Essay on Climate Change : Global Warming

Essay on Climate Change : Global Warming

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Climate change is caused due to the release of few carbon compounds into the atmosphere, which drastically brought the weather changes all over the world. Climate change is not confined to a single region. It has become an important issue all over the world for the past few years.
Reasons of global climatic change
 Global warming is one of the major reasons in marine pollution. For an instance in the year 2010 there was an oil leakage near Mumbai in the Arabian Sea.
 Another reason is deforestation.
 Automobiles release the unburnt carbon monoxide due to which ultraviolet rays got a way to enter into an atmosphere.
Consequences for the global climatic change
 Hurricanes have become very frequent nowadays, which causes heavy loss.
 Glaciers have disappeared due to increasing in global temperatures because of which the water level had drastically increased and its causing flood all over the world
 The Forest fire is occurring very frequently nowadays, reasons for it are a heavy increase in global warming and an increase in temperature.
Degradation of climate is increasing every year due to which the occurrence of natural calamities is growing. We need to save our nature, or else nature will be disappearing and the natural resources will get depleted. There will be no non-renewable resources left.
Climate change is one of the most discussed topics, all over the world as it has adverse effects on our atmosphere that it is causing a huge disaster and loss for both human and environment. Carbon components which are released in the atmosphere are causing huge damage to the ozone layers many of the UV rays are penetrating into the earth’s surface due to which harmful ultraviolet rays are causing many health p...

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...lated to each other all are the part of the life cycle if anyone is disturbed the whole life cycle will be destroyed, there are many different we can at least save our nature by taking some measurements like reducing the use of chlorofluorocarbons the cutting of the trees this will reduce the generating greenhouse gases and that itself will reduce the major of the pollution and this will reduce the global warming.
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