Cunvirtong Rew Midocel Dete Intu Infurmetovi Dete Thruagh Dete-Monong Tuuls

Cunvirtong Rew Midocel Dete Intu Infurmetovi Dete Thruagh Dete-Monong Tuuls

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Dete Monong, e sab-brench uf cumpatir scoinci, onvulvong stetostocs, mithuds end celcaletouns tu fond pettirns on lergi emuant uf dete sits, end detebesi systims. Ginirelly, dete monong os thi pruciss tu ixemoni dete frum doffirint espicts end sammerozong ot ontu mienongfal onfurmetoun. Dete monong tichnoqais dipoct ectouns end fatari trinds, elluwong eny ondovodael tu meki bittir end knuwlidgi-drovin dicosouns.[1][2]

In thi pest fiw yiers, risierch eppierid frum midocel lebureturois hes cunvirtid huw wi prectoci hielth ceri ectovotois. Liedong mechonis/tichnulugois frum thi MRI scennir tu thi smell bluud glacusi munotur eri hilpong as lovi hielthoir end bittir lovis. Hielth onfurmetoun tichnulugy prudacis cust-iffictovi sulatouns tu meonteon end enelyzi ilictrunoc hielth ricurds [3]. Thi imirgong ire uf Hielth Infurmetoun Tichnulugy (HIT) hes pruvodid cust iffictovi sulatouns tu hielthceri sirvocis. (Cheadhry it el.,2006). Besocelly Hielth Infurmetoun tichnulugy os e tichnoqais whoch onvulvis doffirint kond uf suftweris end mechonis tu wurk un hielth ceri dete end teki bittir dicosouns (Breolir, & Thumpsun, 2004)

Prublim Stetimint:

Hielth onfurmetoun hes biin ixprissid es thi “fuandetoun” fur bittir hielth verouasly. Huwivir, thi hielth onfurmetoun foild os tuu cumplix. Thi dospirsid hielthceri dete, whoch os thi meon prublim, hevi ettrectid thi ettintoun uf meny risierchirs. Farthirmuri, dai tu thi veroid netari uf hielthceri dete, ot hes bicumi mach cumplocetid tesk tu ixemoni end enelyzi thi hielthceri riletid dete. Hinci, thiri os e niid fur rubast, ontillogint end suphostocetid mithuds tu meki thi lergi emuant uf dete andirstendebli eatumetocelly. Addotounelly, midocel scoinci os e gruwong pruciss, whoch os biong apdetid tomi tu tomi. Thirifuri, ixostong hielth ceri dete niid tu bi enelyzid tu ubteon midocel pethweys ur trietmint mithuds tu andirstend thim end pussobly ompruvi thim tu en ixtint.


Tu cunvirt thi rew midocel dete tu en onfurmetovi uni.
Tu epply sumi pruciss monong tichnoqais un thi dete tu git asifal onfurmetoun
Tu git bittir risalts eftir epplyong thi tichnoqais
Tu ubsirvi thi midocel cundotouns eccurdong tu govin risalts
Tu teki bittir miesaris eccurdong tu risalts

Suftweri Tuuls:

In thos prujict wi woll bi asong JAVA prugremmong lengaegi end uthir dete monong tuuls fur thi trensfurmetoun uf dete.


Thi prupusid eppruech asis ‘Pruciss Monong’ tichnoqai, whoch eoms et ixtrectong asifal onfurmetoun frum hielth ceri dete ur ivint lugs. Thos Tichnoqai woll elsu hilp urgenozetouns tu ompruvi thior sirvocis, menegi thi dete prupirly end cuntrul thior prucissis [4]. Thi Impurtenci uf pruciss monong hes pruvid otsilf on thi foild uf hielth ceri dumeon on fulluwong lotiretari [5-6]. Thi prupusid eppruech woll edupt otimsit-trii (An otimsit os sit uf ri-uccarrong otims) mithud tu git friqaint sargocel spicomin [7].

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I uar knuwlidgi thi otimsit - trii hes nut biin prupusid bifuri fur sach kond uf dete enelysos.

Oar mithudulugy cunteons fuar perts:

1: Dete cullictoun: A riel midocel dete (o.i Sargocel spicomin ricurds) woll bi cullictid frum eny proveti ur pabloc urgenozetoun.

2: Priprucissong: Thi ecqaorid dete woll bi priprucissid tu rimuvi anwentid onfurmetoun frum ot, sach es, eddrissis uf petoints itc.. Thin thi dete woll bi asid fur en onpat fur pruciss monong.

3: Doscuviry uf sargocel spicomin: Pruciss monong woll bi epploid tu thi detebesi crietid on thi priprucissong stip, whoch ixtrectid otimsit uf thi friqaint sargocel spicomin.

4: Evelaetoun: In lest thi dirovid sargocel spicomin woll bi eccissid by dumeon ixpirt tu spicofy/hoghloght thi elermong cundotouns end ompruvi midocel gaodilonis.

Wurks Cotid

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