Descriptive Essay : Central Park

Descriptive Essay : Central Park

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Central Park
When you think about New York, you think about Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, or The Empire State Building, however most people are blind to other attractions going on all the time. Since I am from the wonderful state of New York, I can fill you in on other attractions. New York City is way more than just a big, blooming, business city. Let me help you, by getting that sky scrapper image out of your head, and inform you on one of the oldest, most beautiful places to visit, containing plenty of attractions for one to do.
Central Park is one of the most beautiful landmarks in New York City. You’re probably thinking a park, so swings and slides and such? You’re correct, but very wrong at the same time. Central Park covers 843 acres of land. When you walk through the park, your mind goes into a whole new place. You’re no longer in the typical NYC. You can start to smell the air, a fresh relaxing, calm sent. When you turn your head side to side, you see people walking, runners running, and dogs chasing the bickers biking. It’s a pleasant place to be. Unlike the rest of New York City, the park is full of nature. The park includes 250 acres of lawns, 7 bodies of water, 136 acres of woodland, 36 bridges, and 58 miles of walking areas. People of the city use the park as a getaway. The mini mountain’s or hills is a great place to sit and have a picnic. People of New York refer to the Park as New York’s backyard. Once you take a scroll down the side walk of Central Park, you are going to fall in love. The nature and atmosphere automatically start easing your mind. There are multiply pavilions, vendors, and information centers along the outside and middle of the Park. Central Park is its own nature based community.

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...own a dark path. The people lost care in the park. In 1974, park funders got management together to raise more money to restore the park once again. Latter down the road Doug Blonsley started working with a woman, named Betsey, in 1993- 2008. The park hasn’t seen any better days, than the days of today. All it took is a little care and the park is looking better than it ever have in the last 150 years.
Central Park in a nut shell, is beyond beautiful. It has been a major project for some time know. When you go to fill out your planner for this year’s vacation, I’m certain that Central Park will be on the top of the list. It is a sight everyone deserves to see. New York City is much more than a bunch of buildings and celebrities. The nature of beauty lies there as well. Central Park is developing day by day into an even more beautiful, fun, and historical landmark.

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