An Inhumane Act : Global Warming Essay

An Inhumane Act : Global Warming Essay

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Kylie Campbell
Mrs. Florom
English 10
18 November 2015
An Inhumane Act
Global warming has caused a huge pandemonium in the past century. The problem has become more visible and people have become more aware. Global warming is a term used to describe a gradual increase in temperature. This issue has sprung up a million questions about human kind. The primary argument being if global warming is a hoax or not. Scientists give the facts of global warming. For the past years, humans have played a huge roll in this problem. The talked about secondhand cause of global warming is the greenhouse gas effect. The greenhouse gas effect causes more issues than one. The main subject matter is animal extinction. When humans burn harmful gases, not only does it affect humans, but as well as animals, plants, and every other form of life. Global warming has produced numerous complications.
Some say global warming is caused by nature, but the other side is that argument is global warming triggered by human behavior. The argument of nature-caused is very hard to prove. The earth is constantly changing, making it very hard to measure the earth’s rate of change in weather. According to the Daily Times “Who should pay for carbon emissions” the dangerous weather is normal. "As the planet warms, climatic conditions, heat, and other weather extremes which occur once in hundreds of years, if ever, and are considered highly unusual or unprecedented. Today would become the 'new climate normal ' as we approach the frightening world of increased risks and global instability" (Daily Times). The science behind the argument of global warming (instigated by humans) is backed up by nothing but facts. The article “global Warming: News, Facts, Causes and Effe...

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... creatures of habit and are no longer trying to take care of the Earth, but because of the habits, the earth will not be as beautiful it is today, or better yet, ten years ago. Environmental activists fight every day to stop global warming. Organizations such as 350, Greenpeace, The Sierra Club, and many more have jobs in cleaning up the environment. Whether the job is as simple as cleaning trash up of the side of the road or testing levels of carbon dioxide, activists help. Organizations aren’t the only people who can help. Humans can help by simply just being cleaner and watching how the earth changes around them. Popular beliefs have leads humans to believe global warming isn’t real, it is not a problem, and there is nothing to worry about. The effect of global warming is visible the earth is changing and humans need to do something to put an end to the madness.

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