Gender Role Representation and Stereotyping in Children's Books Essays

Gender Role Representation and Stereotyping in Children's Books Essays

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Gender Representation and Stereotyping in Children’s Books Introduction:
This paper focuses on how society’s perception of male and female roles affects children’s literature in America and how these roles have changed slightly in the years from 1970 to the present time. Recent research on gender stereotyping in children’s literature books will be discussed. As the role of women and men changed throughout the years, so has the portrayal of characters in children’s books. Since 1970, more women entered the workforce and became more successful in their jobs outside of the home. They became bolder in proclaiming their equality with men. As a result, children’s books became a focus of controversy and gradually began reflecting this new function in gender equality. Although society’s views toward women and men have changed, the illustrations, use of language and the female or male representation in titles of children’s books has not correlated with the advancement of gender equality in America.
Main Body of the Paper:
A central focus in today’s society in regard to children’s picture books is gender stereotyping. The gender bias has an impact on how children perceive what is socially acceptable (Hamilton, Anderson, Broaddus, & Young, 2006). At about age 3, children begin to realize that there is a difference between themselves and the opposite sex. By age 5, they have created stereotypes associated with gender (Turner-Bowker, 1996). At this age, children also begin to separate themselves and form their self-identity (Gooden & Gooden, 2001). These stereotypes affect the way young children view appropriate roles and behavior. According to Beal, “gender is

both culturally and individually con...

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