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City Of God : Urban City Essay

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City of God illustrates how wicked an urban city can turn into. How crime, population and pollution can rise rapidly in an urban city. Any city with a large amount of the population will have similar characteristics to an urban city like Rio. This film demonstrates how a small suburb turns into a massive urban city. Every city has a beginning, for the film City of God the urban city is Rio in Brazil, however in Rio, where there is so much poverty crime and drug trafficking is called the Favelas. This film is able to reveal urban crime and youth gangs, government establishing public housing, and the importance of education.
“The cities of Brazil are some of the most violent places in the world today. More people are murdered in Brazil than in almost any other country.” (Mehta 1) Crime rates tend to be higher in large urban cities, because the population is large. When is a city is so large not everyone is wealthy enough to maintain a healthy average life. There is always a separation of the unfortunate and the fortunate. As demonstrated in the film, the slaves who did not have anything where sent out of the city into the suburbs. In these community’s people are poor, and do not work much. Children who wanted to attend school can, however it is not mandatory. Since there was not much work, stealing food or supplies was very common. For example, men would hijack trucks fill of supplies, and people would grab what they could before the authorities would arrive. This all rolls down to the children in these neighborhoods. Kids are exposed to this type of environment and are influenced by the older ones and then are pulled in to follow the same steps. Eventually groups develop over time and become gangs. Once the gangs form, crime rates...

... middle of paper ... that massive urban cities do have the statistical numbers of high rates of crime and especially murders. When a government decides to establish public housing for the misfortunate, then this neighborhood will have some type of affect in the urban community. Since there will be many people living without working, what they choose to do with their time will have some sort effect onto the community. Education also plays a role in how healthy an urban city will be. If little to no education is supported in the city, then the society will begin to fail because of the lack of instruction. People will begin to do whatever is necessary to survive, and that being producing or selling drugs. All these are some of the issues demonstrated in City of God. Being able to analyze these issues and understand the reasons why, helps understand how urban cities are around the world.

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