Children 's Occupational Sex Role Stereotyping Essay

Children 's Occupational Sex Role Stereotyping Essay

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Statistics: Final Project
The article I chose was “Children’s Occupational Sex-Role stereotyping in 1994” By Reid. The population of this study preformed is elementary aged girls and boys. The sample 180 girls and 200 boys, 120 in grade 1, 130 in grade 2, and 130 in grade 3. The sampling frame is two Midwestern, mostly white, elementary schools in the United States. Reid discusses the sample size stating in the summary which children and how many students completed the questionnaire about gender based occupations. I do not think the author talked about how and why the two schools were chosen, and how the students were selected for this survey. I would like to have known how they were chosen. Also the fact that these two schools were not diverse and very similar did not help to make the results as accurate as they can be. I would call this study an observation study because it was a questionnaire and no treatment was given.
A variable is a measured characteristic of something, and there are categories for these. The independent or explanatory variable is the variable that is not changed and that would be the procedure in how they conducted the questionnaire. It did not change at all from each child to the next. The children saw 39 careers and chose if a male can do it, a woman can do it, or it is neutral. There was a short description of each career and they could raise their hand if needed. The response or dependent variable in this study is the one that depends on the independent variable and it changes and manipulates. In this case it would be the gender of the participants. The answers change and fluctuate if the respondent is a male or female.
Reid measured these variables by the questionnaire they used....

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...osed to sex stereotyping in the work force, and that can be proven. She realized that her findings were similar to those who did something close. She states, “…occupational sex-stereotyping being associated with actual sex-typing in the labor force is still functioning today” (Reid 1994). In general she concluded the means for the girls and the boys indicated both groups observed the jobs as being neutral but the boys tended to sex-stereotype the occupations more in the male direction than the girls did. I do think their conclusions were correct and seemed justified. I really do think it is elementary school teachers job to try and make children not feel like they cannot work in a field because socially it may not be suitable for them to do it. I am excited to influence children in a positive path. I enjoyed reading this study and understanding the findings.

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