. Fossil fuels and agriculture have greatly increased the amount of greenhouse gases. By studying, IPCC determination of the serious consequences of climate change to humans and the environment.
Assessment: This source is useful for my essay, because the author lists the hazards of global warming on human and environment. The author uses the scientific data to remind people that the continued global warming will cause great harm to the earth. We should pay enough attention to the global and prevent it from continuing.

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