Essay on Freedom of Speech in America

Essay on Freedom of Speech in America

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No, all speech and expressions are not free in the United States of America even though government tries to claim that it is. If all speech were free in America, there is no way that a coach of a football team should be allowed to tell his football players to delete their twitter accounts. In the article “Towson Twitter ban comes as legislators move to protect student freedom”, the Towson football coach says he is trying to protect his football team which is why he is making them delete their Twitter, but the football players are not kids. The coach could have easily told them not to tweet such things but making them delete it all together is extreme and uncalled for. With things like that happening, it is clear that all speech is not free in America. (Towson Twitter Ban Article). In the film, “Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech”, the filmmaker tells us about a teacher who lost her job as a principal of a high school because of comments she made about September 11th. If speech is supposed to be equally free, why are human beings suffering because of words coming out of their mouth.
All expression is not equally free in the United States either. In the “Airlines can say: You can’t wear that” article, a man is escorted off the plane because he is sagging his pants. People have worn worse on airplanes and nothing was said to them. I understand that airlines are private companies so they are allowed to do that but if expression is supposed to be equally free in America and he has paid for his ticket, there is no reason why you should be told how to dress. (Airlines can say: You can’t wear that)
There is definitely not a marketplace of ideas in America because many individuals here have actually been punished for...

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...that the truth is being exposed they do not want people to know, they drag the person to court. This is a waste of time and also an embarrassment. When the community like schools attempt to censor speech and teachers talk about things that educate their students and the school does not want them to hear it, they have them fired. Teachers have worked so hard for jobs that are not easy to get and end up getting fired for something so simple and this is ruining a life.
Speech is not free in America, it needs to be removed from the First Amendment because people are punished everyday for their freedom of speech even if it is not affecting anyone or doing anyone harm. Supposedly, the community and government tell people not to say things because people are offended. People are going to be offended by anything so if that is the case, nothing should be said at all.

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