Global Warming And The Society Essay

Global Warming And The Society Essay

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Global Warming and the Society

Ever wonder why one day in December its thirty four degrees and then fifty five the next day? Or how about when there’s unseasonal temperatures for example when spring feels summer? The contributing factor to that is the weather, with the world changing around us people have started to get startled by everything that 's going on . Svante Arrhenius a Swedish scientist found that an average of surface temperature of the earth is fifteen degrees celsius, he then went on to suggest the doubling of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would create a five degree hike. Not until recently people have been paying more attention to what 's been going on with global warming and there’s been a debate whether it 's truly affecting society or not. Global warming is a tremendous effect on society in which could cause depletion of food resources, cause the rise of disease and have a large geographical effect on the people.

Svante Arrhenius is considered the start of the theory of Global Warming. Born in 1859, Arrhenius was the first scientist to make the claim that the use of fossil fuels overtime would cause an increase in the earth 's atmospheric temperature. Arrhenius and another scientist Thomas Chamberlin calculated that human activity would warm the earth with adding more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (Ensler). In time the Greenhouse Effect or Global warming hasn’t been thought of that much by the everyday people until recently. The reason, some do not believe that global warming is a direct cause by human activity and that it doesn’t affect humans in general. The natural amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere varied from one hundred and eighty to two hundred ppm-- parts per million, ...

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.... Car manufacturers like Tesla which produces and all electric car, the Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, which are vehicles capable of lessening greenhouse gas emission by the use of either both gasoline and electric or electric by itself.
The way people live is important in today’s society. It separates people under a standard, and if people don’t treat the environment the way they want themselves to be treated then there wouldn’t be a place habitual to live. The greenhouse effect is affecting everyday life as it causes more and more problems from natural disasters and more. The understanding of how the world works is a fascinating one and if society treats it the way it is now there might not be a society later on. Many things are being put in place to help society 's Global Warming crisis, but the only thing left to do is implement it.

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