Global Warming Essay: An Inconvenent Truth

Global Warming Essay: An Inconvenent Truth

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Former United States Vice President Al Gore became interested in global warming during his years at Harvard University studying under Professor Roger Revelle. During the Clinton Administration Al Gore pushed and encouraged energy efficiency and alternate fuel resources. After Al Gore’s presidential election defeat to Georgia W. Bush in 2000, Gore focused his full attention back on global warming. Al Gore Traveled across the United States and around the world presenting a slide show featuring the concerns of global warming. Using updated material and animation “An Inconvenient Truth” was created. In this film that was the fifth highest grossing documentary to date in the United States; Al Gore puts forth an argument about our climate.

E1The greatest venerable part of the Earths ecological system is the Atmosphere (An Inconvenient Truth). The protective layer of the Earth’s atmosphere called the Ozone is thin enough that Humans have the capability to change it. The layer is being thickened by pollutants causing more radiation from the Sun to be trapped in the Atmosphere. The Atmosphere in turn warms, hence global warming. Some of these pollutants, Carbon Dioxide, are from the gas emission from cars, trucks, buses and industrialization along with drying paint, charcoal fires and dry cleaners (Ocean World). The CO2 levels are increasing every year due to these pollutants.

E2 Studying ice cores scientists are able to examine the temperature and amounts of CO2 in the air. The increase in temperature correlates with the increase of CO2. Using a chart, Al Gore explains that in 650,000 years the CO2 level of the Earth has never gone over 300 ppm. The chart also shows a correlation in temperature. Al Gore further explains t...

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