Can Science Be Purposeful Without Philosophy? Essay

Can Science Be Purposeful Without Philosophy? Essay

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Can philosophy and science have always learned from one another over the years? Philosophy tirelessly draws most of its ideologies from scientific discoveries, material for broad generalizations and to scientists it imparts world perception and methodological of pulses of its universal principles. On the other hand, a number of general guiding ideas, which lie at the foundation of the modern science were first enunciated through the perceptive force of physiology. In this paper, we analyze science and philosophy and how these two subjects relate, contradict one another and also how they help solve and interpret life issues.
A key questions asked by most scientist and philosophers is if philosophy can develop itself, without incorporating the support of science? How about the reverse of this question, can science be purposeful without philosophy? Some would argue that science can stand alone without philosophy, and as a matter of fact scientist are supposed to avoid philosophizing while the latter being understood as vague and groundless theorizing. If this term “philosophy” is given such a poor interpretation, then anyone would concur with the warning that “Physics, should beware of metaphysics! (Nietzsche, Clark, & Swensen, 1998)” on the other hand, no such warning happens to be applicable to philosophy with reference to the higher sense of the term. Specific sciences, should not and cannot afford to break the connection with true philosophy. All the three philosophers whom we are going to analyze for this paper, in one point of their lives acknowledged the legitimacy of philosophy and science, as two subjects paired together in order to exist.
In a reasoned fundamental scientific pursuit of the truth, it is right to conclude th...

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...1985). As such, philosophy on the other hand, might be referred to as “the science of sciences” mostly because of its in effect, the source from which all sciences draw their methodological and world-view principles and the self-awareness of the sciences, which happens to be the course of centuries that have over the years been honed down into a concise of forms (Descartes, 1993). As a whole, the science and philosophy are equal partners that assist in the creative thought of their exploration to achieve the general truth. It is important to highlight that philosophy does not replace any specialized science, neither does it command them, however, it does arm science with general principle of theoretical thinking by adding a method of world-view and cognition. To this extent, scientific philosophy holds legitimacy of one of the key position of the system of sciences.

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