The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth Essay

The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth Essay

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Global warming is increasing temperature amongst the Earth where climate change is constantly happening because it is affecting the oceans as well as the natural environments. The Earth is constantly heating up is very detrimental to human beings because chemicals are let off into the universe where the sun rays are trapped beneath the Earth’s surface and in the air. It is a natural recurring process that can lead to erosion and the issue is going unnoticed. As the surface is heating up, places that have a lot of ice can leak into the granite. Due to the decreased temperatures in these areas, it can freeze between the rocks and as the average temperature from global warming is increasing, it can melt the frozen water. As a result, it will leave more space for the same process to happen again, which will drive the plates apart. We’ve been hearing about Global Warming for many decades, and we’ve been ignoring the issue. It is caused by an overload of Carbon Dioxide that is trapped within the earth. Global Warming is the Earth’s temperature rapidly increasing. There are many ways to cut back and prolong the earth’s existence by reducing the amounts of gases that we release into the atmosphere. In this Paper we will discuss Global Warming and how we can solve it together.

Global Warming is a big issue that is affecting everyday life and as we continue to live our everyday lives, it is taking a toll on the earth. One of the main problems with global warming is the amount of Carbon Dioxide that is being let off into the atmosphere. Every day, millions of people get in their cars and go to work or school. These cars are letting off, burnt fossil fuels that harm the atmosphere. There is also many rain forests and places with many trees...

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...ent in the long run.

Common sense seems to dictate that if we don 't start to make smarter decisions in taking care of our planet, there will be prices to pay in the future. As a team, we need to do everything we can to prevent global warming. Every day the atmosphere’s temperature is increasing. Although there isn 't much we could do about global warming and preventing it, we should do everything in our power to save the planet. Whether it is recycling paper and plastics or even picking up trash, anything could help decrease the threat global warming poses. There are many laws in place to prevent global warming and protect the earth. For example, there is a law against littering. The law is for anyone who litters gets a ticket and fined. If we just follow these simple steps we could have a cleaner planet and we wouldn’t have to worry about global warming as much.

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