Essay on Confucius 's Philosophy On Confucius

Essay on Confucius 's Philosophy On Confucius

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Confucius was first a teacher he studied and did well. “ On reaching the age of 15 I bent my mind to learning”. (Hudson Smith ,World Religions 155). Confucius was also a tutor. “He had complete confidence in his ability to reorder society. (155). Confucius believed you should “enrich and then educate”. (Smith pg. 155). Confucius went state to state teaching people giving advice to their leaders. Confucius failed as a politician but was successful as a teacher. In China he is known as the mentor to many, Confucius believed there were four things to a profound person. They are as follows “To serve my father as I would expect my son to serve me. To serve my ruler as I would expect my ministers to serve me. To serve my elder brother as I would expect my younger brother to serve me. To be the first to treat friends as I would expect them to treat me”. Pg.( smith pg. 157.)
Confucius believed that attention should be given to the content of education. Confucius explains the character of social life in five key terms. The first concept is the Jen referring to the relationship between people “variously translated as goodness, man-to-man-ness, benevolence and love is its perhaps best rendered as human heartedness.”.(Smith pg. 172). The second concept is that of Chun Tzu Ideal terms in human relationships. “Chun Tzu armed with self-respect that generates respect from others, he approached them wondering not, “What can I get from them “but “what can I do to accommodate them (smith pg. 173). Chun Tzu is referring to human behavior and the interaction between each other. “Only as those who Make up society are transformed into Chun Tzu can the world move toward peace”. ( smith pg.173). The third concept is Li or the way things should be ...

... middle of paper ...”. (smith pg. 202). This form of Taoism allows the Taoist to go above and beyond in increasing their Tao. The third form is religious Taoism. “It was anchored in a pantheon whose three originating deities included “Lao Tzu,”( Smith pg. 205.) This form of Taoism performs rituals and in if done correctly have magical effects.
All branches of Taoism Share some core beliefs. “How to maximize the Taos animating Te. Taoist want to make sure life’s allotment of Ch’i is used to the best of its ability.. If the normal quotient can be increased and finally if cosmic energy can be gathered. (smith pg. 207). Taoism rejects self assertiveness and competition. Taoist are not interested in worldly things. Taoist are not aggressive and side with nature. Taoist believe to be alive is good. In Taoism there is no specified deity and the afterlife is not explained in great detail.

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